Here are five myths about skincare that will ruin your skin. And why you shouldn’t use products with more active ingredients.

  •  Lab Muffin beauty scientist Michelle reveals the five top bad skincare myths 
  • Exfoliating daily is no longer necessary. You can now only use high-active ingredient products.
  • Here are her tips for improving your complexion

The five myths of skincare that can irritate your skin have been revealed by a beauty scientist.

Michelle Wong of Lab Muffin Beauty Science said that exfoliating flakey, using products high in active ingredients, and neglecting to break your skincare regimen are all common errors.

The video begins with the most popular myth, ‘High concentrations are more effective’.

It makes sense to feel as though this, she stated. “If 5 percent is good, then 10 percent must be twice as good.”

Michelle Wong from Lab Muffin Beauty Science explained exfoliating flakey skin, using products with a high percentage of active ingredients and failing to take a break from your skincare regime were common mistakes

Michelle Wong, Lab Muffin Beauty Science explained that exfoliating flaky skin and using high-active ingredients products as well as failing to stop your skincare routine were all common mistakes.

She explained that it’s not true and can lead to skin reactions.

Michelle made it easy for her followers by comparing it to eating hamburgers. 

“It’s about getting the perfect balance. Too much or too little can have side effects.

Michelle stated that the most obvious sign that you’re using too many active ingredients in your skincare products is the skin stinging when you apply water to it.

Another myth says that flaky skin must be exfoliated.

She said, “This makes sense. Your skin is desperate to be free so that you can help it.”

It should not be allowed to do so on its own.

It is better to drink water more often and use Vaseline as a soothing agent. 

Michelle recommends that you use a damp towel to gently remove any skin irritations.

Michelle says most active ingredients don't have to be used every day to be effective

Michelle insists that most active ingredients do not have to be taken every day in order to prove their effectiveness.

What are the FIVE MOST Common Myths?

 1 – The higher the concentration of the active ingredient the better – False, according to Michelle who says too much will land you in ‘side-effect’ territory.

2 – You should use active ingredients every day. False. Every person’s skin is unique. Michelle uses a 3-day cycle, with two different actives on each of the days, and light products on the last.

3. Suncream is trash. False. There are many products on the market which are safe for skin and provide protection from the sun.

 4 – You should exfoliate flaky skin immediately – False, Michelle says you should leave it be – especially if it is red or sore. If you have to apply makeup, she recommends lightly exfoliating with a damp cloth.

5. – It doesn’t really matter what cleanser you use because the product is washed away. Michelle claims that it wasn’t easy for her to figure out her cleansing routine. Her skin was damaged by a harsh cleanser she used twice daily. Now, she only needs a cleanser once a day. 

Third myth: You should use every active ingredient daily.

She explained that this happens often. You have two routines: a morning routine and night. But you only use three products in the morning, and seven at night.

Michelle believes that long, repetitive routines are not necessary for some people. She says some should only be done once or twice per week.

Fourth myth: Cleanser is irrelevant because it’s being removed from the skin.

Michelle, however, disagrees. She revealed that’sorting her cleanser was the most difficult part of her routine. It made the greatest changes to her skin.

Her naturally oily skin meant she thought she would need to use a heavy cleanser every day. 

She also warns against people going directly for a product with the highest percentage of active ingredient

Her caution is also that people should not go directly to a product containing the most active ingredient.

This instead of being a help, it caused her skin to become more oily faster and irritated.

Now, she uses lighter cleansing products once a day.  

One final myth about sun creams is that they are all bad for skin.

She said that there are many new sun creams on the market. It is all about choosing one you love so you can use it frequently.   

Michell also stated that you should only make one change at a given time. That way, you will know exactly what is working and what isn’t.

This young lady creates videos that help people make better skin decisions.