SIX police officers were called to the scene by a retired, terminally ill university lecturer at 55.

  • Darrell Meekcom, 55,  wrote up a bucket list after receiving a terminal diagnosis
  • He mooned at the speed camera which was flagged to be an ‘indecent expose’
  • He was taken to jail by six police officers who arrived at the house to arrest him.
  • Meekcom is a person who has a wheelchair and a zimmer frame. 

Six police officers arrested a retired professor at university who was suffering from terminal illness. He was seen exposing his bottom to a speed camera, which was something he had on his bucket list.

Darrell Meekcom (55) conceived a list that he wanted before he passed away after receiving the devastating news about his multiple system atrophy last month.

One of the things he wanted was to moon his speed camera. He did this last Friday, November 5th, when he exposed himself to a van in Kidderminster.

 The disabled dad-of-two and former nurse was left stunned when the cop failed to see the funny side and contacted colleagues to report the ‘indecent exposure’.

Darrell Meekcom, 55, bared his bottom at a speed camera as part of his bucket list after receiving a terminal diagnosis. He was later arrested for 'indecent exposure'.

Darrell Meekcom (55) bared the bottom in front of a speedcam as part his bucket list following a terminal diagnosis. Later, he was arrested for “indecent exposure”.

Six officers wrestled the retired university lecturer to the ground as they arrested him in his back garden for 'indecent exposure'

Six police officers wrestled the professor to the ground, as six others arrested the man in the back yard for ‘indecent exposure.

Twenty minutes later, three police cars arrived at the residence of Mr Meekcom. He also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease as well as heart and kidney disease.

After he refused to comply, officers stormed the house and knocked down the garden gate. Then they wrestled him to the ground so that he could be placed in handcuffs.

Meekcom is seen calmly telling police officers via his mobile phone that he was terminally ill. Sarah, the wife of a nurse (36), filmed him saying this. 

“This is crazy – I moonied for a speed camera. I worked as a speedcam operator.

On the other hand, a female officer can be heard responding: “Well, that is quite a statement that you made just now to us.”

Meekcom stated that he was happy to share his experience because it had been on his bucket list. Multiple system atrophy has been confirmed in my case. My life expectancy is very limited and I am terminally ill.

“Have ever wanted to moonie speed cameras? Yes, I did.

Darrell, a Wheelchair User from Kidderminster said that he was shocked to be arrested for mooning speed cameras.

I was caught speeding in the 30 zone at 35 mph a couple times and that bugged me.

The speed camera officer who reported Darrell Meekcom for making an 'indecent exposure' after he bared his bum

Darrell Meekcom was reported by a speed camera officer for his ‘indecent exposure’. He had bared his bottom.

Police officers outside Darrell Meekcom's address after he was reported for making an 'indecent exposure' at a police camera

After Darrell Meekcom was accused of making an “indecent exposure” at a camera, police officers stood outside his address.

Officers raided Mr Meekcom's home and allegedly kicked down the garden gate before wrestling him to the ground to put him in cuffs

Officers raided the home of Mr Meekcom and kicked the gate down, before wrestling him to ground in order to get him into cuffs.

“When I got the diagnosis last month my wife suggested that I make a bucket list. That was something I have since crossed off, at least in some way. 

Darrell is the father of two daughters, Darrell aged 10 and 8. He was recently diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a terminal illness that affects the nervous systems.

Although the median life expectancy for MSA patients is six years, it can be different from one individual to another.

Meekcom stated that Mr Meekcom did not resist arrest and that the response was completely inappropriate given the circumstances.

“They were all young officers. There was not a senior officer involved. I believe the situation would’ve been better managed if there was.

“At one time I snapped a picture of an officer goingading my through the window. It was almost as if they laughed at me and knew exactly what they were doing.

“I believe it was an abuse of power and privilege by the police.”

Meekcom also wants to parachuting and bungee jump. Meekcom says that he reported the incident at the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

The West Mercia Police were contacted to comment.