Mama Mia! Mama Mia!

  • The teenager was riding a boat on the canals of Panama City in Florida.
  • Before appearing to flot over the boat, he began to jump in rhythm with the waves.
  • Captain Scott Nguyen (27) filmed the boy jumping from the bow of the charter boat.

Here is when a teenage performs a double jump that defies physics, something you often see in video games. 

Captain Scott Nguyen, 27, was ferrying passengers through the waters off Panama City, in Florida, when his charter boat came across some choppy conditions.

An 18-year-old man was seen at the bow of the boat and decided to make a leap with the waves. Mr Nguyen then began filming.

A young man at the bow of Captain Scott Nguyen's boat, as he ferried passengers through the waters off Panama City in Florida

As Captain Scott Nguyen ferried passengers along the Panama Canal in Florida, a young man was at the bow.

The boy appeared to be floating in mid-air after Mr Nguyen’s perfectly timed leap. As the boat dropped into a pit of water, Mr Nguyen was able to catch a timing jump.

It made it appear that the teenager could gain height and do a physically impossible double jump. 

Double jumping is an action in video games, and it’s associated with Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, and other characters. 

The midair jump, also called the Super Mario Bros game’s jump, allows characters to perform a jump while still in the air. 

The video catches the boy leaping up in time with the waves and then appearing to do a 'double jump' as the sea, and the boat, falls away underneath him. The physics-defying move is used by video gaming icons like Mario, Sonic and Crash Bandicoot

This video shows the boy jumping up with the waves, then doing a double jump as the water and boat fall beneath him. Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot use the physics-defying maneuver. 

From Panama City, Florida Mr Nguyen stated that the video was shot offshore from Panama City.

“My client double jumps on the bow of his boat, and goes higher than anticipated.

He wasn’t injured in any way. All of us had a good time sharing the video.

“I am so glad that we have the footage, it is hilarious.”