18-year-old teenager is sentenced to life in prison for stabbing 19 year old friend to death.

  • Cameron Cheshire (18), fatally injured Jack Barry (19), his ex-colleague from school.
  • Court heard that they had been at it in Birmingham’s Hamstead district.
  • Cheshire raised his top and revealed a blade to Mr Barry. He told Barry, ‘I will shank him up.
  • Cheshire was found guilty in murder and in possession of a knifed article
  • He was sentenced to 18-years imprisonment and was ordered to remain in prison for the rest of his life.

The teenager, who had fallen out over social media and stabbed their former friends to death in a street fight for a knife was sent to prison for the rest of his life.

Cameron Cheshire (18), fatally injured Jack Barry (19), his ex-school friend, in Birmingham’s Hamstead on March 7. 

After falling out over online’money’ or ‘girls’, the pair ended up fighting on West Road.

Cheshire, who had met Barry by chance, lifted his shirt to expose a blade. Before he could do so, the knife was pushed into Barry’s chest.

The emergency services arrived but Mr Barry died on the spot. Cheshire, however, was also stabbed in his chest and needed treatment.

Cheshire initially claimed to have lied to the police and said that Barry had inflicted his injury. He was actually defending himself with a street knife.

Cameron Cheshire (pictured), 18, fatally wounded his former school friend Jack Barry, 19, in the Hamstead area of Birmingham on March 7

Cameron Cheshire (pictured), 18 was killed by Jack Barry, his schoolmate and friend from high school. He died in Hamstead, Birmingham on March 7.

Following a Birmingham Crown Court trial, the jury found him guilty of murder as well as possession of a knifed article.

He was today sentenced to 18 years in prison and placed on life-lock.

Hannah Whitehouse from West Midlands Police said that Hannah Whitehouse was a sad reminder about the life-changing effects of having knives.

After meeting by chance, Cheshire lifted up his top to reveal a blade and told Mr Barry (pictured) 'I will shank you up' before later plunging the knife into his chest

Cheshire, who had met Barry by chance, lifted his top to expose a knife and said to Barry (pictured): ‘I will shank your up.’ He then inserted the knife in his chest.

“A young family loses a beloved one and another young man will spend many years in prison.

The evidence indicates that both men were equipped with knives on that evening, but it was Cheshire who scored the decisive blow. It is difficult to accept that you have killed someone.

The case reinforces that knives can cause serious injury and could result in the death of a person.

“One young man died tragically that night, but it could have been more.” Knives are deadly when they’re used in a hurry.