The Bissell SpotClean was praised by customers for deep-cleaning sofas and carpets.

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Amazon customers are raving about the Bissell SpotClean, which removes stubborn stains without the need to hire a professional cleaner.

The portable carpet cleaner is proving to be a hit with customers who have taken amazing before-and-after photos of the results. It can clean up everyday spills as well as set-in stains. The best part? It’s currently reduced in the Amazon early Black Friday sale, now just £83.99 down from £149.99. 

You can save a lot of money on your upholstery and carpet cleaning with the amazing 44% off the price and more than 1,500 five-star customer reviews.  

You can remove spots and stains wherever you find them with the Bissell SpotClean that's now on sale with 44 per cent off in the Amazon early Black Friday sale

With the Bissell SpotClean, you can get rid of any stains or spots that may be present with ease. This product is currently available at an Amazon early Black Friday discount of 44% 

Reviews rave about how simple it is to use Bissell SpotClean and praise the fact that they are able to get rid of so much dirt in a very short time.

Special Heatwave technology is used to keep the water at a constant temperature during cleaning. This allows for effortless lifting of stains.

SpotClean will give life and new meaning to old furniture. 

SpotClean is a lifesaver for one delighted customer. They wrote that they loved the SpotClean and found it satisfying to spray the gun on stains, then watch them disappear. This is how I cleaned my whole bedroom.

A second reviewer stated that the product was a blessing in removing all the stains and spillages caused by owning Jack Russells. The tool is easy to use in a tiny apartment with very limited storage.

The third was written: “I cleaned his chair with the cleaner and it removed so much dirt it was unbelievable. To see if I can make the seat look as good as it was before, I’d like to do it over again. It did a great job on my mattress. 

From everyday spills to set in stains, the cleaner has been hailed a 'lifesaver' by scores of Amazon shoppers

The Deep Reach Tool removes embedded dirt and stains from the bottom up

Amazon customers have praised the cleaner as a lifesaver, citing it for everything from everyday spills to setting in stains. 

The Bissell SpotClean carpet cleaner is an affordable option for those who don’t need a lot of storage or are tight on budget. 

It weighs in at 4kg and is lightweight, making it easy to move around your house. The compact design also makes it possible to store it under the sink, for instance. 

Although it is smaller than other cleaning tools, it can clean larger areas more quickly. However, customers have discovered that this tool works well for pet and wine stains as well as valeting cars. 

SpotClean comes with 2 samples of Bissell carpet shampoo, so that you can start cleaning immediately.