CoE school teacher, 41, who sent ‘sexually motivated’ texts to pupil then began fling with her soon after she left school is banned from the profession

  • Stephane Lecurieux -Clerville was 41 and the head of sixth form at Kent’s school.
  • A tribunal panel found that he had an inappropriate relationship with his school pupil.
  • The relationship was more sexual after the student left school.
  • Lecurieux-Clerville was expelled from the classroom for his teaching abilities throughout life, according to the panel. 

Pictured: Stephane Lecurieux-Clerville has been barred from teaching for life over his sexual relationship with a former pupil

Pictured: Stephane Lecurieux-Clerville has been barred from teaching for life over his sexual relationship with a former pupil

The Church of England School’s disgraced sixth-form head has been banned from teaching forever because of his sexual relationships with former pupils.

Stephane Lecurieux Clerville, 41 was the head of sixth grade at John Wallis Church of England Academy Ashford in Kent. He began an escalated series of’sexually motivated interactions’ with a female student.

The school officials were made aware of his relationship with the girl, identified as “Pupil A”, in 2019. She told another member on staff about what happened.

Lecurieux-Clerville later admitted to’regular texts message conversations of a platonic character’ at a disciplinary meeting that led to his firing.

While Pupil A was attending school, however, he started to gift her presents, talk with her outside of school, and touch her under her top.

Pupil A was eventually expelled from the school. The relationship continued. They began to exchange naked pictures and engage in sexual activity.

According to the Teaching Regulation Agency, a report stated that “the panel determined that the allegations as proven were of asexual character and were sexually motivated” in that Lecurieux-Clerville had sought sexual satisfaction and a relationship with a woman in the future.

‘In his written representations of the matter, Mr Lecurieux Clerville asserts that his initial intentions were purely platonic.

‘However, the panel considered that there was no alternative, plausible reason for Mr Lecurieux-Clerville’s conduct.’

Mr Lecurieux-Clerville, 41, taught at the John Wallis Church of England Academy in Ashford (pictured) when he began a series of 'sexually motivated' interactions with a female student

41-year-old Mr Lecurieux–Clerville was a teacher at John Wallis Church of England Academy Ashford, when he started a series of sexually motivated interactions with a female student

According to the report, Pupil A left school after Mr Lecurieux–Clerville kissed and had sex with her. However, Pupil A only had been gone for a brief time and the relationship between him and Pupil A was formed while he was her teacher.

“The Panel considered that this was a continued and growing relationship with Pupil A, which had no end in sight after Pupil A left school.

‘The panel therefore found that Mr Lecurieux-Clerville’s actions constituted conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute.’

Lecurieux-Clerville confessed the facts and failed to keep professional boundaries by developing an “inappropriate” relationship with the student. The incident occurred before the virtual meeting of the professional misconduct panel.

Panel members recommended that he is banned from teaching indefinitely. Given the severity of the allegations, he shouldn’t be allowed to request restoration of eligibility to teach.