Staff were held against the Co-Op front by a gang with knives and a hammer before they fled with their cash and duvet covers.

  • Amazing footage of Co-Op employees being robbed in Lancashire at knifepoint shows the shocking truth
  • Balaclava-clad, kitchen knife-wielding men with a hammer & kitchen knife forced employees to work inside 
  • The raid took place at 10.10pm on Saturday in Leyland, Lancashire Police said 
  • Police say the robbers instructed staff to place cash and cigarettes under a duvet.

The moment Co-Op employees were threatened with robbery by balaclava-clad thieves while they locked the doors, was captured on horrifying video.

In the CCTV clip, taken at 10.10pm on Saturday in Leyland, Lancashire, three members of staff are seen leaving the store and waiting outside as one of them locks the door.

Three men armed with weapons, including a hammer and a kitchen knife, then appear and pin the workers against the shop front, before forcing them to unlock the door and pushing them back inside.

According to police, the men instructed staff members to place a “significant amount” of cash and cigarettes in a duvet covering during raid.

Terrifying CCTV footage shows three balaclava-clad men armed with weapons, including a hammer and a kitchen knife, storm the staff and force them inside

The terrifying CCTV footage captures three men wearing balaclavas and carrying weapons inside a storming the staff.

Police said the men (pictured in CCTV) ordered staff to put a significant amount' of cash and cigarettes into a duvet cover during the raid at 10.10pm on Saturday in Leyland

The CCTV footage shows that the suspects ordered employees to cover a large amount of cash with cigarettes during a raid in Leyland at 10.10pm Saturday.

After robbing staff, they instructed them to close the doors. They left and the workers were forced to go with them to cross a nearby park. This was to make sure they didn’t call police to stop their escape.

Investigators say that there were no injuries to staff but They were continually threatened with violence.

Lancashire Police have an appeal For more information, please visit One suspect is described as having a stocky build and standing at 6ft tall. He was also wearing black clothes with a black ski mask.

The force stated that he also wore red gardening gloves and carried a drawstring JD bag with brightly-coloured zippers.

The second suspect is a skinny man with blonde hair, and distinct front teeth that are set to the sides.

A two-tone black and grey Under Armour top was worn by him, as well as grey tracksuit bottoms marked with white, green trainers, and a black black balaclava.

The robbers then left, forcing the staff to walk with them to a nearby park to ensure they did not call police. Pictured: CCTV showing robbers forcing the staff inside

They then fled, and the employees were forced to follow them to a park nearby to make sure they didn’t call police. Image: Staff forced inside by robbers.

No members of staff were injured but they were subjected to continued threats of violence. Lancashire Police are appealing for information on the suspects (one pictured on CCTV)

Although no staff members were hurt, they were still subject to violence threats. Police from Lancashire have appealed for information regarding the suspects. One of them is visible on CCTV.

No arrests have been made yet and enquiries are ongoing. Pictured: Two of the suspects wearing balaclavas on CCTV

There have not been any arrests yet, and inquiries are ongoing. Photo: On CCTV, two of the suspects were wearing balaclavas.

Third man was average height and built.

There have not been any arrests yet, and inquiries are continuing. 

Laura Lawson of Lancashire Police, a Detectice Constable said that it was shocking that the incident occurred against employees who were about to head home from a long day.

Instead of being permitted to do so, they were subjected instead to an harrowing robbery with weapons and threats to violence. Although they weren’t hurt, the victims were clearly shaken.

“We are aware that this incident will be viewed as a tragedy by the general public.

“We now need anyone with information about this case or someone who can identify the suspects involved to get in touch with police as quickly as possible.

The area has seen an increase in ‘Reassurance Patrols. You can contact an officer to discuss any issues or provide information that may assist us in our investigations.