A 36 year-old mother is killed and seriously injured when a car he stole speeds 60 MPH in a 30-mph zone. Both the driver and his accomplice, a knife-wielding man, are now behind bars

  • This woman was walking on a Cheetham Hill pavement, north Manchester. 
  • CCTV footage captured a vehicle hitting the woman and smashing into a wall.
  • The car was rescued by two men dressed in black and they ran, while the third man walked off.
  • You can see the victim, 36 years old, crawling from the rubble
  • Thomas Keogh, from Fallowfield, south Manchester, was jailed for 21 months
  • Ryan Deans, from Eccles, Salford, was jailed for four-and-a-half years

The terrifying moment that a mother was hit and seriously injured by a vehicle stolen from her home while on a pursuit with police.

A speeding Nissan X-Trail struck the woman as she was walking on Cheetham hill, north Manchester. 

Video footage showed that the car hit the woman, hitting her then smashing into walls, bollards, and another parked vehicle. 

CCTV footage captures two men in black running out of the vehicle and a third walking away casually. 

This 36-year old victim is seen crawling out of the debris. Her injuries included a broken leg, pelvis, back and pelvis. On April 3, three men were sentenced.

The woman was walking along a pavement in Cheetham Hill, north Manchester, when she was hit by a speeding Nissan X-Trail

She was walking in Cheetham Hills, north Manchester when she was struck by a Nissan X-Trail.

Thomas Keogh

Ryan Deans

Ryan Deans (33) was the driver. Police chased Keogh, 29. They found a knife in his hand. Manchester Crown Court was told that Keogh, 29 years old, ‘pretended’ to be having a fit after officers pulled him over.

Ryan Deans (33-year-old driver) managed to flee the scene while police pursued Thomas Keogh (29) after realizing he was carrying a knife. 

Manchester Crown Court was told that Keogh, 29 years old, lied to officers after he was stopped. 

Keogh was granted priority due to a head injury. This delayed the treatment of Keogh. Court was informed that police were suspicious about the X-Trail around 5.45pm, April 3, and they decided to continue it. 

This car was found at the junction between Waterloo Road/Cheetham Hill Road. It had false plates. It had been taken in Longsight burglary, in south Manchester two days before. 

Deans was panicked when he realized he had been followed. A chase ensued. In a mere two minute chase, he jumped at a red light to reach 60 mph and overtook other vehicles. 

Deans climbed onto the sidewalk at Cheetham Hill Road’s junction with Woodlands Street, striking the woman several times. 

The driver Ryan Deans, 33, was able to escape from the scene as police chased and caught his passenger Thomas Keogh, 29, after noticing he had a knife

Ryan Deans (33) was the driver. Police chased him and captured Thomas Keogh (29) after they noticed he was carrying a knife.

Deans ran away from police as they chased Keogh. After pleading guilty to driving under the influence; dangerous driving and handling stolen goods, driving while disqualified, failing to yield to police, and driving without insurance, Deans was sentenced to four-and-a half years in prison. 

After pleading guilty to the charges of aggravated vehicle theft and carrying a knife in public, Keogh was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment. 

His driving privileges were also suspended. Ellis Barrett of Fallowfield was given a sentence that included a curfew and a tag. He also had to be disqualified from driving as he pleaded guilty for theft without consent.