REVEALED – The brilliant Christmas wrapping technique for Champagne bottles and wine that’ll blow your family and friends away

  • An Australian mum shows how she wraps a wine glass like a professional. 
  • The Christmas wrapping hack, she says, is a way to give your presents a fancy look.
  • Mama Mila creates an elegant and effective ‘fan’ look to the top of the paper 
  • Chantel’s TikTok Post: “This is so useful, I’m going to try this tonight,” a woman stated.

Melbourne mum-of-2 has shared how she wraps a wine glass like a pro and makes it look stylish beneath the Christmas tree.

Chantel Mila (known online as Mama Mila) posted a TikTok, and said that wrapping is an easy way to give your gift a fancy look.

Wrapping gift paper around the wine bottles is what the mum does first and then secures it with sticky tape.

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The mum begins by wrapping gift paper around the wine bottle and secures with sticky tape

Next Chantel pinches the excess bottom paper into triangular shapes and secures this paper to form a base

One mum of two from Melbourne shared her secrets for wrapping wine bottles like professionals so they can be stylishly displayed under Christmas trees

Next Chantel strips the bottom paper and shapes it into triangular shapes. Finally, she secures this piece to create a base. 

The excess top paper is folded into fan-like shapes to make a trendy effect. 

Melbourne mom wraps a thick green ribbon across the wrapped bottle from its base to its top and then ties it with a bow. 

Chantel then lifts the zig zag pleats that she has folded and spreads them out so they create the effect desired.

Joining the pleats on the top of her bottle, she secures the fan design using sticky tape.

This simple wrap hack is now used by thousands of people to make similar gifts. One woman posted online that she found it so useful and was able to share her experience with others. 

Next Chantel pinches the excess bottom paper into triangular shapes and secures this paper to form a base and folds the top paper into a 'zig zag' formation

Then she wraps a deep green ribbon from the base to the top of wrapped bottle and ties a bow, then fans the pleats out to create the desired effect and adds tape

This simple wrap hack is enough to send thousands of people wrapping similar gifts. “This is so helpful, I’m going to try it tonight,” a woman wrote online.

Another gift wrapping method Mama Mila [pictured] shared on TikTok was her hack for wrapping a gift to look like a miniature shirt with a bow tie

 Another gift wrapping method Mama Mila [pictured]TikTok user TikTok posted her trick for wrapping gift that looks like miniature shirt and bow tie

Wow! What a clever design. Another said that it was easy to make. 

Mama Mila shared another tip to wrap gifts that looked like mini-shirts and bowties on TikTok.

Wrapping gift wrap paper around the base and present is how an Aussie mother begins. 

The mum begins by wrapping gift wrap paper around the present and base as normal, then flips the gift over onto its side and rolls the top paper down twice, once the paper is rolled she makes two slits toward the centre

Mama Mila then folds the slits into a shirt collar shape and secures the gift wrap paper with sticky tape, then finishes the gift wrap with a matching bow tie made from the same patterned paper

Chantel Mila (known online as Mama Mila), has created the mini shirt wrapping method just in-time for Christmas. This will allow people to gift wrap with ease.

She then flips the present over on its side, and rolls the top sheet of paper down two more times. After the paper is rolled, she will cut the paper in half. 

Mama Mila will then make a shirt collar by folding the sleeves into a shape, and she’ll secure the gift wrap paper using sticky tape. 

Finishing the gift wrapping is a matching bow tied made of the same pattern paper.

This wrapping style adds a special festive feel to gift wrapping and will impress family members and friends with its whimsical design.  

Online, a woman said, “This is so cute. Wow, I love it!” 

Another said, “I wish that I had seen this TikTok before wrapping all my men’s Christmas shirts,”