Two men shot fireworks at a man on a Liverpool street, shocking footage. 

In the video, filmed on October 31, one of the thugs can be heard shouting ‘get out of the area lad’ as the fireworks explode near the man waiting on the corner of Wavertree Road, Liverpool.

The footage went viral and residents are now speculating that the target of the explosions was local bodybuilder Akinwale ‘Purple Aki’ Arobieke, who is 60 years old. 

Arobieke was a local celebrity in the 2000s when he approached younger men to measure their muscles and asked them to squat.

Shocking footage shows the moment a gang of reckless thugs shot fireworks at a man's head in Wavertree Street, Liverpool on Halloween

Amazing footage shows how a group of reckless thugs shot fireworks at the head of a man in Wavertree Street Liverpool on Halloween

Residents have speculated the figure (pictured) who faced the barrage of fireworks is a local figure, 60-year-old Akinwale 'Purple Aki' Arobieke

Residents have speculated that the figure (pictured), who faced the barrage fireworks was a local figure, 60 year-old Akinwale ‘Purple Aki’ Arobieke

The footage shows the man standing on the corner of the road as he is suddenly confronted by rockets from a gang. 

In an attempt to get the man to flee, they shout ‘get to the big boyo’ or ‘get to the area lad’. But he stands firm despite the terrifying attack. 

One thug is seen firing a rocket at his target and setting off a car alarm, while another hooded man prepares to arm himself from the car’s boot with more fireworks.  

Merseyside Police spokesmen said that they were aware of a video being shared on social media showing fireworks being pointed at a man.

“The incident was not reported to police but inquiries are being made.” Police have not reported any injuries.

On October 31, London saw similar scenes of Halloween carnage. Explosives were also shot at passersby.   

A group of thugs hurled fireworks at motorists and the public in Stamford Hill, north London.

As fireworks were also launched along a Woolwich street, south east London, scores of people fled to safety.   

One thug can be seen firing a rocket, setting off a car alarm in the process, in Wavertree Street, Liverpool

Another hooded figure (pictured) prepares to get more fireworks from the boot of his car

One thug is seen firing a rocket and setting off a car alarm, while another hooded man (pictured, right), prepares to fire more fireworks from his car’s boot

Akinwale Arobieke’s fascination with muscular bodies led to notoriety, and many brushes with the law. 

The 6ft 5in bodybuilder was convicted of harassing 15 well muscled men in 2003 and was sentenced to six-year imprisonment.

Three years later, while still in prison, a Merseyside Officer issued a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, (SOPO), which prohibited him from touching male muscles or going to gyms.

Arobieke’s 10-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order was cancelled in 2016. He successfully represented himself at an appeal hearing, arguing that his behavior was neither criminal nor sexual. 

The violence in Liverpool comes a year after John Apter, chair of the Police Federation, called for an urgent review of the sale of fireworks amid a spate attacks across the UK.

Merseyside Police Chief Investigator Peter Clark stated that Bonfire Night was just around and that there could be increased anti-social behavior, arson, and reckless fireworks use at this time of the calendar. There are plans in place. 

“No one should have the burden of being the victim to assault and I would like everyone to know that there will continue be extra high-visibility police during this time.

“This will be one the busiest times for the emergency services, so the irresponsible usage of fireworks will only increase the workload for firefighters, ambulance staff, and police officers.

He stated, “The dangerous, irresponsible, and illegal use of fireworks that we have witnessed cannot be ignored.”

“We witnessed many pitched battles in the streets with fireworks being used to weaponize and fired at police officers indiscriminately.

This is not a “bitty” issue. It can and does lead to serious injuries.