In the latest drill against China, Taiwanese forces and armoured vehicle were used to conduct a street battle mocking the city on Thursday.

A simulated battle took place in Kaohsiung on Thursday between two platoons. Soldiers fired at one another from houses and sandbag barriers, while tanks moved down the street of a town with signs advertising beer-brand pharmacies. 

One soldier was seen throwing a bomb at a false O’Donoghues bar, sending out pink smoke and leaving behind dummy bodies. 

Democratic Taiwan faces constant threats from China’s superpower authoritarian neighbour. China considers the island a part of its territory that it can occupy one day, if necessary.

Beijing increased military drills in Taiwan and diplomacy on Taiwan after President Tsai Ingwen (who views the island as an independent nation) came to power.

This has largely been about urban warfare which is becoming a more important training topic for the military. 

On Thursday, soldiers from two platoons in Taiwan faced off in a simulated battle, firing at each other from houses and sandbag barricades as tanks rolled down a street in a mock-up town complete with signs for pharmacies and beer brands

Two platoons of soldiers in Taiwan engaged in a simulation battle on Thursday. They fired at one another from their houses, sandbag barsricades, and tanks as they rolled down the street in mock-up towns complete with beer and pharmacy signs.

Soldier with machine gun takes aim during military drill in Taiwan

A soldier using a machinegun takes aim at a military drill in Taiwan 

Urban warfare has become an increasingly key training subject for the military (Pictured: Taiwanese soldiers break a door for an assault against enemies , during an Army Preparedness Enhancement Drill)

The military has been increasingly trained in urban warfare (Pictured: Taiwanese soldiers open a gate to launch an attack against their enemies during an Army Preparedness Enhancement drill)

Soldiers participate in a military exercise simulating an invasion by China, organized by Taiwan's Army Infantry Training Command, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Pictured: A dummy soldier lays dead on the floor in the mock-up town created for the drill)

The Taiwan Army Infantry Training Command in Kaohsiung organized an exercise that simulates an invasion of China for soldiers. 

Taiwan is bracing for more Chinese military patrols this year, after Peoples Liberation Army incursions more than doubled in 2021, fueling concern about a clash

Taiwan anticipates that China will send more military personnel to Taiwan this year. This is after the Peoples Liberation Army’s incursions have more than doubled between 2021 and 2021. It has been fueling concerns about an impending clash.

Taiwanese soldiers form a circle by placing their hands on each others' shoulders before they take part in a demonstration at an army base in Kaohsiung

Before they participate in an Army Base in Kaohsiung, Taiwanese soldiers make a circle and place their hands on the shoulders of each other. 

A soldier with a machine gun in position, during the Army Preparedness Enhancement Drill

Soldier with machine guns in place during the Army Preparedness Enhancement Drill

A soldier donning sunglasses throws an aerosol bomb

Un blinded soldier throws an aerosol bomb

Soldiers kitted out in military gear are seen brandishing huge and heavy weapons while waiting in position

As they wait in their position, troops are seen wearing military gear and carrying heavy weaponry.

Soldiers with face coverings stand ready with machine guns near a CM-34 armoured vehicle

Close to a CM34 armoured truck, soldiers with masks and machine guns stand at readiness.

Soldiers brandishing machine guns march in procession alongside a CM-34 armoured vehicle

Machine guns-wielding soldiers march alongside a CM 34 armoured car

Soldier removes a safety pin of an aerosol bomb before throwing it

Before throwing an aerosol bomb, a soldier takes out the safety pin. 

Soldier dons face covering and glasses as he holds huge machine gun in Taiwan

As he holds a large machine gun in Taiwan, a soldier wears glasses and a face mask. 

Soldiers are briefed while participating in a military exercise simulating an invasion by China in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

While participating in an exercise that simulates China’s invasion in Kaohsiung (Taiwan), soldiers are briefed. 

According to Kiwi Yang (an instructor at Army Infantry School), “Any future struggle for Taiwan defense will be urban warfare.” This statement was made by Kiwi Yang after he explained that most Taiwanese live in cities. 

He said that the Chinese communist troops will invade and land first from coast towns. Then, fighting will move into residential areas, commercial areas, and finally, into mountains.

Any military would find it difficult to invade Taiwan due to the mountain ranges and unpredictable weather conditions.

Although analysts have been unanimous in their belief that China could never pull this off for decades, Beijing seems to have closed the gap dramatically over recent years.

The sabre-rattling against Taiwan has increased significantly under President Xi Jinping of China, the most authoritarian leader China’s generation and a man who is not afraid to show his country’s geopolitical muscles.

In the meantime, Chinese warplanes continue to make unprecedented levels of intrusions into Taiwan’s air defense zone. Western allies fear that Beijing might order an invasion even though they think it unlikely. 

Taiwan Air Force pilots run past a F-16V fighter jet during a military training exercise in Chiayi County, Taiwan, on Wednesday, January 5

Taiwan Air Force pilots pass a F-16V fighter plane during military training exercises in Chiayi County (Taiwan) on Wednesday, January 5. 

F-16V jet fighters taxis on the runway for an emergency takeoff training at the Air Force base

F-16V fighter jets take off from the Air Force Base runway in order to practice emergency takeoffs

An F-16V jet fighter taxies on the runway for an emergency takeoff training at the Air Force base in Chiayi, Taiwan, as the Taiwanese military holds a drill for preparedness enhancement ahead of the Chinese New Year, amid rising threats from China

As the Taiwanese military prepares for the Chinese New Year with rising Chinese threats, an F-16V aircraft fighter taxis onto the runway to practice emergency takeoffs at Chiayi Air Force base, Taiwan.

Taiwanese soldiers pictured on the move during the wargames drill on Thursday

Picture of Taiwanese soldiers on the move in the Wargames drill on Thursday 

Tanks roll in on the practice street battle amid pink smoke set off by aerosol bombs

In pink smoke from aerosol bombs, tanks roll into the street fight. 

CM-34 armoured vehicles approach the mock-up town

The mock-up city is approached by CM-34 armoured trucks 

Soldiers infiltrate the mock city, which was set up for the military drill

Soldiers enter the fake city that was built for military drills 

A platoon of soldiers stand guard with machine guns in hand

Guarded by machine guns, a platoon made up of soldiers stands guard. 

Soldiers take aim from the rooftop during the military drill on Thursday

The military drill was held on Thursday, and soldiers took aim from the top. 

Soldiers take physical training, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on Thursday, January 6

Soldiers engage in training on the physical, at Kaohsiung. Taiwan, Thursday January 6.

Taiwanese soldiers take part in a demonstration at an army base in Kaohsiung

A demonstration was held at Kaohsiung’s army base by Taiwanese soldiers

Soldiers ignite a device for door explosion during the drill

A device that allows for doors to explode is ignited by soldiers during drill 

A soldier throws an aerosol bomb as troops move through the purposefully built urban area

While troops are moving through the urban zone, a soldier throws a bomb.

The city put up signs for shops and pharmacies to make the drill as realistic as possible

In order to make this drill realistic, signs were put up in the city for pharmacies and shops. 

Taiwan was the victim of 970 Chinese military aircraft landings last year. According to AFP data, this is nearly twice as many as the 380 Chinese incursions that occurred in 2020. 

The Taiwan Air Force conducted military drills Wednesday that included its F-16V fighter aircrafts. 

Multiple military drills that simulate an invasion by China have been published by China.

According to CCTV Chinese state TV, last month the People’s Liberation Army deployed hundreds of troops with dozens of tanks to create a fake street battle to take over Taiwan.

The report stated that a PLA team took control of the city within three hours, after clearing landmines, roadblocks, and other obstructions erected by an opposing team.