An interior designer who feels like she was born in the wrong decade spent £6,000 transforming her home into a Seventies paradise. 

Lizzie Mullaney is a 33-year-old mother-of-two who is obsessed with fashion from the past decade. Her wardrobe is filled with flared trousers and psychedelic prints, as well as lots of clashing colors. 

She wanted her home, in Stratford, east London to reflect her everyday style so she decided to give it a retro makeover. 

Queen of retro: Mother-of-two Lizzie Mullaney, 33, is obsessed with fashion from the decade and has a wardrobe packed with flared trousers, psychedelic prints and plenty of clashing colours

Lizzie with daughter Dita

Queen of Retro: Lizzie Mullaney (mother-of-two), 33, is obsessed about retro fashion. Her wardrobe is filled with flared trousers, psychedelic print and lots of clashing colours. Pictured right, Dita, four-year-old daughter. 

Seventies dream: Lizzie has transformed her living room into a Seventies haven, complete with shag rugs and rattan shades

Seventies dream: Lizzie has transformed the living room of her home into a Seventies haven complete with shag rug and rattan shade.

Living room before: The property was far more modern and understated before Lizzie started her £6,000 makeover

Living room before: The property was far more modern and understated before Lizzie started her £6,000 makeover

Print perfection: Lizzie poses in a bedroom decorated in bold wallpaper, curtains and a clashing bedspread

Print perfection: Lizzie poses in a bedroom with bold wallpaper, curtains and a clashing bedspread.

Bright and beautiful! The kitchen is an original 1970s set from the Mediterranean, boasting vibrant floral cabinets

Bright and beautiful! Bright and beautiful! 

That's groovy, Mum! Lizzie with husband Leon, 42, and children Dita, four, and Jarvis, 12, who also dress up with her

You’re so cool, Mum! Lizzie and Leon, her husband of 42 years, and children Dita (four-year-old) and Jarvis (12 year old), who also dress up with her

Lizzie’s house boasts floor-to-ceiling prints, a 70s-tan couch, and a vintage Mediterranean style kitchen.

Lizzie focused on bold colours and bold shapes and incorporated bright colours, pinks, and greens with retro floral patterns, and art deco prints, into her home renovation.

Lizzie shares her passion for Seventies fashion with her husband Leon, 47, CEO of fire protections solution company Fire Integrity, with whom she shares daughter Dita, four, and stepson Jarvis, 12. 

‘I’m very inspired by old films such as Blow-Up, and those based in the 60s/70s era such as Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Valley of the Dolls and Boogie Nights,’ Lizzie, of London design company Behiece said.   

“I wanted to create that same vibe in my home to match my daily outfits. I found decorating was a great way of staying positive during the lockdown. It started in one room and then progressed to other rooms.

Attention to detail: Every wall, sofa and floor of the house is decorated in eye-catching colours and clashing prints

Attention to detail: Every wall and sofa in the house are decorated with eye-catching colours and clashing patterns 

Standing out from the crowd: Lizzie dresses to match four-year-old daughter Dita

Enjoying a coffee in the kitchen

Standing out from the crowd: Lizzie wears a matching four-year-old daughter Dita’s dress (left). Right, enjoying a cup of coffee in their kitchen

Strike a pose: Lizzie shows off some of her '70s fashion in her living room, which is decorated in shades of brown and green

Strike a pose: Lizzie displays some of her 1970s fashion in her living space, which is decorated with brown and green shades.

Thrifty Lizzie, who shares her style choices via Instagram, says she looks for vintage furniture in charity shops and upcycles pieces to create the look that she wants.     

She stated that she tried to keep to a budget so a lot furniture and accessories were purchased from charity shops. She also said that she upcycled furniture and even reupholstered an old chair she had.

‘I aimed to spend less than £300 a month and I’ve tried to decorate the house with little bits that I love. My late grandma passed me lots of homeware which I think fits the look I was trying to achieve.

“I wanted to create some escapism and I haven’t left a single wall un-raped.”

Lizzie fell in love the Seventies when she discovered her love for fashion.  

Little treasures: The kitchen is decorated with ornate lamps, while decorative plates hang from the bright orange wall

Little treasures: The kitchen features ornate lamps that hang from the bright orange wall, and decorative plates hanging from it. 

More IS more! One wall of the kitchen-dining room is decorated in a gallery wall full of prints, photos and vintage posters

There is more to life than one wall. One wall of the kitchen/dining room is decorated with prints, photos and vintage posters.

Flower power! Lizzie poses in her kitchen in a brown mini skirt and knitted waistcoat, worn over a long-sleeved floral top

The mother-of-two in some of her Seventies treasures

Flower power! Lizzie poses in her kitchen wearing a brown mini skirt with a knitted waistcoat and a long-sleeved floral shirt over it. 

Family time: Lizzie with husband Leon, right, stepson Jarvis and four-year-old daughter Dita, who is sometimes dressed to match

Family time: Lizzie and Leon with stepson Jarvis, right, and their four-year-old daughter Dita. Sometimes Dita is dressed to match.

‘I’ve been shopping vintage for the past fifteen years, and because I’m a bargain queen, I love to raid the £5 or fewer rails,’ she said. 

“Because I have worn 70s style clothes for so many years, I really can’t figure out how much my wardrobe is worth. However, I love to shop second-hand and independent.

“I love flared pants, polo necks, but I also make sure to have my big, oversized glasses. I try to avoid fast fashion and vintage clothes are the most sustainable, ethical and sustainable way to be.

“If something doesn’t fit me correctly anymore, or if the pattern isn’t my favorite, I like to upcycle it to create something new. It’s also possible to make a pair of pants that are too long.

Bargain hunting: Lizzie said she loves nothing more than finding a piece from the Seventies in a charity shop

The thrifty style maven showing off her collection

Bargain hunting: Lizzie said that she loves nothing more then finding a piece of the Seventies in charity shops 

Back in time: The living room comes complete with a leather sofa, patterned carpet and printed mint green wallpaper

Back in time: The living space features a leather couch, patterned carpet, and mint green printed wallpaper 

Lizzie even invites her children and husband to join the fun, decorating the house or twinning in 70s fashion.

She said, “Dita loves to match with me, and people will stop by to tell her how cute she is.”

“I sometimes make my own clothes, and once I made a matching outfit for Dita and me, and a tee-shirt for Jarvis, so he could be involved.”

Jarvis taught me how knit, and I made quite a few scarves to give to my family and friends last Christmas. I love being myself and that my family loves to get involved. It’s also a sign that we are all being sustainable.