It’s a touching moment, when a Barmy Army officer gets down on one knee to propose to his AUSSIE girlfriend – after distracting her by a clever trick

  • An English cricket fan proposes his girlfriend to an Australian girl at the Ashes test at Gabba
  • TV cameras capture the moment between Rob, Nat
  • The crowd cheered as Nat’s surprise answer was given.

In front of an enthusiastic crowd, a member of the Barmy Army in England proposed to his Australian girlfriend at the Ashes Test in Brisbane.

Rob proposed to Nat, his tragic cricket lover, during day three at the Gabba. Television cameras captured the moment.

While he is removing the ring from his hand, he distracted his girlfriend by looking at himself on the screen.

English cricket fan Rob proposed to girlfriend Nat at the Gabba on Friday

Rob, an English cricket fan proposed to Nat at the Gabba Friday

Nat is surprised to hear Rob say, “I’m going keep it short and sweet.”

It’s been 4 years. Are you going to marry me? 

Nat gives a nod before they seal the deal by kissing, as English fans cheer.

Rob places the ring on Nat’s finger and lifts up his new fiancée for a big hug as she downs the rest of her beer.

‘It’s all happening at the Gabba on day three, have a look at this,’  Channel Seven commentator James Brayshaw said. 

“Rob” is in the Barmy Armies. Nat is, naturally, an Aussie. It is simply brilliant.

Viewers of cricket contributed their opinions to the event.

One wrote, “This is bloody brilliant.”

Another one said, “But she likes beer more.”

A cricket fan wrote: “This is the way I would like to be proposed too.”

England has returned to the pitch for their second innings. They trail by 287. 

The couple celebrate their engagement with a kiss as the Barmy Army around them erupt

As the Barmy Army around them bursts, they celebrate the couple’s engagement with a kiss