Defiantly terminally ill father was taken into custody for speeding with a camera. He now wants to go naked in a Premiership rugby match.

Darrell Meekcom is 55 and says he does not regret exposing his bottom in a mobile speedcam van that led to the raid of his home by police last Friday.

He now wants to try his luck in a rugby match, and he needs at most one naked volunteer.  

Six officers from his backyard bundled the former university lecturer/registered nurse to the ground in shocking footage.

A disabled father of two, with multiple system atrophy (MSA), compiled a list to complete before his death.

Meekcom, despite being arrested for indecent exposed after ticking off one item, isn’t deterred and vows to streak at a Worcester Warriors rugby team.

Meekcom of Kidderminster in Worcester said that he didn’t regret any decision and would do it all over again.

‘I maintain that officers have overreacted as I have not seen anything regarding a law against mooting.

Darrell Meekcom, who was arrested for mooning a police speed camera van has vowed to streak at a rugby match as the next adventure on his bucket list

Darrell Meekcom was charged with mooning the speed cameras van of the police. He has now vowed that he will streak to a rugby match, his next adventure.

55-year-old Darrell Meekcom (pictured holding a shepherd's crook and a book) bared his bottom at a speed camera as part of his bucket list after receiving a terminal diagnosis. He was later arrested for 'indecent exposure'.

Darrell Meekcom, 55 years old (pictured with a shepherd’s hook and a book), exposed his bottom to a speed camera after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After receiving a terminal diagnosis, Darrell Meekcom was taken into custody for indecent exposure.

Six officers wrestled the retired university lecturer to the ground as they arrested him in his back garden for 'indecent exposure'

Six police officers had to wrestle the retired professor of university education to the ground, as they took him into custody in his back yard for ‘indecent exposure.

“It has motivated me to do another bucket list item, which is to play at a Worcester Warriors match.

“I’m unable to run so I will need to have a friend to help me get in and out of my wheelchair. But they have to be able to streak, so I need volunteers.

“I have been a greaty-two-shoes nurse my whole life. Given my prognosis, I want to relax a bit.

My bucket list includes a Jaguar XJ driving around Silverstone, a bungee jump, and a skydive.

“But, I’m still compiling the list as we only had the idea on Thursday. On Friday, I was taken into custody for not having ticked my first item off.

Meekcom claimed that he’s heard nothing from West Mercia Police in the week since they raided his house and detained him.

He stated, “I still need to hear from them. But I do hope they see common sense.”

“I’ve never been in trouble or been naughty with the police so I’m in shock.

“The only thing that got me in trouble was getting caught with these speed cameras.

“I have been done three times in my life, and each time it was really clever.

“They’ve always been hidden behind a tree, or wall. The speeds are 33mph in the 30mph zone and 43mph within the 40mph zone. It is absurd.

“So, they’ve always really bothered me because of that. This seems like a clever way to steal money from those who cannot afford it.

The driver (pictured) of the mobile police speeding van who reported Mr Meekcom for making an 'indecent exposure' after he bared his behind

Photograph of Mr Meekcom’s driver in the mobile speeding police van. He made an ‘indecent expose’ to his back after he had bared his bottom.

Police officers were photographed outside Mr Meekcom's address as they came to arrest him for indecent exposure after he mooned at a passing mobile speed van

Officers from the police were taken outside Mr Meekcom’s home as they attempted to arrest him. He had mooned at an approaching mobile speed van and was caught on camera.

Police officers outside Mr Meekcom's address after he was reported for making an 'indecent exposure' at a police camera

After Mr Meekcom was accused of making an “indecent exposure” at a camera, police officers stood outside his address.

Officers raided Mr Meekcom's home and allegedly kicked down the garden gate before wrestling him to the ground to put him in cuffs

Officers raided Mr Meekcom’s house and knocked down his garden gate, then wrestled him to the ground before putting him in handcuffs

Three police cars pulled up outside Mr Meekcom's home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and he was later wrestled to the ground by six officers during the arrest in his back garden

Three police cars stopped at Mr Meekcom’s Worcestershire home, Kidderminster. Six officers later wrestled him to the ground during an arrest in the back yard.

“I couldn’t comprehend such a heavy-handed reaction to mooning at one, when they can’t stop climate protesters blocking the motorway.

Multiple system atrophy. The facts 

Multiple system atrophy is an uncommon condition that affects the nervous system and causes damage to the nerve cells.

The result is a loss of balance and movement as well basic nervous system functions like breathing, digestion, and bladder control.  

MSA is most common in those between the ages of 50-60, though symptoms can appear at any point after this age. These symptoms look similar to Parkinson’s disease.  

Erectile dysfunction may be a problem for men, but experts agree that it is quite common.

It is not uncommon to have low blood pressure while standing.

MSA is incurable. There are no treatments available.

The condition can cause severe symptoms that may lead to death. Some patients may live longer than 10 years after diagnosis.

Multiple System Atrophy Trust offers support and help to those with MSA. 

Source: NHS

“I’m still angry, but I’ve received an amazing response from everyone. Many people have shown me support.

“It also helped raise awareness of multiple system atrophy which, I believe, most people don’t know much about.

“I look for the positives, and I will not be discouraged from trying to win a match at rugby.”

«I played rugby for many, many years. It was my passion and it’s a lot of fun.

“I am just worried about the West Mercia Police’s response.

Meekcom lives in the same house as Sarah and his two daughters. He previously said that he was ‘gobsmacked” when police showed up at their door.

While his wife was shopping at Tesco Express nearby, he had fallen his pants at the mobile speed camera van that operates on Stourbridge Road.

Sarah, a nursing assistant, recorded Mr Meekcom on his mobile phone. He calmly told officers that he was terminally ill and would not be able breathe as this.

“This is absurd – I moonied as a speedcam operator. I was a speed photographer.

Meekcom is a wheelchair user and also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease and kidney problems. He said: “I was just gobsmacked. The whole thing is just so bizarre.

“I feel like I’ve been abused.” This was bullying at its worst. I could have been killed.

According to a West Mercia Police spokesperson, on Tuesday (9/11), officers were notified of an indecent exposure at Stourbridge Road around 1pm.

“Officers responded and located an individual of interest in Coiey Close after conducting a search.

“A Kidderminster man aged 55 was taken into custody on suspicion of public orders offences. He was released on bail.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Besides MSA, Mr Meekcom suffers from heart disease, kidney failure and Parkinson’s Disease. He said: 'I’m a threat to nobody. I use a wheelchair and need a zimmer frame to get out of bed.'

Besides MSA, Mr Meekcom suffers from heart disease, kidney failure and Parkinson’s Disease. Meekcom said that he was a danger to no one. To get out of my bed, I have to use a wheel chair.

Mr Meekcom shows the damage to his back door after police allegedly forced their way into his garden to arrest him

Meekcom shows damage to his backdoor after the police broke into his yard to take him away