Tesco app and website crashed after a hack attempt. This resulted in thousands of customers being unable to place orders online.

  • Customers are experiencing disruption while Tesco’s app and website 
  • Yesterday’s crash of a retail giant’s website after it was ‘attempted to interfere with systems’
  • Shoppers use social media to report any issues with their orders

After Tesco’s website crashed and customers were unable to access the app or website, thousands of customers are experiencing disruption.

After yesterday’s downfall of the supermarket’s online ordering system, shoppers took to social media to report any issues with their orders and deliveries.  

The supermarket initially claimed that it was having an issue with its website and app on Saturday. It then confirmed that there had been an intentional interference today. 

However the retail giant has assured users that their data has not been impacted.

Customers using Tesco's website and app are experiencing disruption and have have reported issues with their orders and deliveries

Customers who use Tesco’s app and website are experiencing disruptions and have reported problems with their orders or deliveries 

The supermarket initially said it was experiencing 'an issue' with its website and app on Saturday before confirming there had been a deliberate 'interference' today

The supermarket initially stated that it was experiencing an issue with its app and website on Saturday. However, they later confirmed that there had been an intentional ‘interference’ today.

It is not clear at this point how widespread the problem is or how many customers were affected.

A spokesperson for Tesco stated that there has been disruption to the online grocery store and app since yesterday. 

“An attempt to interfere with our systems has caused problems with search function on the website. 

“We are working hard to restore all services, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

“There is no reason for us to believe that this issue could impact customer data, and we continue to take continuous action to ensure that all data remains safe.”

Tesco sent a tweet to customers on Saturday stating that they were experiencing an issue with their website and app. They are working hard to fix it. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

After the site crashed, social media users took to Twitter to report problems with their deliveries.

One customer wrote: “Any updates on when it might work again?” I have a delivery scheduled for tomorrow and need to update the order, as I only ordered random bits so far.

Another said, “I’ve got a store being delivered tomorrow, but I haven’t added all of my items to the shop yet!” What do I do if the shop isn’t updated?

Another person commented:  ‘Really concerned for our delivery for tomorrow now, having checked all day for a fix. What is the current ETA for the website/app to be back online?

Shoppers have been taking to social media to report issues with their online orders

Shoppers are using social media to report problems with online orders