Family of footballer spent many months in a coma following a horrific ‘one punch attack’. Now, he’s out of hospital and is able to celebrate Christmas together.

  • Danny Hodgson was 26 years old and spent months in a hospital coma following an unprovoked attack.
  • The family of the victim has now released a Christmas photo with a positive message and hope for recovery
  • Danny was allowed to go home to be with his loved ones on a one-day pass. 

Parents of a British soccer player who lived for months As they get ready to celebrate Christmas together, he has shared his story of recovery from an apparent one-punch attack. 

Danny Hodgson, 26, a rising soccer star, was allegedly attacked by an unnamed 17-year-old outside a Perth train station on September 5 while on his way home from end of season celebrations.

After the stroke, he suffered brain hemorhaging that left him in a state of shock. He spent several weeks in intensive medical care. Fiona Stanley Hospital continues to care for him.

Peter and Nicola Hodgson flew to WA from Britain with an exception to Australia’s close border in order to be beside their son.  

On Friday his family shared heartwarming news that Mr Hodgson has been granted permission leave the hospital to spend Christmas with his family. 

The Hodgson family have shared a special Christmas photo as they celebrate after their son Danny, 26, received a day pass from the hospital that let him spend some time at home

After their 26-year old son Danny received a hospital day pass, his family shared this Christmas photo. This allowed Danny to spend more time at home.

Danny (above), a rising soccer star, was attacked by an unnamed 15-year-old outside a Perth train station on September 5 while on his way home from end of season celebrations

Danny (above), an emerging soccer star, was attacked on September 5, 2015 by an unknown 15-year-old at a Perth train station. He was on his way back from celebrating the end of the season.

‘Danny’s home visit is the most perfect gift we could ask for and all the proof we need that Christmas miracles do happen,’ the family wrote.

The group also shared a photo showing Danny and his loved family and partner smiling and wearing matching Santa hats.

Danny’s family issued a positive statement regarding his recovery. 

The statement stated that “Seventeen Weeks ago, we embarked on an unimaginable adventure that no family should ever have had to endure.”

“Our son, brother and nephew, as well as our boyfriend Danny Hodgson were killed in an act of violence that was unprovoked. Our lives were forever changed.

“Today Danny will be leaving the hospital with Jess, his lovely daughter. He is ready to make Christmas special.

“Danny’s Christmas home visit was the best gift I could have asked for, and it is all we need to know that miracles can happen.”

Danny (right) was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital with severe head injuries, and had emergency surgery for bleeding to the brain and a skull fracture

Danny (right), who suffered severe head injuries and was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital, required emergency surgery due to bleeding to his brain and skull fracture.

The new Christmas photo is testament to Danny's (end left) recovery and his loving family's support

This Christmas photo shows Danny (end left), recovery, and the support of his family.

The Hodgson family also released a hopeful statement of Danny's (above) recovery alongside the festive photo

Along with the holiday photo, the Hodgson families also shared a positive statement about Danny’s recovery.

“Merry Christmas, from the Hodgson Family.”  

His mother spoke out about her son’s ‘horrible journey’ earlier this month.

She wrote, “My boy will not be the same as his normal self,” in a Facebook post.

“He was trying to return home, but he has already been through hell.”

Unidentified 17-year old boy has pleaded guilty for causing grievous bodily injury and will be appearing in court again in January. 

Danny's parents (pictured) said the fact Danny could celebrate with family at home is proof 'Christmas miracles do happen'

Danny’s parents (pictured below) stated that Danny being able to spend Christmas with his family is proof of ‘Christmas miracles’.

The Hodgson family wished everyone a merry Christmas in their hopeful statement

In their cheerful statement, The Hodgson family wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

After the callous attack on Danny (pictured with partner Jess), the family were inundated with messages of support and flowers aiding for his recovery

Danny was attacked by Jess (pictured together with Jess), and his family were overwhelmed with flowers and messages of support.