Susannah Taylor: What the truth is about Supplements


A lot of people take supplements daily in hopes that they will help them future-proof their bodies, heal our ailments, make us feel better, and even touch our toes. How do you determine what supplements you should be taking and how much to help you feel better? Is it okay to use them all? Are you sure that your supplements are effective?

Personally I have concerns about vitamins and am skeptical of any claims that they will give me a healthier body or better brain. I’m also wary of celebrities and influencers promoting their own brands. Why? The reason is that the industry of supplements is not regulated. A product could be different from what it claims on the tin.

However, as much as we all want to eat the perfect diet, our busy lives sometimes don’t allow it, something that surgeon and medic Dr Geoff Mullan fully understands., which is a state-of the-art personalized service that takes all of the hassle out of supplement taking was founded by Geoff Mullan on a mission for better health. He says it’s a fact that people aren’t taking the correct amount and that millions are spent every year on ones we don’t need because we are swayed by fancy packaging and false promises.

In collaboration with Christine Bailey, a renowned functional nutritionist, and the most recent diagnostic technology combined with medical research, Dr Mullan developed a next-generation, highly accurate home health assessment tool. The online questionnaire covers everything you need to know about your health, including weight, size, diet, exercise, sleeping habits, medication, stress level, mood, and mood. Humanpeople then sends you a blood test (£159 as a one-off fee). This gives you a detailed, scientifically supported report on your deficiencies so that the correct supplements can be prescribed.

Millions are spent on products that we don’t need 

Dr Mullan says that it’s vital to give people a supplement at the correct strength according to their bloods, weight and build – ‘not a one-size-fits-all approach’.

All of this is added to your confidential dashboard on the Humanpeople website and your bespoke supplement package is delivered to you monthly (from £35 a month). Dr Mullan has cut no corners in the creation of the business and the company’s testing processes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Your microbiome and DNA can both be tested if you are concerned about imbalances in the gut.

Atlas Biomed has joined Dr Mullan’s team to provide an in-depth report that will reveal how genes can affect your health. Humanpeople can suggest foods and supplements to improve your genetic health by using nutrigenomics. ‘I have one of the genes that can increase my risk of Alzheimer’s,’ Dr Mullan says, ‘so I have tweaked my diet.’

Also, he said that we live longer but the average age to develop a chronic illness in our society is 62. He thinks that’s too young and is hopeful he’s come up with a way for us all to live longer, healthier lives.



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