Two bears chase a terrified woman through an alleyway outside her Romanian town home.

  • Two bears chased a woman into her home in Sinaia, central Romania.
  • Video shows the woman running back to her home, followed by bears.
  • Romania is home to the largest brown bear population outside of Russia. 

This is the moment when a Romanian lady was chased into her home by two bears in the latest scare in the nation.

The incident took place at Sinaia, central Romania’s Prahova county. The footage shows a mother bear and her cub running down an alleyway just before a woman leaves her house at 9.45pm on October 27th.

Romania is home to the largest number of brown bears in Europe, with an estimated 6 000 wild.  

This is the moment a mother bear and her cub chase a Romanian woman back into her own home

This is when a mother bear and cub chase a Romanian lady back into their home.

The woman had left the house but camera footage shows her hurrying home, pursued by the bears

Although the woman had already left the house, camera footage shows her hurrying back home, as the bears follow her.

Incidents of bears attacking humans is common in the country. Since July authorities have been able to shoot bears that break into people's homes

The country is prone to bear attacks on people. Since July, authorities have been capable of shooting bears that attempt to enter people’s homes.

There are around 6,000 bears in Romania, the largest population in any European country outside of Russia

Romania has the largest bear population outside of Russia, with approximately 6,000 bears

The footage shows a woman being chased in an alleyway in front her house by bears. However, she manages to escape at the very last moment.

The unnamed woman can be seen walking through a gate connecting her home and the alley in front of it, and then walking away in the same direction as the bears.

Nevertheless, she is seen sprinting back to the gate a few seconds later and quickly returning inside.

The mother bear can be seen returning to shot with her cub. The mother bear gets up on her hind legs, placing her frontpaws on the fence of the woman before taking a look at it and sniffing out the air.

Despite the fence creaking slightly under the mother bear’s weight she doesn’t attempt to lower it and seems to think that the woman is too trouble than she is worth.

After waiting for a few seconds the mother bear and her cub left.

 Since this July town and city authorities have been allowed to shoot bears that break into people’s houses, even though brown bears are protected animals.

Bears in the country often enter homes, attack livestock and hit cars, and they also attack people and their pets.