TALK OF The TOWN: This woman is the top! Dua Lipa can be seen wearing a casual outfit while she smokes a pipe in Notting Hill

Versace’s new star is her, and she’s often considered one of the most famous women in music. 

It was so surprising to find Dua Lipa, dressed down, smoking outside of a Notting Hill recording studio last week.

Wearing baggy jeans but no make-up, the 26-year-old pop star donned a garish multi-coloured jumper – albeit one created by in-demand designer Ed Curtis.

She's the new face of fashion house Versace and usually one of the most glamorous women in music. So I was surprised to see a dressed-down Dua Lipa puffing on a cigarette outside a recording studio in Notting Hill in West London last week

Her new look at Versace fashion house is Dua Lipa. She is also a very glamorous woman in music. Surprisingly, I saw Dua Lipa smoking outside a Notting Hill studio in West London.

The singer is seen above at the London Palladium on Saturday for An Audience with Adele

This is the singer seen in action at London Palladium, Saturday, for an Audience with Adele

Dua, a New Rules singer, made headlines Friday when Dua was contacted by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus from Abba to say they would help her perform the 2022 Eurovision entry.

That’s certainly one way to avoid the dreaded nul points…

Because she’s been an aristocratic member for nearly 20 years, you would think that Julie Montagu, American born, would recognize a valuable heirloom. 

But Julie, wife of Viscount Hinchingbrooke, heir of the 11th Earl of Sandwich, admits she’s scared every time she sits down at their home – Mapperton House in Dorset – in case she breaks a 400-year-old chair.

Just a wish that somebody mentions the worth of her tiara!

She's been part of the aristocracy for almost 20 years so you'd think American-born Julie Montagu would recognise a priceless heirloom by now

Because she’s been part the Aristocratic family for nearly 20 years, you would think that Julie Montagu, an American born woman of American descent, would recognize a valuable heirloom right away

Made In Chelsea was his stalwart, and he starred in Bake Off and Strictly. He has also published I Can Explain, his memoir. 

Jamie Laing, Candy Kittens’ CEO, has the endurance to win?

His vegan sweet brand has posted accounts showing a loss of more than £500,000 before tax last year. 

Not so sweet for Jamie, whose great-great-grandfather created the McVitie’s digestive biscuit.

He was a stalwart of Made In Chelsea, starred on Bake Off and Strictly and, at 33, has published his memoir, I Can Explain. But has Jamie Laing got the staying power to see his company, Candy Kittens, through to victory?

Made In Chelsea was his stalwart, and he starred in Bake Off and Strictly. He also published I Can Explain, which he wrote at the age of 33. Can Jamie Laing still keep Candy Kittens afloat?