Boston Dynamics showed Spot, the world’s most advanced robotic dog, for the first time in a November 2017 video.

Spot, the robot that is best known to be Atlas (a humanoid robot measuring 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 metre), was unveiled by the firm.

It was seen jogging around the yard with the promise of more information from the notoriously secretive company.

According to the company’s website, Spot is a four-legged robotic assistant that can be placed in office and home.

The robot arm is included and it weighs in at 25kg (55 lb). It also weighs 30kg (66 lb).

Spot runs on all-electric power and lasts for around 90 minutes depending on its task. According to the company, Spot boasts that it is “the quietest robot” they have ever built. 

Spot first appeared in 2016 and was shown around the house with an earlier version that had a weird extendable neck. 

In the company’s earlier video, the robot walks out of its headquarters into what looks like a home.

It helps to load the dishwasher, and it also carries a trash can.

Also, it encounters a banana skin that has been dropped and then falls over. However, its neck extends to help push itself up. 

According to the company, ‘Spot’ is among the most quiet robots ever made, thanks to its electric motors.

It has many sensors including depth cameras and an IMU (solid state gyro) as well as proprioception sensors within the limbs. 

These sensors aid in navigation and mobile manipulation. 

Spot can perform some tasks independently, but will often need guidance from a person.