Meghan Markle might be summoned to testify in civil lawsuit brought against Prince Andrew by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

David Boies was the lawyer who represented Giuffre during her legal proceeding. He told The Daily Beast that Duchess of Sussex could be trusted to tell the truth – which is one reason he claims she has the potential of being deposed.

Boies stated to the outlet that Markle had been considered because Markle is a US citizen and therefore falls under the US jurisdiction.

She was also mentioned by him as being in consideration because she is a close friend of Prince Andrew, and therefore could have possibly seen his actions.

He said, “Because she had an association with him in the past, she might very well possess important knowledge. She will definitely have some knowledge.”

He said, “She has checked all three boxes,”

Boies stated that Markle is just ‘one among the people we are contemplating, but we haven’t yet made a decision. 

Meghan Markle could be called to give a deposition in the civil case against Prince Andrew (pictured together in 2019) being brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre

Meghan Markle may be asked to depose in the civil case against Prince Andrew, which is being brought in by Virginia Roberts Giuffre (pictured together in 2019).

Ms. Giuffre (38) claims that she was forced by Prince Andrew to have sex three times when she was only 17. Ms. Giuffre, 38, claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times in 2001 when she was just 17.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan will hear the arguments of the Duke’s legal team and dismiss the suit on Jan 4.

If the case reaches that point, full discovery will take place. Both sides will then have to make videotaped statements.

Boies stated that his team could pose up to twelve third parties in this stage. They also had to take care who they chose due to the time constraints.

The Daily Beast reported that Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of the Duke, was being considered but it would make her a harder target due to her living in the UK.

Boies stated that she did so ‘out respect and deference’, and due to her age, no plans were made for the Queen’s removal.

Giuffre, 38, (pictured) sued Andrew for unspecified damages in August, saying he forced her to have sex with him at Maxwell's Belgravia home, and also at Epstein's homes in Manhattan and the US Virgin Islands in 2001, when she was 17, allegations Prince Andrew strongly denies

Giuffre (38), sued Andrew in August for unspecified damages. She claimed that he made her have sex at Maxwell’s Belgravia house and Epstein’s Manhattan and US Virgin Islands homes.

Prince Andrew’s attorneys want to dismiss the civil action. They claimed it was ‘baseless’, and that’sensationalism’ and ‘innuendo had prevailed over truth.

Ms. Giuffre asks for unspecified damages.

In October, the Duke’s legal team submitted a counter to the ‘threadbare complaint’. Attached were media reports and Ms Giuffre’s handwritten manuscript.

The Duke was unsuccessful in his attempt to get the newspaper clippings that described his accuser’s character as a “money-hungry, sex kitten” taken into consideration by the New York judge.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected the request for PR purposes and declined to review the media reports or the 139-page manuscript by Virginia Roberts Giuffre on billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Judge Kaplan said there was ‘no proper basis’ to look at the articles or Ms Giuffre’s manuscript The Billionaire’s Playboy Club – published in 2011 – which he added ‘appear to have been submitted for whatever public relations purposes the defendants advisers may have had in mind’.

Ms Giuffre, center, who says she was trafficked by sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, now deceased

Ms Giuffre (center), who claims she was trafficked and abused by Jeffrey Epstein. She is now dead

A US newspaper quoted former friends of Ms Giuffre in one of its media reports. They criticized her for boasting about how much she has.

In another her ex-boyfriend Philip Guderyon, who was with her during the time she spent with Epstein, claimed she ‘was like the head b***h’ at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.  

“She used to have 9-10 girls that she would bring to him. He added that it never seemed like she was being held prisoner.

Evidence was also presented that included an interview Ms Giuffre conducted with The Mail Sunday 2011 for $160,000 

The Duke’s attorneys want to show their case by using a description of an encounter with Prince Andrew in Mexico. Ms Giuffre admitted that it did not occur. 

Reports the Daily Telegraph that the judge accepted to look at a 2009 settlement between Ms Giuffre, Epstein. The Duke’s legal team has previously released him from responsibility. 

On January 4, Judge Kaplan will listen to arguments regarding the Duke’s motion for dismissal.