This will cure your munchies Massachusetts marijuana dispensary makes the largest cannabis brownie in the world. It measures 3ft x 3ft.

  • MariMed Inc. gave the sweet treat to National Brownie day. The company is working to promote their now-line of cannabis edibles.
  • This brownie, weighing in at 850 pounds, contains enough THC to fill up 63 joints
  • It was originally intended to be sold in Massachusetts to a patient with a Massachusetts Medical License. However, those plans failed and now the company doesn’t know how to use the treatment.
  •  A 234-pound brownie in Alabama set the previous Guinness World Record
  •  If validated, MariMed’s creation would crush that record with its dessert that’s more than three-and-a-half times the size
  • Other recipe ingredients included 1,344 eggs, 81 pounds of flour and sugar 

Massachusetts-based company claims it has set the record for making the largest marijuana-infused brownie in history. It measures 3’x3′ and contains 20,000 mg of THC.

A typical joint has 320mg of THC. That means an average 850-pound brownie can contain enough THC to make 63 cannabis cigarettes.

MariMed Inc. was the cannabis company responsible for the creation of the delicious sweet treat. Its unveiling took place on December 8, National Brownie Day, in honor of Bubby’s Baked. 

Jimmy Kimmel, late night host on Late Night, noticed the PR stunt. He joked about the brownie in his Wednesday evening monologue.

The show shared a picture of confectioners posing near the massive baked good, and zoomed in on the face of a man who seemed especially delighted with the creation.

Kimmel responded, “Gee! I wonder which of them tried that brownie?” “And no one can remember why they made the largest brownie in history,” Kimmel said.

MariMed Inc. says its pastry chefs have created the largest cannabis-infused brownie on record. The smiling confectioners are pictured posing near the massive baked good

MariMed Inc. has claimed that its pastry chefs have made the most cannabis-infused brownies ever. The smiling confectioners are pictured posing near the massive baked good

Something Sweet Bake Shop, Daphne (Alabama) holds the Guinness World Record in largest brownie. It made a brownie weighing 234 pounds on September 12, 2013.

MariMed’s dessert would break that record if it is validated. 

Howard Schacter, spokesperson for the company, stated that they originally intended to sell the enormous hunks of chocolate to Massachusetts patients, but it proved too difficult logistically.

“We are still trying to find the right thing to do,” he stated. 

Aside from marijuana (pictured) other brownie ingredients included 1,344 eggs, 81 pounds of flour, and sugar

Other than marijuana, other ingredients for brownies included 1,344 eggs and 81 pounds flour.

The Guinness World Record for the largest brownie belongs to Something Sweet Bake Shop in Daphne, Alabama, which whipped up a 234-pound brownie on September 12, 2013

Something Sweet Bake Shop from Daphne in Alabama holds the Guinness World Record of largest brownie. They made it 234 pound on September 12, 2013,

Other ingredients included 1,344 eggs, 81 pounds of flour and untold amounts of sugar, TMZ reported.

It created smaller batches to make the brain-altering treat through its new line. The company said that these treats are perfect for sharing good times with friends during this holiday season.

There are three flavors: brownie, chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. 

The company currently has the snacks only in Massachusetts. However, it stated that they plan to open Maryland and Delaware for business next year. 

 Things don’t always end well for those consuming edibles.

After eating a cannabis brownie in Stafford, England, a man repeatedly strangled his girlfriend and stabbed her with a knife.