A Denver tattoo parlor owner has been identified by loved ones as one of four people in Colorado who were killed during a shooting spree carried out by a lone gunman on Monday night.

The suspect gunman, who is still unknown to police, fired shots at six places in Denver and Lakewood. Four people were killed, and three more were wounded.

Friends on social media named Alicia Cardenas (44), the owner and operator of Sol Tribe Tattoo Shop on Broadway in Denver as one of the victims. 

Alyssa Gunn Madonado, 35-year-old, died in Tuesday’s attack. She was the wife and employee of Cardenas.    

Witnesses described the suspect as tall and blonde, wearing a trenchcoat, who was shot to death after opening fire on officers. The cop is currently in hospital after being shot.

The motive for the murder spree has not been revealed by police.  

Alicia Cardenas, 44, the owner of Sol Tribe tattoo shop on Denver, was named by friends on social media as one of the four people who were killed in Monday's shooting spree

Alicia Cardenas (44) was the 44-year-old owner of Sol Tribe, a tattoo shop located in Denver. She was also named on social media by her friends as one of four who died during Monday’s gunmanship.

Alyssa Gunn Maldonado, 35 (right), was shot dead inside Cardenas' shop. Her husband, Jimmy Maldonado, was said to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest

Alyssa Gunn Maldonado (right), 35, was killed in Cardenas shop. Jimmy Maldonado was reported to have sustained multiple gunshot wounds in the chest. 

KDVR was told by Chief Paul Pazen of the Denver Police Department that he believes it is unusual for this kind of crime spree to occur in his community. “This extremely violent crime spree occurred this evening by one individual.” 

Police say that the motive for the “killing spree” remains unknown. An investigation is underway. 

Officials ask residents to hold the victim, and the officer in their hearts during this difficult time.  

John Romero of Lakewood Police stated that “We simply ask everybody in our community to think and pray for that agent, their family,” he told The Denver Post.

Five people were killed and three injured, including a police officer, in a shooting spree that spread across Colorado on Monday night

In a shooting spree which spread throughout Colorado Monday night, five people were shot dead and three others injured.

Police say the suspected gunman - who has not yet been identified - fired shots in six locations across Denver and the nearby suburb of Lakewood

The suspect gunman, who is still unknown to police, fired shots at six different locations in Denver and Lakewood.

The above map shows where the incidents in Monday night's killing spree occurred

Below is a map showing where incidents from Monday night’s shooting spree took places

Around 5 pm, the shooting began in Denver at the intersection of Broadway and East 1st Avenue.

Two women were killed and one was injured by the suspect before he fled the scene, according to police. 

The suspect shot and killed another victim in Cheeseman Park, near 12th Avenue & Williams Street. 

The suspect then fired a shot at 6th Avenue and Cherokee Street, as well as 8th Avenue and Zuni Street. 

Police say that no injuries have been reported to either site.

The police then found him in the vehicle near 8th Avenue & Zuni Street. 

When he fired at officers, they tried to stop him. 

The suspect was fatally shot by Lakewood police after he opened fire at officers and struck one in the back. Police say the cop is currently in surgery

Lakewood police shot and killed the suspect when he opened fire on officers, striking one in the back. According to police, the suspect is in hospital.

Meanwhile, police say the motive behind the 'killing spree' remains unknown and an investigation into the incidents is ongoing

Police say that the motive for the “killing spree” remains unknown. An investigation is underway.

'At this point, we do not believe there is any additional safety concern to the community,' said Lakewood police spokesperson John Romero (pictured)

‘At this point, we do not believe there is any additional safety concern to the community,’ said Lakewood police spokesperson John Romero (pictured)

The suspect ran from the scene after a Denver police car was damaged. 

His killing spree is said to have been continued in Lakewood. 

He was reported in the suburb just before 6pm, firing shots and killing one person at the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Kipling Street. 

Shortly thereafter, Lakewood officers saw his car in Belmar. Following the shooting at police officers, guns were exchanged.

After running away, he entered a local business and brandished his gun before entering Hyatt House where he shot an employee. 

The clerk was transported by ambulance to the local hospital. The condition of the clerk remains undetermined. 

Department Chief Paul Pazen (pictured) said 'this type of spree take place is not normal in our community' and explained that 'one individual was responsible for this very violent crime spree that took place this evening'

Paul Pazen (pictured as Chief Department) stated that this type of criminal spree isn’t common in the community. He also explained that one person was responsible for the violent crime spree that occurred this evening.

The suspect was shot and killed.  The Jefferson County sheriff's department is investigating the specifics behind his death

The suspect was gunned down and then shot to death.  Jefferson County sheriff’s office is looking into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Authorities asked residents to keep the victims, especially the Lakewood officer who was shot, and their families in their thoughts and prayers

Residents were asked by authorities to remember the Lakewood officer, who was killed, as well as their loved ones, in their prayers and thoughts.

He fled Hyatt after shooting at officers. 

Fox 31 spoke to witnesses driving through the region and reported that they saw a policeman confronting the suspect. 

“We have seen” [sic]The guy was tall, had blond hair and wore a trenchcoat, according to witnesses. He yelled to her, “put your gun down!” She shouted at him to “put his gun down!” He then turned around, grabbed the gun and fired multiple shots right in front.  

Finally, the gunman was killed and shot at this spot. 

Romero stated that he is not certain if the incident was caused by Lakewood police, but that he was called dead on the spot. 

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department are investigating to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting death.

Denver Police Chief Pazen stated to reporters that police are looking into the motives for the rampage. 

Pazen explained that it was important to dig deeper and determine the reason behind these actions.  

According to police, there’s no threat to the area at present.

Romero said that at the moment, there are no additional safety concerns for the community.

Denver reported 6,715 cases of violent crime in 2021, as of October.

The incidents include 95 murders; 1,038 sex offenses; 4,365 cases of aggravated assault; and 1,217 robberies.


As of October 2018, Denver had reported 6,715 violent crimes in 2021.