Surfer finally sees the SHARK behind him from Puerto Rico. He paddles to safety back to his beachfront home.

  • Yesterday, shark was seen swimming near panicked surfer Rolando Montes.
  • The rough water seemed to cause the animal to move around in the water.
  • Montes could be heard paddling along the shark’s surfboard. 
  • Jorge Benitez captured the moment while visiting Middles Beach in Puerto Rico.

Here’s the terrifying moment when a shark was seen being carried by waves in Puerto Rico, right next to a surfer who panicked.

The predator was seen being carried by rough seawaters in video taken at Middles Beach yesterday

As the shark swims near the surface of water, its tail is seen sapping around in the air.

Surfer Rolando Montes, lying on his surfboard, desperately paddles towards shore at Middles Beach, Puerto Rico, yesterday after a shark was spotted swimming close behind him

After a shark was seen swimming near him, Rolando Montes surfboard-riding surfer desperately paddles to shore in Middles Beach (Puerto Rico) yesterday

In the background, Rolando Montes, a surfer, can be seen trying desperately to get away from the shark.

Another surfer can be seen on the footage as well, as they lie on their backs on the surfboard and direct their friend away.

Jorge Benitez and his friend, who was also trying to escape from the shark, captured yesterday’s shocking encounter while they were visiting Middles Beach.

Benitez explained that shark sightings around the area were not very common, explaining why he recorded the event. 

The shark was seen being thrown around by the waves, before its top fin menacingly jutted out of the water behind Montes as he tried to reach safety

As Montes tried to get safety, the shark was being carried around by the waves. The shark’s top fin protruded out of the water in front of Montes.

Benitez commented that this is the shark she saw for the first time. It’s well known that they’re in the area, however they seem to have sufficient food for us to have very few incidents.  

Reports suggest shark attacks in Puerto Rico’s waters are very rare. The last reported incident occurred in 2011, and it was not fatal.

Data on shark attacks in this area shows that only 16 have occurred since 1900, both fatally and non-fatally.

There are 40 types of sharks that have been discovered near the island.