Susannah Taylor’s top 5 on-the-go tranquilizers

 I am a big fan of aromatherapy. My bath is scented with essential oils. There are diffusers in every room of my home and oils applied to my wrists. As the world’s interest in the environment grows, we are learning more and more about the magnificent medicinal properties of plants and how they can benefit our wellbeing. The result is that aromatherapy products sales are on the rise. In 2017, the world market was worth approximately

£1.2 billion and it is expected to be worth £2.7 billion by 2028. The latest trend is for portable products that you can stash in your handbag and inhale at the traffic lights or when you’re out and about. Here are my top picks…


Annee De Mamiel Altitude Oil (£30, is a brain-clearing tonic of eucalyptus, pine leaf and peppermint that is drifting up from my hands right now. I often dot it there if I’m flagging instead of reaching for another coffee. 







2 Neom Wellbeing Pod Mini (£50, can be used in the car. It’s waterless, small enough to fit in the cup holder and runs by USB charging or on batteries, making it an ideal travel companion. Simply plug in a Neom Essential Oil Blend – my favourite is Scent to Make You Happy (£20) – and it diffuses a micro-fine vapour in short bursts. On the school run, my car smells amazing!



3. Alexandra Kay Time to Inhale Mini Diffuser (£20, fits in the palm of your hand. It is small enough to keep in your coat pocket and can be used anywhere you go, including at work. Simply charge it and add 2 to 3 drops of Alexandra Kay essential oil mix. Half-fill the container with water. It will then emit fine essential oil mist.




4. The Nasal Inhaler from science-backed brand Trelonk (£4, is a lipstick-sized vial that contains a cotton wick to add up to 20 drops of one of its blends (£28). It is ideal for making your own aromatherapy bubble. Trelonk offers aroma patches which you can adhere to your skin for long term delivery.





5.Bertioli, a brand new by Thyme in the Cotswolds is now available. It uses water mint, apple blossom and thyme for a scent that’s as uplifting as it is calming. I rub the Breathing Balm (from £20, into the backs of my hands and breathe deeply whenever I feel frazzled. Its refreshing aroma keeps me taking deep, deeper breaths which in turn helps to restore my calm.




 Winter boost in a bottle 

 There are a handful of vitamin brands I really rate. Bare Biology makes omega-3 supplements made from sustainably caught wild fish. Its Rise & Shine capsules also contain vitamin D3 which will support your immune system as well as boost your mood all winter. £29.50 for 60 capsules,





 Yoga classy 

 Your home gym kit could be very ugly, and can clutter up your living area. That is why I like Kin yoga mats. They were created by Laura Pearce (a senior yoga teacher), and they look amazing, but also feel great to the touch. The Halcyon Travel collection is my favorite, with its designs that look almost like a crystal. £55,