Taylor Swift responded to a survey that declared her the biggest celebrity CO2 polluter. 

Swift spokeswoman told Rolling Stone that Taylor’s plane is regularly loaned to others. “To assign most of these trips solely to her is completely wrong.”

Yard has released Friday’s study based upon an analysis of flights by private aircraft tracked using the automated flight tracking system. Celebrity Jets, and found that Swift’s jet logged the most emissions of the pack, and found her private jet has taken a whopping 170 flights since January

It was Kylie Jenner who, earlier this year, had been called a “climate criminal” for sharing a photograph of Travis Scott in their matching private jets.

Swift, whose plane is currently in Nashville as per flight tracking website ADS B Exchange is the only celeb on the list who has commented on the study.

Jenner, a celebrity polluter, did not make Yard’s top-10, ranking at 19

Swift, through a representative, batted back furiously at the report after facing online backlash from fans, saying that she often let other people take her Falcon 7X jet on jaunts around the world.  

Swift’s rep stated to Rolling Stone, “Taylor’s jet is regularly loaned out to other individuals.” It is absurd to attribute any or all these trips solely to Swift.

Swift’s plane narrowly defeated Floyd Mayweather in the polluting ranking. Jay Z, Blake Shelton’s country music singer, Steven Spielberg director, Mark Wahlberg and Oprah Winfrey are also among the notables. 

The travels of Taylor Swift's jet are seen over the past week, logging nearly 8,000 miles as it criss-crossed the US

Taylor Swift’s plane has been circling the US for nearly 8,000 mile during its week-long journey.

'Taylor's jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals,' a Swift spokesperson told Rolling Stone , 'To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.'

Swift spokeswoman said that Taylor’s plane is often loaned to others. Rolling Stone was also told by Swift: “To attribute all or most of these trips solely to her is absurd.”

Taylor Swift is spotted boarding her private jet in Rhode Island in 2019

Swift has been named the 'biggest celebrity CO2 polluter of the year' by a new study that found her private jet has taken a whopping 170 flights since January

Taylor Swift is seen boarding her private aircraft in Rhode Island in 2019, in 2019. Swift is the celebrity with the highest CO2 emissions. A study found that her private jet had taken 170 flights between January and February.

Taylor Swift's 2009 Dassault Falcon 7X jet is seen parked on the runway in Albany, New York on July 30, 2022

Taylor Swift’s Dassault Falcon 7X Jet 2009 is seen being parked at Albany Airport, New York. July 30, 2022

Swift, despite being silent about social and political issues throughout her career, has been more vocal in recent years. She mentioned climate change in an interview she did with Variety in 2020, naming it as the issue that most concerned her.   

Swift was not on this year’s tour, but she has only performed twice in 2022 in London and New York City. 

Yet the study found that since the beginning of the year, Swift’s jet has logged 22,923 minutes in the air over 170 trips – equal to 15.9 full days of flight time, according to Yard. 

Yard determined that the total aircraft emissions of her jet for the year was 8,293.54 tons, which is 1184.8 times greater than the annual average individual’s emissions. 

According to the study, Swift’s plane flew an average of 80 minutes per hour and traveled an average distance of 139.36 mi. 

‘It’s easy to get lost in the dazzling lives of the rich and famous, but unfortunately, they’re a massive part of the CO2e problem we have with the aviation industry,’ said Yard’s Digital Sustainability Director, Chris Butterworth, in a statement.

He said that aviation is responsible for 2.4% of all human-produced CO2e each year. Research also shows a wide gap between super-rich people and ordinary citizens regarding travel, flights and general emissions.

Swift has not been on tour this year, and has performed only twice in 2022, in one-off appearances in London and New York City (above) and yet her jet has flown 170 times this year

Swift is not on tour in this year’s year. She has only performed twice in 2022 in New York City and London (above), and her plane has flown over 170 times this calendar year.

Taylor Swift's 2009 Dassault Falcon 7X jet is seen soaring in a recent photo

Taylor Swift’s Dassault Falcon 7X jet 2009 is seen in flight in a photo

Swift’s fans, who are loyal to Swift, expressed dismay at the news.

‘D**n, she’s been flying around A LOT,’ one Swiftie wrote on the r/TaylorSwift Reddit fanpage. “What does she do that involves so much travel?”

‘Going to get cancelled for this, but f**k Taylor Swift too, selfish as the rest of them,’ another person wrote on Twitter. 

Yard was second with Floyd Mayweather (boxing icon) as the next on Yard’s top 10. His plane has so far emitted 7.076.8 tons of CO2 in this year. 

Mayweather has taken 177 flights so far in this year’s flight, making him the celebrity with more trips than anyone else on the list. This is almost one flight per day, which equates to 25 flights each month.

In third place was rapper Jay-Z, whose jet emitted 6,981.3 tonnes of CO2 over 136 flights. Retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez ranked fourth with 5,342.7 tonnes of emissions.

Blake Shelton, the country music singer and husband of Gwen Stefani, was number five with his jet logging 4,495 tonnes of emissions over 111 flights.

Film director Steven Spielberg was sixth with 4,465 tonnes of emissions, followed closely by Kim Kardashian with 4268.5 tonnes

Oprah Winfrey ranked ninth with an estimated 3,493.17 tonnes

Film director Steven Spielberg was sixth with 4,465 tonnes of emissions, followed closely by Kim Kardashian with 4268.5 tonnes, while Oprah Winfrey ranked ninth with an estimated 3,493.17 tonnes

Film director Steven Spielberg was sixth with 4,465 tonnes of emissions, followed closely by Kim Kardashian with 4268.5 tonnes.

In eighth place was actor Mark Wahlberg whose jet has emitted 3772.85 tonnes of CO2, and Oprah Winfrey ranked ninth with an estimated 3,493.17 tonnes.

Rounding out the top 10 was Travis Scott, with 3033.3 tonnes of emissions. Scott’s plane had the shortest average flight distance, with 7.31 miles per trip.

It was in response to an Instagram posting that Scott’s partner Kylie Jenner, a long-term on-again, off again woman posted on July 15th.

Jenner shared a photo of Scott in their matching private planes. The internet responded furiously, writing: ‘You wanna have mine or yours?

The study came in response to this Instagram post that Kylie Jenner posted to Instagram on July 15 showing her and Travis Scott's his-and-hers private jets

This study was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s July 15 Instagram post showing Travis Scott and her private jets.

Reports also emerged that she had taken a 12-minute flight on her private jet for journey that would have taken just 40 minutes by car, leading some critics to dub her a ‘climate criminal’. 

She flew for just 35 minutes between Palm Springs and Los Angeles to Van Nuys. Van Nuys is close to Hidden Hills’ $36 million mansion.

According to CelebrityJets’ Twitter account, the mother-of-two flew to Camarillo from Van Nuys in Ventura County California, two hours later.

The account also revealed that the Bombardier Global 7500 plane travelled from Camarillo, California, to Van Nuys two days before on July 13 – a trip of just 17 minutes.

The jet flew for 29 minutes from Van Nuys, California to Palm Springs, California.

Jay Z, Steven Spielberg and Mark Wahlberg are eco-hypocrites. They lecture us on saving the earth… then they use their private jets to fly in minutes instead of driving.

Dailymail.Com by Emma James

They love to lecture about saving the planet with social media posts about going vegan, cutting CO2 emissions or ditching gas-guzzling vehicles.

However, these stars then take their private jets of multimillion dollar worth to go on journeys that last just minutes and are often quicker than a car.

One website has exposed the eco-hypocrites for their not-so green credentials, with stars including   Mark Wahlberg, Jay Z and Steven Spielberg among those outed.

Their journeys have been documented by @celebjets on Twitter. Most trips take less than 30 minutes, and many of them are shorter than that.

Wahlberg’s plane was in flight for only nine minutes, as it flew across LA. Spielberg’s took 17 minutes.

After Kylie Jenner flew for 12 minutes across California on a social media platform, she was called a “climate criminal” by eco-warriors.

Kourtney, her older sister, was subject to a lot of backlash from fans after she posted about carbon emissions in February – despite family members’ excessive use of private planes.

Experts in aviation have stated that private aircraft should focus on responsible travel, using carbon offset schemes.

A short-haul flight of less than 10 minutes may result in 1 ton Co2 emissions, as well as the burning of gallons.

DailyMail.com exposes the shockingly brief private jet flight times of some celebs:

Steven Spielberg: Jetted just 17 minutes after saying “I am terrified by global warming”

Steven Spielberg's private jet is pictured at Luton Airport in England. He regularly uses it to travel short distances, despite sharing his fears over global warming

Steven Spielberg’s private aircraft is seen at Luton Airport in England. It is used to shorten distances and he shares his worries about global warming. 

Steven Spielberg previously stated that he was ‘terrified” by global warming and urged everyone to consider the possibility of it posing a threat to their children or grandchildren.

Director and producer of the film didn’t allow that to stop him taking his $70million Gulfstream G650 jet on a 17 minute flight on June 29.

It would have taken him only 36 minutes to drive the 28-mile distance from Amsterdam Airport, Rotterdam Airport or one hour with public transportation.

CelebrityJets reports that the flight consumed 145 gallons jet fuel. It cost $1,011 and produced 2 tons of CO2 emissions.

Spielberg expressed his fear about global warming in a 2018 interview. Global warming is scientific fact. It’s not political manipulation.

“People must accept that we will face destiny, unless they do something today.”

“I feel we should all be able to fault everyone who is right, when you don’t think of anything that could cause a danger for your grandchildren and children.

“Then, you go blindly through your life using aerosol cans for all the things that deplete the ozone.”

Jay Z and Beyoncé – 47-minute trip goes against their ‘Greenprint Project’

Jay Z had a privte jet gifted to him by Puma, who even personalized the luxury Gulfstream IV with a tail number just for him

Jay Z was gifted a privilege jet by Puma. The luxury Gulfstream IV had even been personalized with Jay Z’s tail number

Power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been encouraging the masses to switch to a plant-based diet with their Greenprint Project.

According to their website, they want to make a positive impact on the world through eating plant-based foods.

International stars have a Bombardier Challenger 850 worth $40 million. It can carry up to 19 people and includes a kitchen and bedroom as well as two bathrooms and a living area.

But rapper Jay-Z also has access to a luxury Gulfstream IV, created and personalised for him by Puma – even created a tail number for him.

Puma flew only 47 minutes between Seattle International Airport and Eugene Airport on July 17th.

The cost of a commercial flight to your destination would be $178. It takes an hour and five minute to reach the destination.

The average driving time by car is just five hours. A commercial flight takes one-mile less. This results in 0.07 tonnes of CO2 being emitted.

This flight consumed 353 gallons jet fuel and cost $2,411; it also produced 4 tons of CO2 emissions.

Beyonce was speaking about Greenprint Project.

“We challenge you, as we push ourselves towards a plant-based lifestyle. We also acknowledge your efforts to protect the environment and improve our health.

Drake travels across Canada in 18 minutes after signing a partnership to reduce carbon footprint 

Drake had a Boeing 727 personalized for himself, with 'Air Drake' emblazoned on the engine of the multimillion dollar jet

Drake had a Boeing 727 personalized for himself, with ‘Air Drake’ emblazoned on the engine of the multimillion dollar jet

Rapper Drake flew only 18 minutes on his private plane between John Munro Hamilton International airport and Toronto Pearson International airport, Canada.

Although he could have driven the distance between them in just 45 minutes or 47 miles, the 35-year old instead consumed 519 gallons fuel on July 12. 

According to CelebrityJets his Boeing 767, it would have cost him $3,590 for the short haul trip – adding up to 5 tons of Co2.

Air Drake, his plane has gold detailing and can accommodate a maximum of thirty passengers.

Star announced his partnership with Aspiration in 2013, after it had also been partnered with Leonardo DiCaprio Jr.

He spoke about the project and said, “It’s thrilling to partner with someone who’s found an easy method to give everyone the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.”

“Aspiration’s unique approach to combating climate changes is truly inspiring. I’m hoping that we can work together to inspire and raise awareness.

Mark Wahlberg – Nine-minute flight across California

Wahlberg, who starred in M Night Shyamalan's climate change thrilled The Happening, jetted from LAX airport in LA, to Van Nuys Airport

Wahlberg, who was a star in M Night Shyamalan’s film Climate change excited The Happening, took a flight from LAX Airport, LA, to Van Nuys Airport.

Mark Wahlberg is a Hollywood celebrity who switched to plant-based eating after many years of living on large amounts of animal products.

Father Stu’s actor for 50 said he feels’really great’ about the changes and recommended that meat be removed from his diet in order to make the improvements.

Wahlberg, who appeared in M Night Shyamalan’s climate change delighted The Happening, took a flight from LAX Airport to Van Nuys Airport on July 1st at 10:10pm.

The 19-mile flight took him just nine minutes by his Bombardier Bd-700 airplane. It would have taken 40 minutes if he had driven in traffic.

Alternativly, he could have taken an over-an hour bus ride to get there.

He used 83 gallons worth of jet fuel. It cost $579. One ton of CO2 was produced by the flight.

He spoke with Boston.com 2016 to say that he is’very aware’ of the world, after saying that celebrities are ‘in bubbles’.

Kim Kardashian takes a 10-minute flight on her private $150 million jet 

Kim was also slammed by fans for incessantly bragging about her own $150million private jet with cashmere from floor to ceiling and two luxury bathroom

Kim received a lot of criticism from her fans for bragging about the $150million she spent on a private jet, which has cashmere floors to ceilings and 2 luxury bathrooms.

Kim Kardashian flew two minutes faster than Kylie Jenner on a 12-minute flight through California. This was more than one week ago.

Kim Kardashian was the star on Hulu’s The Kardashians. She flew in less than ten minutes between Van Nuys Airport Los Angeles and Camarillo Airport Camarillo Airport.

The 41-year old jetted off in her $150million Gulfstream G650 fully personalized with cream carpets on the 35-mile trip.

Experts found that the trip would have cost her $7200 an hour if the private plane had been hired and not owned by the celebrity.

With no traffic, the trip took her 50 minutes from one airport into another.

Her private jet used 91 gallons fuel, which cost her $636 and created 1 ton CO2 emissions.

Previous statements by the actress have stated her desire to make more environmental-friendly decisions and she has made various business environmentally responsible.

On the website, she states that her SKKN range includes: Refills come in compostable bags and are wrapped with recycled materials.

 Kylie Jenner – 12-minute trip on ‘Air Kylie’ despite eco-conscious products

Kylie Jenner has been called a 'climate criminal' for reportedly taking a 12-minute flight on a private jet after coming under fire for boasting about her and Travis Scott's planes

Kylie Jenner was branded a climate criminal after she reportedly flew 12-minutes on a private plane. She did this after being accused of boasting about Travis Scott and her planes. 


Kylie Jenner has been slammed for taking a 12-minute flight on her private jet – for a 26-mile journey that would have taken just 39 minutes by car.

For her brief trip through California, the 24-year old billionaire was labeled a “climate criminal” despite having lectures on environmental protection.

Her private plane, ‘Kylie Air’ worth $70million was taken twice by her across the county. The second time she took it was on July 13.

Bombardier Global7500 flew 35 minutes from Palm Springs just outside of Los Angeles to Van Nuys. This was close to her Hidden Hills property, worth $36million, on July 15.

The mum-of-2 flew two hours later from Van Nuys to Camarillo, in Ventura County California. This trip took only 12 minutes.

Kylie also flew from Camarillo, Mexico to Van Nuys on July 13th. It took her just 17 minutes. The flight from Van Nuys, to Palm Springs took her 29 minutes.

Experts estimated that her flight would have been around $1600 for fuel alone, while a private jet would have run her about $7200.

The 26-mile journey from Hidden Hills to Camarillo would have taken the star just 39 minutes if she hadn’t encountered the terrible traffic in these areas.

She drove instead for thirty minutes in the opposite direction to Van Nuys airport. After that, she jumped onboard the plane. Despite the fact that the flight was just 12 minutes long, the trip took much longer.

The eco-friendly products that Stormi purchases for herself and her four year old daughter Stormi have been prominently promoted by her. She also shared with 359million people on Twitter, saying she was going vegan and clean because she felt it was time to raise her standards.

Super-rich climate preachers are guilty of jetsetting hypocrisy!


Katy Perry: Flew the false nails of Kim 2,451 miles 

Orlando Bloom, who was awarded an environmental campaigning award in 2018, stated that the urgency of climate change had never been more apparent. We must change our ways and adapt to the changing world. 

However, it later emerged the Hollywood actor, 45, had flown to the event in Monaco with his fiancée, pop singer Katy Perry, on a private jet.

Perry, 37 years old, shared his story with fans in 2015. 

Kim Kardashian was allegedly able to fly false nails to Kim Kardashian in a private jet, 2,451 km from Los Angeles to New York. 

Perry was seen leaving an aircraft private in France, July 2021.

Katy Perry, right, and with daughter Daisy, above, last July

Katy Perry and Daisy Perry are pictured above with their daughter Daisy. 

Brooklyn: I reduced my water intake for tea

All members of the Beckham clan have urged action to combat climate change. 

Brooklyn, David’s oldest son, told GQ Magazine last April that he does the basic things like make sure the water doesn’t run while brushing his teeth and measure my tea water. He also said not to let the water flow when he showers. Simple things such as these make a big difference.

But the couple, Nicola Peltz (27) and her 23-year-old husband, traveled by private plane on their first Christmas together in 2019. 

Additionally, he traveled with his family to Miami by private plane in December 2020. 

Victoria and David flew private to Brooklyn with Nicola, for their Palm Beach wedding.

Brooklyn Beckham, wife Nicola and one of their dogs on the runway in 2020

Brooklyn Beckham’s wife Nicola, and one their canines on the runway for 2020

Harry: The fans are urged to join the eco villages concert series

Harry Styles may have launched a climate change campaign with his former One Direction bandmates – but that hasn’t stopped him zipping around the globe on private jets to venues where he is performing.

One Direction teamed up with Save The Children in July 2015 to encourage young fans to help protect the Earth. 

Watermelon Sugar’s singer set up an ‘eco village stand’ at concerts on Love On Tour to encourage fans to “take action for climate change”. 

Styles (28 years old) was still seen in Orlando last October on a private aircraft. 

He attended the 2019 ‘Camp Google Climate Summit, where VIPs such as Prince Harry were on hand to greet them. 

Styles is close to a source who said that Styles also takes commercial flights.

Last October, Styles, 28, was seen landing in Orlando, Florida, on a private jet

Styles was 28 years old when he flew on his private jet to Orlando last October.

Google: Sussexes: The barefoot speech for Google 

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex spoke out in support of more actions to save the Earth. 

In June 2019, they shared their thoughts with almost 10 million of their Instagram followers.

One month later Prince Harry (37), flew via private plane to Sicily to give a speech on climate change at the Google summit. 

Last May, he stated: “We have to be better about stopping the things that cause so much damage.” 

Yet in June, the couple hopped on a Bombardier Global 6000 – one of the most polluting types of private jet – back to California after a three-day stay in the UK for the Platinum Jubilee. They have taken six private plane flights in the last year.

Meghan exiting a jet with Archie in 2019

Meghan and Archie leaving a plane in 2019.

Djokovic – Teach your children to Recycle

Novak Djokovic freely spoke out about the importance of caring for the environment. 

The Serbian tennis icon, left, stated that environmental issues were essential last August. It is not just important for me but for everyone else. It’s the only planet that exists, and we should take responsibility for it.

On the website of Novak Djokovic Foundation, a 2019 blog urged parents and children to act as eco role models by recycling water.

Djokovic (35) flies all around the globe in a private Jet supplied by Roger Federer’s rival NetJets. It hires out its fleet to VIPs. 

Djokovic is a sponsor of the company from 2015 to now. He ‘owns’ a part of the plane in a fractional ownership arrangement.