Enjoy a slice of the new life Home Office spent £7,000 of taxpayers’ cash on 700 Domino’s pizzas for Channel migrants in just TWO DAYS last week as record numbers arrived in Dover

  • Over the two-day period, 700 pizzas were purchased by officials
  •  Border Force ordered emergency food after being ‘completely overwhelmed’ 
  • In the first eleven days of November, 4,000 migrants arrived – twice what was expected 

Domino’s Dover Branch was shut down last week by Border Force officers who ordered thousands of pizzas for migrants from across the Channel.

Officials are said to have bought around 700 pizzas over the course of two days at a cost of more than £7,000. 

This was more than what the agency spent in July on pizza for migrants. 

The Times reported that Border Force was forced to purchase emergency food supplies following being “completely overwhelmed” by record-breaking crossings to France this week. 

The Home Office estimated that nearly 4000 migrants arrived within the first eleven days of November. This is more than twice what they had anticipated. 

A Dover branch of fast food chain Domino's was forced to close last week after Border Force officers ordered hundreds of pizzas to feed migrants who had crossed the Channel

Domino’s Dover was closed last week when Border Force officers placed orders for hundreds of pizzas in order to feed migrants crossing the Channel.

Border Force cannot provide hot meals at the Tug Haven facility, Dover. Therefore, food must be purchased in. 

According to reports, Border Force officers bought 200 Domino’s pizzas Wednesday for the 703 migrants arriving at their border. 

This record number of 1,185 people was reached by 500 pizzas Thursday.

It is believed that each pizza cost £10, meaning the overall figure was £7,000. 

Officials ordered 2 burger vans in order to give other options for migrants, after complaining that the kebabs they received from a local restaurant were cold upon arrival. 

Last week, it emerged that 3,000 chicken shish kebabs were ordered for £14.50 from four Turkish restaurants dotted across Kent.

According to staff, they had to rush for the large order of morning and evening meals that was being prepared for the Tug Haven Border Force camp’s residents.

Stacks of empty boxes were shoved in bin bags and left along with other rubbish by the holding area, with one Mighty Meaty – which cost up to £17.99 – strewn all across the ground with the garlic dip still sealed.

Officials are said to have bought around 700 pizzas over the course of two days at a cost of more than £7,000

Officials are said to have bought around 700 pizzas over the course of two days at a cost of more than £7,000

One of the orders for pizza contained a note that stated: “This was an urgent need in order to feed a large amount of migrants who had been at the Tug Haven compound, Dover for more than 12 hours and would likely stay longer due to problems blocking their movement and Irc. [immigration removal centre] estate.’

Another added: ‘Purchased by Clandestine Operational Response Team (Cort) for use at Tug Haven where we have migrants arriving on small boats.

“Due to high numbers of immigrants arriving, and how long they hadn’t eaten in the past, we agreed to buy 200 pizzas.”

According to a local lorry driver, the sound of migrants having fun was what he heard as he passed through the region last night. He said it felt like they were laughing and eating pizza.

According to the Home Office spokesperson, “We’re committed to providing the highest value for money for British taxpayers.”

“We scrutinize all expenditures to ensure that taxpayers spend every dollar in the most efficient way.”

After online crise talks with French counterparts, the Home Secretary pledged to end ‘100%’ of migrants crossing the border.

This figure was more than the agency spent on pizza for migrants in the whole of July

It was higher than what the agency spent in July on pizza for migrants

Priti Patel had to meet Gerald Darmanin, Interior Minister of France on Tuesday. This was amid the war of words between London & Paris after a surge in migrant crossings.

Following a suicide bombing at Liverpool Women’s Hospital Remembrance Day, the Home Secretary cancelled his planned trip to France. 

In a joint statement, the Home Office stated that they had also addressed the growing crisis of migrants in Eastern Europe. Britain also accused Russia and Belarus of trying to subvert European unity.

Ms Patel and Mr Darmanin stated that the Home Secretary had spoken to Gerald Darmanin, her French counterpart, to talk about the Channel crossing problem and to determine the best operational solution.

“Both the Interior Minister and Home Secretary agreed to further strengthen operational cooperation. To stop dangerous crossings, more must be done. 

“They committed to expedite the execution of the promises made in the joint accord of July 2021, to meet their common determination to avoid 100 per cent crossings and to make this fatal route impossible.”