Teenagers aged 18 and 19 are killed in horror car crash that causes tree to fall on horror car ‘en route to Halloween party’

  • Two teenage boys, aged 18-19, were killed in an accident that saw a car leave a road and go into a tree.
  • The group was headed to a party. They were dressed in Halloween costumes. 
  • Sources say that some members of the group were in the armed forces.
  • Soldiers from nearby barsracks “had to pull the victims out of the car”

Two teenage girls were killed when a Renault Clio car with six people was unable to control its steering and veered off the road. The Renault Clio crashed into a tree.

A 19-yearold boy and a girl died instantly in the impact, which occurred shortly after 10pm on Friday night.

Sources tell The Mirror that some of the group members were in the armed forces. They were wearing Halloween costumes and were headed to a party.

According to sources, soldiers from nearby barsracks “had to pull the victims out of their cars” while surgeons operated on them at the roadside. 

Police stated that six young men were in the car that crashed into the road in Tidworth in Wiltshire. 

After suffering life-threatening injuries, a 27-year old man and a 19 year-old boy were left fighting for their lives in hospital.

Police said that six young people were in the car which crashed off the road in Tidworth, Wiltshire

Police claimed that six young people were in a car that crashed onto the road in Tidworth (Wiltshire).

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said that two people died in the collision on Perham Down Road in Tidworth yesterday evening.

“At approximately 10pm, we responded to a road collision involving a Renault Clio, which had struck a branch after it had left the road. We regret to inform you that a 19-year old man and a 18-year-old female were both pronounced dead on the spot.

“Their next-of-kin have been informed.

Two other men in the vehicle, aged 19 years and 27 years respectively, were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. A 29-year-old male was taken to hospital, with serious but not life-threatening injuries. A 20 year-old man was also taken into hospital with minor injuries.

“The road was shut down for several hours while we continued our investigation.

Soldiers from the nearby barracks (pictured) 'had to pull the crash victims out of the car' while surgeons operated on them from the roadside, the sources claim

Sources claim that soldiers from nearby barsracks (pictured) had to pull the victims of a crash out of their cars while surgeons performed surgery from the roadside.

Please call 101 if you have any information about the collision, including if the vehicle involved was seen earlier in the evening.

None of the people involved have been identified. It was believed that they were at a nightclub when the tragedy occurred.

To determine the exact cause of death, post mortem examinations will be performed on the bodies of the teenagers. A Wiltshire coroner will open an inquest and adjourn it next week.

Two weeks ago, a Volkswagen Polo carrying eight people crashed off the road in Tongham, Surrey. The driver of the Volkswagen Polo was killed and several passengers were seriously injured.  

A spokesperson for the MOD stated that they were aware of an incident at Perham Down, Wiltshire, yesterday evening 29 October. The Wiltshire Police are conducting an investigation and would not be able to comment further.