The bizarre, bottom-exposing leather pants that the seller has purchased are shocking to the eyes. But would you wear them?

  • A crazy pair $44 ASOS trousers has left hundreds of shoppers in hysterics
  • Jessie Khoo from Sydney was shocked to find that the pants had barely any back
  • The rear of the garment is covered by a G-string, which exposes most of the wearer’s back.
  • Ms. Khoo said the design was ‘offensive for fashion’, and many agreed.

A shopper left hundreds of people in shock with his ‘crazy’ leather pants, which expose almost every inch of the wearer’s backside.

Jessie Khoo from Sydney was browsing ASOS and stumbled upon a pair $44 faux crocodile skin pants with a Gstring stitched to the rear.

The bizarre silhouette shocked her so she ordered a pair of shoes and filmed herself trying them on before declaring that the design was ‘offensive to fashion.

“This is the back they’re very lower, what do you think?” She asked viewers. 

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Sydney influencer Jessie Khoo (pictured) was browsing on ASOS when she stumbled across a $44 pair of faux crocodile skin trousers with a G-string stitched into the rear

The trousers (pictured) expose a generous glimpse of the wearer's backside

Jessie Khoo, Sydney influencer (pictured), was browsing ASOS and stumbled upon a pair $44 faux crocodile skin pants with a Gstring stitched to the rear.

Miss Khoo (pictured) described the pants as 'offensive to fashion'

Miss Khoo (pictured above) described the pants to be ‘offensive for fashion’


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The video has been viewed over 22,500 times since it was uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday. There have been many amusing responses, including many XXX 

One person wrote: “When you have 9 o’clock to go to work, but the rectal exam starts at 10 o’clock,” 

One person stated, “Business in front, party in back,” while another added, “I don’t know what to say.” Can’t cope.

Others joked that Ms Khoo should don the look to a family gathering.

“Wear this to your family dinner and record your family’s reaction!” It’ll be a hit! One woman said it.

Many were impressed at the way the blogger managed to make the trousers stylish. 

Despite the compliments, Ms Khoo said she won't be wearing the trousers (pictured) and plans to return them to the e-commerce retailer

But some appear to be thrilled with the purchase, with customers leaving glowing reviews of the eyebrow raising design

Ms. Khoo, despite the compliments, said that she wouldn’t be wearing the pants (pictured) and will return them to the ecommerce retailer.

One woman said, “Omfg, you are amazing.” These are horrible (in my opinion), however, you look amazing!

Ms Khoo, despite the compliments she received, told Daily Mail Australia that she would not be wearing the pants and plans to return them the e-commerce retailer.

Some customers are happy with the purchase and leave glowing reviews.

These are bomb! I feel like every year on my birthday, I struggle to find that ‘piece ‘…. THESE ARE IT! One woman wrote.

Another woman said she was in love with the trousers and called them’superb’.