These moving images depict the hundreds of thousands of Americans who gathered to pay respect for the fallen in the US, veterans, and active-duty military personnel on Veterans Day. The festivities included parades, memorial ceremonies, and silences. This was also the 100th anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

To honor veterans, a procession of military personnel marched through Arlington. It featured soldiers in uniforms worn in previous wars or in military formations.

Parades were held in major cities such as New York, Nashville and Milwaukee, but San Diego brought back the well-loved boat parade. 

Nashville’s parade marched into the stormy weather with a police motorcade and an assortment of patriotic flags. 

New York City hosted its 102nd Parade this year, and it will be the biggest in the nation. 

The large display featured more than 25,000 marchers in 300 units – including active-duty members, veteran’s groups and JROTC members – 30 floats and more than 150 military vehicles.  

A retired WWII veteran of the US Army Air Corp, Walter Rybarczik, 100, takes part in a memorial service in New York City. He wore a sash that said 'Greatest Generation' and a hat honoring his time in the war

Walter Rybarczik (100), a WWII vet of the US Army Air Corp takes part in an NYC memorial service. The sash he wore said “Greatest Generation”, while the hat reflected his wartime service was a tribute to him. 

A group of people holding a large American flag pass by 36th street in Manhattan during the parade

Parade participants saw a group carrying a flag of the United States pass 36th Street in Manhattan. 

A group of servicemembers walk with flags through the streets of New York during the parade on November 11

During the Parade on November 11, a group of military personnel walks with flags along the streets of New York.

The large parade went through downtown Manhattan, starting at 25th and Fifth and going up to 42nd Street

This large parade toured downtown Manhattan beginning at 25th Street and 5th Street and continuing up to 42nd Street. 

Active duty service members also participated the ceremony

A Vietnam veteran salutes and waves as he takes part in New York City's Veterans' Day parade

Participants included active-duty service personnel. An Vietnam veteran waves and salutes as he participates in New York City’s Veterans’ Day parade

Army Infantry veteran Jose Rodriguez, 105, was one of the spectators of the parade. The wheelchair-bound veteran was surrounded by family and an old photograph of him in uniform and his wife

Jose Rodriguez (105), an Army Infantry veteran, was one of those who watched the parade. He was surrounded in his wheelchair by his loved ones and an old photo of him and his wife, an Army Infantry veteran Jose Rodriguez. 

A veteran has an American flag stuck in his hate as he watched the memorial parade in St. Louis

As he watched St. Louis’ memorial parade, a veteran had an American flag in his hatred.

A woman carries a bouquet of flowers and wears a shirt with a loved one face on it who died in Afghanistan

One woman wears a blouse with the face of a deceased loved one on it and carries a bouquet full of flowers. 

Servicemembers line up in formation as they prepare to march through NYC

As they get ready to march through NYC, servicemembers gather in a line. 

Two children stand in the back of a military Jeep with waving American flags as two soldiers drive down the streets of NYC

As two soldiers cruise down the streets in NYC, two children are seen standing behind a military jeep waving American flags.

Members of the Army pay respect to the fallen during the minutes of silence at the memorial service ahead of the parade in Madison Square Park in New York City

Members of Army honor the fallen in the moments of silence before the parade at Madison Square Park in New York City. 

New York Governor Kathy Hochul attended the New York City parade - the largest in the nation. It featured more than 300 marching units - including active-duty members, veteran’s groups, and JROTC members - 25,000 marches, 30 floats and over 150 military vehicles

The largest parade in America was attended by Kathy Hochul, New York Governor. It featured more than 300 marching units – including active-duty members, veteran’s groups, and JROTC members – 25,000 marches, 30 floats and over 150 military vehicles

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio looked emotional has he held his hand over his heart at a memorial service at Madison Square Park in Manhattan

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared emotional as he held onto his heart during a Madison Square Park memorial service. 

De Blasio, who appeared emotional earlier in the day, was smiling brightly as he walked along with a military band

De Blasio was emotional at first but smiled brightly while he walked with the military band 

New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams joined the parade and shook hands with some of the NYPD

Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor-Elect, was present at the parade. He greeted some NYPD Officers and shaken hands.

New York Attorney General and Governor hopeful Letita James and Curtis Sliwa, who lost the NYC mayoral race against Eric Adams also attended the parade

Letita Jam and Curtis Sliwa (New York Attorney General, Governor Candidate), who were defeated in the NYC mayoral election against Eric Adams, also attended the parade  

Tulsa hosted the 103rd Parade with a variety of performers, cars and music. To mark 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, the theme of the parade was Never Forget. 

Later this afternoon, San Diego will release a fleet of boats that have patriotic colors and designs. Sixty pleasure boats, as well as the Vietnam-era Swift Boat PCF 816 and the Tall Ship Californian, will also be sailing. Active-duty military personnel, their families and friends will be able to board the boats. 

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and other world leaders paid respects by participating in an moment of silence. 

At Arlington National Cemetery, a group of political and military leaders gathered for an invitation-only ceremony. 

This year’s ceremony attempts to replicate the original 100-year-old internment of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  

It is also the first time tourists could pay their respects up close, according to Roll Call. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Tomb was temporarily closed to the public so that flowers could be placed near it. The ceremony was scheduled for Thursday. 

A large memorial of flowers were displayed in New York City's Madison Square Park where one service member saluted his fallen comrades

Madison Square Park, New York City featured a huge memorial garden of flowers. Here one soldier saluted fallen comrades. 

A large US flag was carried through the streets of Manhattan with several people of all ages helping to carry its weight

Many people from all walks of life carried a large flag representing the USA through Manhattan. 

A Republic of Korea Marine Mun Kim, who fought alongside in the war, paid his respects at the Korean War Memorial

Republic of Korea Marine Mun K, who was a co-pilot in the war effort, visited the Korean War Memorial 

A woman visited the Vietnam War Memorial to touch her brother's name on the wall

To honor her brother, this woman visited Vietnam War Memorial and touched his name on the wall. 

US Army veteran Sergeant Samuel Perry, 78, participates in the 17th annual Marietta Veterans Day Parade in Marietta, Georgia. Perry served two tours in the Vietnam War

US Army Veteran Sergeant Samuel Perry (78) participates in the 17th Annual Marietta Veterans Day Parade, Marietta, Georgia. Perry was a Vietnam War veteran and served 2 tours.

This was the first occasion in 96 years that the public could place flowers at the Tomb. 

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier marks the last resting place of three American servicemen, and dates back to 1921. 

After placing a wreath before the Tomb, President Joe Biden said a quiet prayer and made the sign of cross during the 11 AM ceremony. 

Biden was present at the ceremony with Gen. Mark Milley (chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). 

The president and Jill were dressed in black suits and ties and wore a mask to cover their faces at the Virginia ceremony marking the 100th anniversary for the Unknown Soldier.  

Biden announced his health plan for veterans. According to the White House, the effort focuses on the lung conditions suffered by troops who inhale toxic air and how they might be connected with rare cancers or time spent abroad breathing poor quality air.

Because Beau, Beau’s father, passed away from a brain tumor in 2015 and was a Vietnam War veteran, this new plan is very dear to the president/first lady. Beau, a Delaware Army National Guard member, was deployed in Iraq as an attorney.

Biden, the first President since Dwight Eisenhower’s 1950s was to have a child who served in active conflicts. 

Beau was exposed to burning pits in Iraq, which he believed contributed to his cancer death. 

Two ladies hold signs saying 'we [heart] our veterans' and 'we can't all be heroes' signs in New York City as the parade passed by them

Signs stating “we” are held by two women. [heart]As the parade passed them, they displayed signs stating “We can’t all become heroes” and “Our veterans”. 

A large crowd of people stand against the barricades to watch the parade, which was spectator-less last year due to COVID-19

The parade is watched by a large number of spectators as they stand in front of the barricades.

A mom hugs her daughter and dog at a ceremony in Tom Kaiser Park in Boynton Beach in Florida

At a Tom Kaiser Park ceremony in Boynton Beach, Florida, a mom embraces her dog and daughter. 

A soldier stands in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider on Veterans Days to honor those who have fallen

On Veterans Days, a soldier stands before the Tomb of the Unknown Solider to pay respects to those who have died. 

A wreath of beautiful, brightly colored flowers surrounds the tomb as soldiers pay their respects

Soldiers pay respects to the grave with a wreath made of colorful flowers. 

President Biden placed the wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier before saying a silent prayer for the fallen

After placing the wreath before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and saying a silent Prayer for the Fallen, President Biden then said the following: 

Veterans Day holds a special in President Joe Biden's heart. His son (pictured), who died in 2015, was deployed to Iraq. Biden announced a new veteran healthcare plan to include health problems that occur due to being exposed to toxic air. Biden has said he believes Beau's death could have been partially caused by the burn pits he was exposed to

Veterans Day has a special place in President Joe Biden’s heart. He lost his son in Iraq, where he was serving as a soldier. Biden unveiled a new plan for veterans’ healthcare that will include any health issues caused by exposure to toxic air. Biden believes Beau died partly from the toxic air burn pits that he was subject to.

Troops march through the streets on the centennial anniversary of the Tomb in Arlington

Parade of Troops in Arlington on the Centennial Anniversary of Arlington’s Tomb 

A crowd gathers to watch the procession and and honor active duty, retired and fallen US service members in Arlington

Arlington is a gathering place for those who wish to witness the parade and pay respects to fallen, active and retired US military personnel. 

A flyover took place over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arrington

A flyover occurred over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arrington 

Soldiers watch the flyover in Arlington, Virginia, ahead of the wreath-laying ceremony

Soldiers observe the Arlington flyover ahead of the wreath-laying ceremony 

‘Because of his exposure to burn pits, in my view – I can’t prove it yet – he came back with stage four glioblastoma,’ Biden said in 2019, according to ABC 7. “Eighteen Months he lived knowing that he was about to die.

“Anyone who lived near these burn pits has to provide proof. They get coverage, all of their medical care. 

Biden spoke at Arlington National Ceremony about how he lost three good friends in the “last few weeks”.  

Sparkly dancers cheered on the crowd as they danced through routines in the parade

As the parade progressed, sparkly dancers cheered the crowd. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin posted a parade. A group of women carried a banner that read 'blue star mother' and waved flags

Milwaukee, Wisconsin held a parade. One group of women carried banners that said “blue star mom” and waved flags.  

A Navy veteran stands by a submarine and an American flag and a striped flag that read 'don't tread on me' with a figure of a snake

Navy veteran standing beside an American flag, a submarine and a flag of the United States. A striped flag reading ‘don’t tread on my’ and featuring a snake-like figure reads ‘Don’t tromp on me. 

A color guard, out of Berrien Springs, Michigan, stands in a steady rain during a Veterans Day ceremony

A Berrien Springs color guard stands in steady rain as it performs during the Veterans Day ceremony

“It is the most honor that I have received in my presidency to be able to stand before you Medal of Honor recipients. [recipients]Biden began his speech at the ceremony by stating that “out there”, 

“To all veterans present and past, we are grateful and honored and remember everything you have done for us.”  

Additionally, he stated that to be a veteran means to face the hardships most Americans never will.

You are the nation’s spine. The president stated that all of us, including you, own you. “And each day, we honour that great debt.” 

Biden said that the ‘lifetime sacred dedication, it never expires and that it was an ‘personal concern’ to provide care for both active-duty and retired veterans. 

“I have learned the importance of praying daily for someone I love, and some of you are able to do that.” 

The VA is now testing the pilot program and Biden has told the agency to provide recommendations on the new presumptive conditions – constrictive bronchiolitis, lung cancers and rare respiratory cancers. 

In the next 90 days, Biden’s administration will be adding to this presumptive list.