An employment tribunal has thrown out the case of a female teacher in primary schools who mocked parents’ Asian accents, calling people “fat slags” and called them ‘fat slags”.

Bully Iqbal Khanem made homophobic remarks at other members of staff at New Christ Church primary school in Reading, Berkshire. They called them ‘bloody lees’.

An experienced teacher who had taught children from as young as 5 years old, left their pupils to soiled clothes for 45 minutes. One was allowed to cry for 20 minutes unattended, according the tribunal.

According to Miss Khanem’s claims, she made one child change their clothes before the rest of class. She was then subject to discipline proceedings.

Her derogatory remarks towards staff were just light-hearted banter, and she claimed that her strict teaching style was perfectly acceptable, even though it was not fashionable.

After being fired for gross misconduct, she attempted to sue the school because of age discrimination. She claimed that her bosses had targeted her over 50 years old and given her a high-paying salary.

Reading employment tribunal rejected her case and criticized her conduct.

Teacher Iqbal Khanem was sacked from New Christ Church Primary School in Reading (pictured) in 2019 after hurling racist and homophobic insults at fellow members of staff

Teacher Iqbal Khanem was sacked from New Christ Church Primary School in Reading (pictured) in 2019 after hurling racist and homophobic insults at fellow members of staff

According to the tribunal, Miss Khanem was employed at the school between February 2014 and her dismissal May 2019, where she taught a year-one class for children five through six years of age.

On November 16, 2016, Miss Khanem was accused of making a child change into new clothes in front the other children. There were also complaints that she was sarcastic and rude towards pupils.

After a lengthy disciplinary procedure, she was given a verbal warning for six months and then referred to the Local Authority Designated Officer.

Inspectors expressed concern after Miss Khanem’s new starter child began to cry ‘loudly’ and uncontrollably for more than 20 minutes during an inspection.

In the same month, Miss Khanem was also told by the tribunal that another child from her class had worn soiled clothes for more than 45 minutes. This led to a second LADO referral.

A parent reported that their child had “wet himself” in school the previous day and returned home with not changed clothes. The young girl claimed Miss Khanem hadn’t allowed her to use the bathroom.

Miss Khanem was irritable and defensive and accused the child lying. Later, she confronted the girl and asked her why she had lied to her parents.

The tribunal was told by a teaching assistant that the child was “completely afraid”, “extremely upset” and even in tears after she was expelled from the entire Golden Time’ session, which is an hour of ‘free play’.

These events led Miss Khanem to her third LADO referral, which was considered rare by the tribunal.

Following the third LADO referral, an administrative process was started. Additional allegations were levelled against fellow colleagues for discriminatory language.

According to the tribunal, several members of staff indicated that Miss Khanem’s actions were racist and homophobic. This could also be considered bullying.

Miss Khanem was a frequent user of the term “fat slags” and referred to a coworker as a “lesbian”.

Miss Khanem, who herself is Asian, mocked Asian parents and mimicked their accents.

Although she was dismissed for gross misconduct in May 2019, she appealed, claiming that the disciplinary procedure was character assassination. She also claimed the process was smokescreen to hide the truth: the price of her salary.

Miss Khanem claimed that teachers older than 50 years were “targeted” once an academy takes over a school. It was more affordable to employ new teachers with lower salaries.

The appeal of her was rejected.

Rebecca Eeley, an Employment Judge, ruled that Miss Khanem was not discriminated against because of her age.

She stated that Miss Khanem believed that many academies used capability procedures in order to keep older teachers from being fired.

“Miss Khanem” was not dismissed because she was too old.

According to the evidence, the dismissal was solely due to her conduct, which formed the basis for the disciplinary case against the woman.

The dismissal of Miss Khanem was not based on her age. It wasn’t a significant factor. It was not a contributing factor to the decision.

“There was evident evidence she mimicked Asian accents.” She mocked the parents of her children.

“The fact Miss Khanem herself is of Asian descent is irrelevant. It is unacceptable behavior.

‘She [also]Accepted that she was referring to “fat slags”. It was another insulting term. She was accused of using it frequently.

“At the minimum Miss Khanem ought to have realized that her remarks were derogatory, and would be seen as such.

“The evidence gathered in the disciplinary procedure was the real reason why I was dismissed.” The age had no bearing whatsoever on it.

“It was evident to the tribunal that she would likely behave.” [towards children]In the future, she will continue to do it in the exact same manner. It is her teaching style and she feels it is valid even though it might not be trendy at the moment.