According to the sheriff, the Texas National Guard soldier who tried to help a Mexican migrant drowned trying to save her as she attempted to cross from Mexico to Texas. 

‘He dove in to get her, and he never came back up,’ Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber told Friday of the fate of the trooper, who reportedly jumped into a portion of the river in Eagle Pass, Texas – a border town 143 miles southwest of San Antonio – in an attempt to save the woman around 8:30 am CT.

The sheriff revealed that the Guardsman, who has yet to be identified, entered the water when he noticed a group of migrants attempting to cross the river and a female member of the group that appeared to be in distress. The Texas State Police has since confirmed that the soldier died from drowning. A recovery effort is ongoing. 

Schmerber claims that the trooper was immediately called on the spot to save the soldier, more than one hour after the soldier had failed to return to his station.

The lawman stated that this area of river was extremely dangerous at this time of year. This statement came approximately three and a half hours after the incident. Strong currents and tides. He never resurfaced.

According to Texas Military Department, this unidentified soldier is still not found.

A Texas National Guard soldier is now missing after trying to save a migrant woman crossing the border over the Rio Grande, it has been reported. Pictured are Military Department and Border Patrol officials at the scene in Texas Friday at 11:13 am CT, less than two hours after the trooper went into the water. The soldier has yet to be located

It has been reported that a Texas National Guard soldier was missing in action after trying to help a Migrant Woman crossing the Rio Grande border. Officials from the Military Department and Border Patrol were on the spot in Texas at 11:13 a.m. CT. The trooper was seen less than two hours later. He has not been found. 

The missing Guardsman reportedly jumped into a portion of the river in Eagle Pass - a border town 143 miles southwest of San Antonio - in an attempt to save the woman at 8:30 am CT

 The missing Guardsman reportedly jumped into a portion of the river in Eagle Pass – a border town 143 miles southwest of San Antonio – in an attempt to save the woman at 8:30 am CT

Deputies recovered a walkie talkie and body armor belonging to the soldier Friday afternoon, more than two hours after he went into the water, Schmerber said.

An earlier report stated that the soldier was drowned by the river. But,’s Texas National Guard said Friday that he disappeared during a mission.’s Sheriff Schmerber stated that it is highly unlikely that the officer remains alive.

‘After more than three hours, it is very doubtful,’ Schmerber said, roughly five hours after the soldier disappeared under the river’s tides. 

Schmerber revealed, too, that the migrant who was said to have been swimming along the riverbank with others, when the Guardman intervened, wasn’t actually drowning and was only struggling against the current.

‘She successfully made it to the US side of the river herself, where she was taken into Border Patrol custody,’ where she remained Friday afternoon, Schmerber said.

Sheriff said that the rest of her party was sent back by Mexican border officials.

Officials continue to search Eagle Pass’ river for the Guardsman.

According to the military department, they said Friday afternoon that the Texas Department of Public Safety and Border Patrol agents are working together in pursuit of the trooper. 

This area is a popular crossing point for immigrants from Mexico. 

Officials from the Military Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, and Border Patrol are currently combing the river to track down the trooper, who was still missing more than three hours after the attempted rescue

Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety and Military Department are combing the river right now to find the trooper. They were still not found more than three hours after the rescue attempt.

It is not yet clear how many migrants the soldier was attempting to save. Pictured is the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass in 2019. Border patrol vehicles can be seen on the US side of the river, which serves as a common crossing point for migrants crossing from Mexico

The exact number of migrants that the soldier attempted to rescue is unknown. This is Rio Grande, Eagle Pass in 2019, as seen in the picture. On the US side, you can see border patrol cars. This serves as an entry point for Migrants crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico.

The chaotic rescue attempt comes as the Biden Administration continues to struggle with the US’ escalating border crisis, which has seen a record 221,303 migrants apprehended by border officials last month – 55,409 more than the month prior.

This number surpasses the July 2021 record, which was set by US Customs and Border Patrol. Apprehended 213,593 migrants

Illegal immigration rose dramatically since Joe Biden was elected to office last year. More than 1 million migrants met in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2022 according to the CBP. That pace will see the US reach a new record of 2 million encounters before the end of fiscal year.

Border officers have reported 1,060 954 incidents with migrants since October 1, 2021, which is the beginning of fiscal year 2022. CBP reported 164 847 interdictions on October and 174 846 on November. December saw 179 252 incidents. 

CBP reported 164 847 interdictions on October and 174 846 on November. December was closed with 179 252 incidents.

In January, encounters dropped to 154 812 before rising to 165 944 in February.

The fiscal year of Las Year saw 1,734,686 interdictions, a figure that is still expectedTo rise when Trump-era policies are repealed Title 42 is a law that will immediately expel immigrants to defend the US against COVID. It was passed in early January.

There are fears of a new policy change that could lead to an additional 500,000 people crossing illegally each month. Many times, they will be going through the Rio Grande which spans a 1,255 mile section of the US border with Mexico.

U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered 187 migrants after they illegally crossed the border with Mexico near Eagle Pass, Texas, on March 27. A reported released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Monday revealed there were 221,303 encounters with migrants in all of March

U.S. Border Patrol officers encountered 187 migrants who illegally crossed Mexico’s border near Eagle Pass (Texas) on March 27, according to a report. A reported released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Monday revealed there were 221,303 encounters with migrants in all of March

Title 42 is lifted next month. Pictured: Customs and Border Protection agents struggle with an asylum seeker from Russia in El Paso, Texas on April 14, 2022

Title 42 will no longer be in force next month. Picture: On April 14, 2022, Customs and Border Protection officers are seen battling with an asylee from Russia at El Paso (Texas).

Last month reached a new high of illegal immigrant crossing with CBP encountering 221,303 migrants. It was a new high from July of 2021, when apprehensions reached 213,593

CBP encountered 221,303 illegal immigrants last month, a record high for illegal immigrant crossers. The number of apprehensions was 213,593 in July 2021.

Reports indicate that Title 42 will end when Title 42 ends. There are approximately 170,000 migrants who have been reported to be waiting at the Mexican border. They’re ready to travel to the US immediately to seek asylum.

CNN Biden’s government is planning to give vaccines to immigrants being held at the U.S. border with Mexico, two people familiarized with such plans said.

A recent report showed that at most 5,000 migrants would be willing to cross illegally into the US immediately after the Trump-era Coronavirus Provision ends.

Although President Biden hasn’t yet made any comment on the disappearance of Guardsman, his office is still investigating. 

His approval ratings have plummeted to records in the last few months as a result of a chaotic withdrawal form Afghanistan, rising gas and consumer prices, record inflation rates, and an influx of migrants along the country’s southern border.

Gallup released a new survey on Friday showing that 41% of adults in the US approve of Biden’s job performance after just one year. It confirms earlier surveys that showed lower than positive approval rates for Biden.

Fifty-six percent of those surveyed in the Gallup poll said they disapprove of Biden’s performance as president – a stark about-face from the 57 percent approval rate the president boasted upon entering office in January 2021.

Gallup noted that Biden’s current average approval rating is lower than all previous presidents in the post World War II-era – sans President Trump, who garnered just 39.1 percent favorability during his first year in office.