Backers of the teacher at primary school who was captured kicking and punching a horse were unable to believe she should have been dismissed.

Sarah Moulds (37) was fired from her job at Somerby School (Leicestershire) after it emerged that she repeatedly kicked, punched, and slapped the animal.

After a six week investigation by educators chiefs, the mother-of-2, Somerby, near Melton Mowbray was fired yesterday.

Paul Maddox, Chief Operating Officer of Mowbray Education Trust said that Sarah Moulds has been fired.

“As Trust, we have a responsibility to ensure the highest standard of education for our youth and look forward to continuing that effort throughout the next academic year.

However, some social media users are now critical of the Trust’s decision. One user stated that the incident wasn’t related to teaching.

This comes just a few days after the RSPCA stated it would “look into complaints regarding animal welfare”, but they were unable to comment on whether Mrs Moulds would face criminal charges for the filming incident.

Sarah Moulds, who was filmed appearing to punch and kick a horse, has lost her job as a primary school teacher after an investigation by the school in relation to the viral video

Sarah Moulds (a Foxhunter) was caught appearing to punch and kick a horse. After an investigation of the school, Sarah lost her job in primary school.

Mrs Moulds was a senior leader and class three team teacher at her local Somerby School (pictured) and was also a director of the Knossington and Somerby Pre-School before her termination

Before her termination, Mrs Moulds served as a leader and class 3 teacher at the Somerby School.

Last month footage appeared to show Mrs Moulds repeatedly kicking and slapping a horse after a hunting event organised by Cottesmore Hunt, a group based in Rutland, East Midlands

Yesterday’s footage showed Mrs Moulds repeatedly kick and spank a horse following a Cottesmore Hunt hunting event. The group is based in Rutland (East Midlands).

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: ‘We understand there is a lot of interest in this incident and we would like to reassure people we will always look into complaints made about animal welfare.

“However, it is not possible to talk about complaints regarding specific individuals or what actions may have been taken. 

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. However, releasing any information may prejudice future prosecutions or lead to us being penalized. At this moment, we are not able to provide further information.

Today, one user took to social media and wrote that he didn’t condone kicks or slaps. But the horse ran in front of traffic before it was stopped. No one who saw the video (filmed by people with an ulterior motive to tell the truth) knew the entire story.

“To lose her job because of this? It’s a shame she didn’t see the vile comments. Humans suffer too.’ 

One person added that “A woman who is an excellent teacher may get fired because she behaved badly with her ill-tempered horses.” It’s yet another case of social media witch hunting.

Meanwhile another person said:  ‘A farmer told me I don’t understand country ways and foxes need to be controlled as they kill for fun. Probably. However, the classes division of ritualistic bloodsports is not something I like. 

“But, it’s a reaction that I think is excessive in relation to Sarah Moulds. It is a witch hunt that has nothing to do with teaching. 

Before her termination, Mrs Moulds served as a leader and teacher in class 3 at the Somerby School. She was also director of Knossington and Somerby Pre-School.

After a Cottesmore Hunt meeting in the county, the 37-year old was seen snarling at his horse.

An anti-hunt activist’s video went viral and triggered outrage both nationally and internationally. 

Pony Club, which boasts to have more than 35,000 members worldwide, has also expelled the school teacher as team manager, while calling her actions ‘unacceptable.

Some social media users criticised the decision, with one saying the incident was 'unrelated to teaching'

Social media users were critical of the decision. One said the incident was not related to teaching.

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

RSPCA described it as an “upsetting” incident and appealed to witnesses for their assistance

In the aftermath of the video going viral, Mrs Moulds received abuse and death threats and moved to a secret location away from her semi-detached £350,000 property for several days.

A neighbor had previously shared that her neighbour had told them she’d fled for her safety. She said: “She had to flee after she received death threats and vile abuse. This has gotten very extreme and it’s horrible. She worries about her own life.

A neighbor added that she didn’t know the context of what had happened, but Sarah’s current situation is terrible. She is terrified to go home alone in the event that someone attacks her and her children. 

A local rider stated that she had young children and was concerned about their welfare.

“She is well respected and known in the equestrian community and was subject to a lot of anger after the viral video.

David Kirkham (Bonsall, Derbyshire) was her uncle.

“I have seen the video, but don’t know anything about the horse or its behavior. We know the horse ran onto the roadway and that she told her.

“She was correcting her horse. She was not implying malice. Her thoughts and opinions are highly valued.

The footage shows a white horse running from a trailer to its destination before being stopped by a young rider.

After grabbing the reins of an animal, a woman wearing navy blue pants and cream trousers grabs its neck before repeatedly kicking it.  

According to the Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs who claim they take ‘nonviolent direct action’ to protect wildlife, the video was shared on their Twitter page by the RSPCA. 

They claimed that the incident happened on Nov 6th after the Cottesmore Hunt. It is one of Britain’s oldest hunts and it showed that violence runs through them. 

Cottesmore hunt stated it was not supportive of the actions in the video under any circumstances.

According to the group, it would remind all its supporters that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Chris Packham from Countryside called for the RSPCA’s urgent investigation and prosecution of this appalling animal cruelty, in order to uphold our standards of animal welfare protection.

Pictured: An RSPCA card with a note was pinned to the front door of Mrs Moulds's house

Pictured: Mrs Moulds was presented with an RSPCA card and a handwritten note.

RSPCA confirms it saw the footage, which it called ‘upsetting’. A business card was seen at Mrs Moulds’s house days later. 

Megan McCubbin (BBC Springwatch) said that footage of the incident showed “disgusting behaviour”. “Yet another ugly face of activist people call sport.” 

Additionally, the Hunting Office condemned the footage. It stated that the suspect did not belong to any hunting association and it expected the best animal welfare. 

Anne Brummer is the CEO at Save Me Trust which promotes animal welfare. She said that it was ‘absolutely disgusting and she should be charged. Nobody around her appears socked. What is the problem with these people?