After failing to impress viewers with her Tuesday episode ice cream sandwich, Lizzie was the latest victim of The Great British Bake Off Tent.

In the fourth round, the bakers had to deal with Free From Week. They made dairy-free icecream sandwiches and vegan sausage rolls as well as gluten-free cakes. 

Contestants had to submit bakes that did not contain gluten, milk or meat.  

Sad: Lizzie became the latest casualty of The Great British Bake Off Tent after failing to impress with her ice cream sandwiches on Tuesday's episode

It’s sad: Lizzie, who failed to impress Tuesday’s viewers with her ice-cream sandwiches, was made the latest victim in The Great British Bake Off Tent.

Crystelle was joined by Jurgen, Chigs, and Giusseppe in the semifinal.  

Jurgen was distraught over Jurgen’s ice cream sandwiches, and the bakers had a hard time with their baked goods from the beginning of the program. 

The first round saw Chigs bakes look great, but judges felt they could use more mango.  

Lizzie, however, is currently in the middle of the board enjoying her delicious chocolate and vanilla sandwiches. The judges liked their messy flavours but they were not too impressive. 

Happy! Chigs wins star baker for the second time after his red velvet cake

It’s a happy day! After his red velvet cake, Chigs is now a star baker. 

Jurgen’s macarons were not impressive. They had been left unattended and didn’t rest properly so that they could harden outside.  

Tweeters shared their concern about Jurgen and many others hoped he could still pull it out of the bag. 

Jurgen is a favourite of the year and has been awarded a remarkable three-star baker award.

One said, “Not to be dramatic but Jurgen leaving the tent will hands down the worst thing that could happen in this year’s history.” 

A second prayer was penned, ‘Prayer circle to Jurgen. 

Oh no: Twitter users shared their worry about the beloved Jurgen with many hoping he still pulled it out the bag

Ouch! Twitter users expressed concern about Jurgen, with others hoping that he would still be able to retrieve it from the bag.

Difficult: For the technical, the bakers have to try and make the vegan sausage rolls with a rough puff pastry and mushroom and walnut filling.

Difficult: The technical part of the recipe is that the bakers must make vegan sausage rolls using a puff pastry, mushroom and walnut filling.

Crystelle, Giuseppe, and Crystelle were the best of the three. Chigs’s bake however was less impressive due to a lack of flavor.   

The technical part is that the bakers must make vegan sausage rolls from a mixture of crumbs and mushrooms and walnut filling.

Jurgen’s entire tray of bread was thrown out of the oven by the dramatic scene. He responded, saying “you didn’t notice it.” 

Crystelle was fifth for vegan sausage rolls in technical, and Chigs first. 

Prue and Paul complained about Crystelle’s chutney being ‘too spicy. Paul made Prue try it after the round.  

Oh dear: Jurgen dropped the whole tray of his rolls out of the oven in a dramatic moment which he responded by saying 'you didn't see it'

Jurgen accidentally dropped his entire tray of rolls from the oven. He responded with a dramatic statement, “You didn’t even see it.” 

Too hot! Paul and Prue complained that Crystelle's chutney was 'too spicy' and Paul even made her try it at the end of the round

Too hot! Prue and Paul complained about Crystelle’s spicy chutney. Prue even forced her to try it after the round.

Jurgen was 4th. Lizzie 3rd. Giuseppe 2nd. Chigs won it all back with his signature, coming 1st.

This was the highlight of the show. The bakers had to create gluten-free cakes. Giuseppe chose a black forest gateau. Chigs made a red velvet cake. Jurgen created a three-tiered chocolate cake. 

Crystelle, however, showed her amazing piping skills by creating a wedding cake inspired her great-grandma’s dress. 

Lizzie was impressed by a multicolored cake that represented her mental disorders, which included ADHA, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia.  

Wow: The showstopper saw the bakers have to make gluten free cakes, with Giuseppe choosing a black forest gateau, Chigs did a red velvet cake, and Jurgen a chocolate three tiered cake

Wow: This was a show stopper. The bakers were required to make gluten-free products. Giuseppe made a black forest gateau. Chigs created a red velvet cake. Jurgen baked a chocolate three tiered cake.

When it came time to judge, the judges were impressed with the baked goods. They said that they had been ‘beautifully executed’. 

Paul joked, “I would have that on my 40th oricum, when it eventually comes around.” 

Giuseppe’s baked did not impress judges. They called it “gluey, stodgy”.  

Crystelle, Jurgen and Jurgen impressed judges with their texture and flavour. However, it was Chigs’s cake that won the hearts of all.  

Paul Hollywood turned into The Hulk this week when he introduced the series. He was dressed in a green-colored T-shirt, and donned a white ripped shirt. 

He shared a snap on Instagram of his Hulk costume. 

“Free from Week makes me mad,” the baker wrote in his caption to the photo. 

The photo shows him standing on the buggy with his long, white hair.  

Funny: Paul Hollywood took to Instagram to share a quick snap of himself in his Hulk costume

Funny: Paul Hollywood shared a photo on Instagram showing himself as the Hulk in his Hulk costume