Santa Claus? The Name’s Claus: MI6 unveils its Christmas card. It features an iconic figure from the 007 film gun barrel.

  • Santa replaces 007 at MI6 in an homage to the gun barrel sequence of James Bond’s opening credits
  • Bond’s Walter PPK gun appears to have been transformed into candy cane 
  • Richard Moore, or C- the current chief of MI6 is a Bond fan.  

They have been in a loving-hate relationship for years with the most well-known spy of all time.

But this Christmas MI6 chiefs have fully embraced James Bond – on their festive greeting card.

Santa is portrayed as 007, in an homage to the film’s opening shot gun barrel sequence. The Walther PPK handgun looks like it has been transformed into candy canes.

Current MI6 chief Richard Moore – or C – is known to be a Bond fan, calling the series ‘wonderful’, while stressing it is ‘not reality’.

Santa takes the place of 007 in a homage to the gun barrel sequence from the films' opening credits, while his Walther PPK handgun appears to have turned into a candy cane

Santa replaces 007 as a tribute to the opening gun barrel sequence in the film’s opening credits. His Walther PPK pistol appears to be transformed into a candy cane.

Since 1962’s Dr No, the film sequence is a staple of every Bond movie.

Maurice Binder, the title designer of this film, filmed inside a gun barrel using a pinhole camera.

He certainly didn’t envision Santa Claus wearing a red suit and hat with a white beard, as he was aiming towards the camera.

MI6 is believed to have designed the card.

Green has been used as the color for the inside of the gun barrel – perhaps a reference to Chief’s tradition where he writes in green ink.