The moment when suspected migrants run through Calais’ motorway traffic, before jumping into a lorry to escape detection in the hopes of reaching Britain unscathed. 

Three men appear suddenly from the roadside to try and get into the large truck by weaving between moving cars and opening the rear doors.

Willie uploaded the footage to TikTok Friday. It shows two men leaping over the barrier along the carriageway and then wandering down the roads towards a truck. 

A group of suspected migrants are caught on video darting through motorway traffic before hopping into the back of a lorry in Calais, France. In the second part of the footage an armed police officer with a can of some sort of spray chases them (Pictured)

On video, a group of suspected migrants can be seen darting along motorway traffic and then jumping into the back seat of a truck in Calais (France). The second portion of footage shows an armoured police officer with some spray following them.

In the first part of the footage three men can be seen making their way to the lorry, with one locking two inside as he locks the door (Pictured)

Three men are seen in the opening of the video making their way up to the lorry. One locks two doors while the other locks the front door.

The footage, which was posted to TikTok over the weekend, shows three people brazenly jump over a barrier (Pictured) at the side of the carriageway before wandering across the lanes towards a lorry

Three people leap over a barrier at the carriageway and then wander across lanes to a truck.

After opening the back doors, one man jumps in between the cargo and an accomplice wearing a hooded jacket. 

The man then closes the rear doors of the truck and a second passenger jumps aboard. Uncertain if the gang intended to steal from or take a ride.

It was recorded and posted on TikTok. As the scenes unfold, the uploader exclaimed: ‘I got them all on video.

The caption he used for the movie was “traffic because this is not real” and he uploaded both a first and second part.

Part two shows the same gang exiting the truck with another person before an officer with an assault rifle chases them.

Willie exclaims, “Good job son!” He adds in a Scottish accent that he sprayed the boys with CS gas.

The driver may then be followed by another person who jumps from the back of the truck and then tries to get out waving.

Video uploaded by the uploader was also shared to Youtube, where it was captioned: ‘Trying To Get to Britain’

While it’s not clear where exactly this footage was shot and uploaded, the video has been liked almost 180,000 times.

The group keep chasing the lorries desperately trying to open them (Pictured) as the social media user films them from his vehicle. By the end of the second part of the video, four men jump out of the back of the lorry

As the user of social media films the group from his car, he continues to chase the trucks and try desperately to get them open (Pictured). Four men leap out from the back of a lorry at the end of second video.

MailOnline has made numerous attempts to get in touch with the footage owner. 

Amazingly, hundreds of supportive remarks were made to the suspected migrants.

One viewer commented: “They should live better lives than anyone else.”

One person said, “Good luck to them. I hope they can get some of my things.”

One added, “It’s exactly what we would do if confronted with the same terrible life that they lead.”

Another added that if one was coming from war-torn countries where they’ve lost virtually everything (possibly your entire family), you would also do the same.   

It is unclear whether the gang wanted to steal from the vehicle or hitch a ride (Pictured)

It’s not clear if the gang intended to steal from the vehicle (Pictured).

It comes after a record 853 migrants crossed England Channel to the UK last Wednesday on small boats.

According to the Home Office, this was confirmed by UK authorities.

This number surpasses the 828 August daily record and represents the most crossings recorded in one single day during the current crisis.

This comes just weeks after French officials said that two migrants were killed while trying to make the journey, and many more are feared lost at sea.

Analyse shows that over 21,000 migrants made it to the UK in the first half of this year. This figure is almost double that of the 2020 total.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary of India, promised that migrant crossings would be an “infrequent phenomena” by 2020. She then pledged to “make this route impossible to achieve” in August 2018. 

On Friday morning, migrants were moved to Calais from Calais.

After France pledged not to let migrants from Calais wander the streets, after demolishing their camps, the French authorities brought a bus full of people to the centre. 

An earlier government spokesperson stated that they will be offered shelter’systematically.