Urgent Covid superspreader alert to Taylor Swift Album Party in Sydney, as NINETY SEVEN guests test positive.

  • Following the Taylor Swift listening session, Covid has been experienced by 600 people
  • Sydney Metro Theatre from 9pm last Friday has been listed as an exposure site
  • The listening event attracted 97 participants who have all returned positive Covid test results
  • Anyone who attended the event is  asked to get tested and isolate immediately

An urgent health warning has been issued for a Taylor Swift album party in Sydney with 97 attendees testing positive to the virus, as officials desperately try to contact all 600 fans.

View from the event shows crowds made up of mostly young girls, who danced and sang along to the songtress’ lyrics. They did so naturally without wearing masks.

NSW Health stated that anyone who was present at the “On Repeat: Taylor Swift Red Party” Metro Theatre, George St. from 9pm on Friday last Friday is considered a close contact.

Participants must be tested immediately and isolated for 7 days. Every household contact must be tested, and they should self-isolate until the negative results are received.  

The urgent health warning was issued to Taylor Swift’s Sydney Metro Theatre party. It has 97 participants who tested positive for the disease.

Around 600 people checked in to the George St location last Friday. Since then, 97 participants have been positive to Covid.

Around 600 people registered via QR code to attend the Sydney event.

According to a spokesperson, “Everyone must be careful when they celebrate with their family, friends, and coworkers and should avoid any functions that may cause symptoms,” 

Taylor Swift album listening parties became a social media phenomenon that saw superfans partying and dressing up in their fave songs. 

Anyone who attended 'On Repeat: Taylor Swift Red Party' at the Metro Theatre on George St from 9pm last Friday is a close contact

We are in touch with anyone who was able to attend the ‘On Repeat: Taylor Swift Red Party at Metro Theatre’ on George St last Friday, 9pm. 

Taylor Swift album listening parties have become a viral social media trend and Sydney event was no exception

Taylor Swift listening parties have been a huge social media trend, and Sydney was no exception.

The event run by 'Superficial Party' at Sydney Metro Theatre was widespread online as fans showed off the fun night

Fans shared their excitement at the Sydney Metro Theatre event, run by “Superficial Party”.

Fans shared their excitement at the Sydney Metro Theatre event, run by “Superficial Party”.

The state reported 1,742 additional cases Thursday, the highest number since the start of the pandemic. 

Superspreader events, including a night at Newcastle’s Argyle house nightclub, have contributed to the spike in cases. 

A Sydney Harbour Cruise attendee – which has been since listed as an Exposure Site – violated isolation orders by visiting the Newcastle nightclub.  

The spike in cases has been fuelled by superspreader events including a night at the Argyle House nightclub in Newcastle, in the state's north

This spike in cases was fueled by superspreader activities such as a night at Newcastle’s Argyle Club nightclub.

Some 200 people who attended the club have been tested positive.

Tests are underway to determine whether cases may be related to Omicron’s superspreader Omicron.

The full NSW Health – On Repeat: Taylor Swift Red Party article   

NSW Health was notified about a potential new location of concern in Sydney that could be associated with at most 97 cases of COVID-19. It’s possible that some of these cases are Omicron-related.

Anyone who attended the “On Repeat: Taylor Swift Red Party” at Metro Theatre (624 George Street, Sydney) from 9pm onwards on Friday 10 December is a close contact and must immediately get tested and isolate for 7 days.

NSW Health asks all close household contacts to have their blood tested. Once the results are back, everyone can self-isolate.

NSW Health has urgently reached out to 600 Metro Theatre patrons who checked in through the QR code. It is asking them, and their families, to have immediate health screenings and comply with public advice.

NSW Health wants to appeal to anyone who did not use the QR Code to check in to be tested immediately.

NSW Health reminds everyone about the importance to maintain COVID safety practices, as there is a high risk of transmission at festive events.

Everybody should be vigilant while celebrating with friends, family and colleagues. If they are experiencing any symptoms, it is important to not go to any functions.

More than 450 COVID-19 test locations are available in NSW. Many of them are open 7 days per week. For more information or to locate a clinic near you, visit COVID-19 Clinics.

Non-compliance to the quarantine, isolation and testing requirements has resulted in penalties of $5,000 per person (up from $1,000) and $10,000 each for corporations (up from $5,000).