Lauren, 29, (pictured) is a project supervisor and singer, who has been single for 18 months

Lauren (pictured), 29, is a singer and project manager. She has been single since 18 months.


What is the Dating Past?

At 25 I got married, but after 3 years we parted ways. I’ve been single ever since and, while I’ve been on dates, I haven’t found the one. I met someone through a dating app earlier this year and we dated for three months.

Pre-Date Nerves?

You can see when I’m nervous by my smiley face. I was encouraged to date by my sister. It was comforting knowing that my family was rooting for us.


Single for 18 Months, Divorced. No children.

Current Role

Singer and project supervisor.


An affectionate, tall and funny man who is happy to work for a job that pays the right amount of money.

First Impressions

Robert had already arrived at the table. Being the last to arrive is something I loathe. When I saw him, all I could think was: ‘Oh my god, he’s very handsome!’ He looked well turned out in a colourful shirt with dark jeans, and I love long hair on a guy. He gave me a hug and said how beautiful I was. This was an excellent start.

It’s easy to talk with?

After chatting for hours, we were asked several times to place our orders by the waiter. Robert checked so many boxes. My stepdad surfs and Robert does, too — I kept thinking how well they’d get on.

We’re also both keen on hiking, I told him I’d drag him out to the Peak District near where I live. Our waiter surprised that we were going on blind dates after three hours of being in the restaurant.

Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?

He’s very handsome. We may have shared a kiss – or two 

After we left, I nipped to the loo in a nearby M&S. My skirt’s zip broke. It was so thankful that I brought a spare dress. Robert laughed at me when I went to the loo wearing different clothes. I then told him about it.


LIKED? Robert finds a bar that has live music.



Sparks Fly!

Yes, they did. I’m not sure what the etiquette is on a blind date, but we may have shared a kiss — or two.

Seen him again?

Yes, he has invited me on a night out, and I’m absolutely taking him out in Birmingham near where I live.

Robert knows I’m a singer and I was touched that he found a piano bar so we could have a drink together. He offered to swap numbers with me and messaged me while on train for his appreciation.

You think that he was thinking of you.

He laughed a lot, so hopefully he thinks I’m all right.

Do you think your family would like him?

Robert would be a great addition to my family. He’s so laid-back and relaxed. We are quite loud, but I think he’d fit in.

Robert, 32, (pictured) is an AirBnb manager and surf instructor, who is recently single

Robert (pictured, 32) is an AirBnb Manager and Surf Instructor, who has recently been single.


What is the Dating Past?

I’ve just come out of a three-year relationship. We decided to travel together and she was keen to do so. After 6 months of trying to work things out, it became clear that we were better off being apart. I’m not a fan of dating apps, there’s no mystery with them.

Pre-Date Nerves?

I was a little late, but I ensured I got there on time. I didn’t want her to arrive first.


Recently, single.

Current Role

AirBnb Manager and Surf Instructor


A person who is bold and speaks up for their beliefs.

First Impressions

Lauren has a beautiful long, good-looking face. She was very friendly and I greeted her by standing up. We exchanged hugs.

It’s easy to talk with?

We discovered we’re both musicians and shared our love of live music. Lauren is a singer, and I am a guitarist. We were so busy talking that we couldn’t even glance at the menu, our wait staff kept coming back to us. Both ordered seafood.

Lauren seemed impressed with my ability to grow up in different parts of the globe: Singapore, Zanzibar and Nigeria. I can speak Spanish, and some Finnish. Luckily, she didn’t ask me to speak it in the restaurant.

It was so easy to get along that we kept going after the date. We made the mutual decision.

Are You Embarrassed by These Moments?

We made great friends, according to the waiter who was at our table next. 


LIKED? It was quite an adventure.



We were worried our waiter didn’t like us because of the delay in ordering, but later he said he was surprised we’d never met one another before. The couple at the next table chimed in to discuss our suitability, too — the verdict is we’re natural with one another.

Sparks Fly!

It was super easy. We were both nervous but Lauren is easy going and we quickly got along well. Lauren suggested that we take a picture of ourselves together and I saw it as a positive.

You can see her again.

Yes. We enjoyed a great evening. Lauren was also on her return train. We’re in regular contact and are going to sort out another meet-up.

How do you imagine her thinking of you?

It was quite a surprise to her how easily we interacted. She seemed touched that I’d gone to the effort of finding us a bar with live music.

Do you think your friends would like her?

Lauren is funny and outgoing. She is easy going and gets along well with everyone.

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