Cauliflower cheese AGAIN, mum? Mum, can you make Cauliflower cheese AGAIN?

  • This humble white vegetable, which is commonly eaten with cheese and often topped with butter at Christmastime, is always a favourite of the family.
  • But farmers say cauliflower crops, which are usually harvested at the end of October, have only just flowered
  • According to growers, the cauliflower’s late harvest was due to’some the worst growing conditions of many years’.
  • Tesco will reduce the price for the vegetable by as much as 30p, in an effort to eliminate the excess post-Christmas.


Due to harvesting delays, hundreds of thousands of cauliflowers at a cut price will soon hit the supermarket shelves.

On Christmas dinner tables, the humble white vegetable is often a favourite of family members.

However, farmers claim their cauliflower crops have just begun to bloom, as they are typically harvested around October 31st.

The late harvest was blamed by growers on “some of the most difficult growing conditions in many years”. To meet festive demands, retailers had to import cauliflowers from Europe.

However, consumers will now benefit from Tesco’s reduction in the cost of this vegetable to help clear out the surplus after Christmas.

This means that cauliflowers will sell for 30% less than usual over the next two weeks for savvy buyers.

Hundreds of thousands of cut-price cauliflowers are set to hit supermarket shelves because of harvesting delays

Harvesting delays have caused hundreds of thousands to be cut from cauliflowers.

Farmers say their cauliflower crops, which are usually harvested at the end of October, have only just flowered

According to farmers, their cauliflower crop, usually harvested in October at the end, has just begun to flower.

Top Trumps – The humble cauliflower 

Family: Brassica – also known as the mustard family

Originally grown: Around the Mediterranean Sea and Asia. The 12th century saw it become associated with Cyprus, and the seeds may have been shipped there.

Most commonly, sown in February-May but usually April

Harvested in: The UK usually harvests the fruit between October and November 

What are the best places to grow cauliflower?: China is the world’s leading producer of cauliflower. 

Good news: Cauliflower can be a great source of vitamin C

Cauliflower cheese is the most well-known UK recipe 

Tesco’s produce buying manager Sam Miller said that cauliflower, one of Christmas’ most popular vegetables, is what they order for December.

“Back in November we learned that our suppliers wouldn’t be able fulfill our orders because of crop failures causing serious issues on the entire UK market.

“The good news is, a bumper crop British cauliflowers are ready to go now and we were thrilled to make sure they don’t go to waste.”

According to vegetable suppliers, the cauliflower is in the mustard family and flowers usually in October or November in time for Christmas meals.

TH Clements is a Lincolnshire-based grower who says that their crops did not flower in time for Christmas.

It was believed that the lack of cold nights between August and September caused the delay in brassica growth in the UK.  

To meet the festive demand, supermarkets had to import vegetables from France and Spain because of the shortage. 

Richard Mowbray (commercial director, TH Clements) said, “We experienced the most difficult growing conditions in many years. It’s really hit us hard, as we didn’t get to the major Christmas market.”

“The cauliflower is cool-weather vegetable. The season began badly in August/September because we didn’t have any cold nights which were essential for growth.

“The plants failed to flower at the correct time which was the beginning of November or the end October.

Grower, TH Clements, based near Spalding in Lincolnshire, says their crops flowered too late for the festive season. They blamed a lack of cold nights in August and September delayed the growth of the brassica in the UK

TH Clements is a grower based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. He claims that their crops failed to flower on the Christmas season. A lack of cold nights between August and September caused the delay in brassica growth in the UK, according to the growers.

“Instead, they began flowering around December which was a bit late for their schedule.

“Now we have large quantities of cauliflowers, and some of these would be going waste if Tesco had not intervened.”

Tesco pledged help to manage surpluses and purchased an additional 500,000 cauliflowers directly from grower TH Clements.

For the next two weeks, the cauliflowers that are being finally harvested will sell for 49p instead of the usual price of 79p.

You need some ideas on how to cook your cut-price cauliflower. These ideas will inspire you:

Cauliflower Cheese

This classic British dish is often served alongside a great roast dinner.

Cauliflower Cheese is simply cauliflower pieces that are lightly boiled in milk and then covered with a cheese sauce. Mature cheeses tend to be more preferred. 

This can be served as a main meal, as well as as a side or dessert.

Cauliflower rice

Although cauliflower cheese is the most well-known dish in the world, cauliflower rice is a new trend.

To cut the cauliflower into small pieces, use a medium-sized cheese grater or a processor.

To remove moisture from the meat, dry it with a towel and steam for about 5-8 minutes.  

Gobi of roasted aloo

Are you bored of chicken curry? It might be the perfect way to spice things up in your life. 

Cut up large chunks of cauliflower and potato and mix in with spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric and chilli powder.

It can be served with cauliflower rice, if you want to really eat all the cauliflower.