Two teenage murderers are caught on camera fist-bumping after celebrating stabbing a man to his death. They lured him to a park with sexual messages he sent to a 17 year-old girl. 

Danish Mansha, Rimsha Taliq, and Daiyaan Aif, all 18 years old, searched the internet in search of someone they believed wanted to have sex with women.

They tricked Sohail Ali (29), into coming to Summerfield Park, Birmingham, by promising to meet a girl on December 4, last year.

He had spoken with Tariq online and then agreed to meet in the park at 2.30pm.

Mansha was armed only with a knife but also had a blank shooting gun. He waited for Arif to ambush him before being stabbed seven times and then shot.

He was attacked so hard that the knife snapped, and a part of the blade was found in his chest.

Mr Ali was taken to the hospital, but he died shortly after midnight.

CCTV footage shows Mansha & Arif punching each other as they calmly walk away from the murder scene.

The suspects were arrested after detectives found messages on their phones that discussed the attack. 

The killers were in constant contact with one another days before the murder. Tariq Messaged Mr Ali on WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat just 30 minutes before the attack.

Mr Ali had contacted Tariq via Instagram on December 3 last year, with his messages becoming increasingly sexualised and aggressive, the court heard.

Following a trial at Coventry Crown Court Mansha of Edgbaston was found guilty, as was Tariq, from Walsall.

Mansha, who was also convicted of possessing a bladed article, was sentenced to 19 years in prison, while Tariq was required to serve at least nine year before parole consideration.

Daiyan Ariff, 18, from Brandhall, Warley was convicted for manslaughter and was sentenced to three-and-a half years in prison.

Yesterday, Judge Simon Drew sentenced Mansha at Birmingham Crown Court. He said to Mansha: “You created a plan to lure Sohail Al to Summerfield Park in Winson.”

Green, where you intended confronting him with a knife, to severely injure and to stab,

“No doubt you intended to teach him a lesson, but your plan was entirely unjustified. You told Tariq of your plan, and you used your influence over her to persuade her to go along with it.”

Mansha, Tariq and Arif joined him in setting up the meeting with victim. They then went to the park, where the female defendant met Mr Ali.

Mr Ali left the park once, but returned when Tariq convinced he that he wasn’t being set-up.

Judge Drew stated: “By then, you [Mansha]He was surprised when we were able to fire the pistol at him multiple times.

“It sounded real. He was terrified. He fell to the ground.

“That gave you the ability to launch an attack against him with the knife. You stabbed him a total of seven times.

“The final blow was inflicted with so much force that it fractured his breastbone and penetrated his heart. When the knife then lodged inside his chest you used so much force trying to remove it that you broke the handle off the knife.”

The judge said he accepted that what happened had the hallmarks of “naivety and bravado”, rather than being a cold-blooded killing, and that Mansha got carried away in the frenzy of the attack.

Judge Drew added: “Despite being fatally wounded Sohail Ali managed to get up and run away. So animated were you by this time that you shot at him with the blank firing pistol.

“On the way, the two of you performed a fist bump, which confirms that when you attacked Sohail Ali you were acting together and that afterwards you had no remorse for what you had just done.

“This was an offense committed while on bail. It was a carefully planned, premeditated attack. Sohail Ali was lured to Summerfield Park.

“You took the initiative and recruited Tariq as well as Arif to your side. Tariq was a young woman you could manipulate.

“You deliberately tried to hide your identity; you had your hood up, you wore gloves, and you had a mask covering your face.

“You ambushed Sohail Ali. You fired the gun in order to frighten him, and then attacked him when he was unarmed and defenceless on the ground.

“You did so in a public park, in the middle of the day in front of a number of passers-by.

“After the attack you left the park, you did not call the emergency services but instead left Sohail Ali to die.”

Mark George QC, mitigating for Mansha, said: “He made an arrangement to meet Mr Ali in the park and that is the extent of the planning.”

Mr George said his client was very immature and came from an unsettled family background. 

Detective Inspector Laura Harrison from the West Midlands Police Homicide Team stated: “This case was really sad.

“It was a totally senseless attack that took a human life and changed three more forever.

“My officers have worked tirelessly on this matter; and while today’s verdict will not bring Sohail home, I am happy that we have been in a position to secure justice for him as well as his family.

“My thoughts are with you at this time.”

After the sentencing, Mr Ali’s family was devastated and said that they were happy that the defendants had been convicted and sentenced for the horrific crime they had committed.

“Sadly, Sohail cannot be brought back to us.

“Sohail was brutally murdered and his life was taken from him. We feel the pain of his loss.

“He will always be in our hearts.”