Adult site OnlyFans’ British CEO suddenly stepped down today, with his replacement announcing she planned to make it the ‘safest social media platform in the world’. 

Essex-based Tim Stokely, 38, worth £97.3million after founding the company, quit the role this afternoon, appointing Amrapali Gan in his place.

Ms Gan joined the company in 18 months and was until now its head of communication.

Mumbai-born marketer, who created her Only Fans page with rescue dogs and holidays for people from Mumbai, has today promised to deliver ‘unparalleled’ experiences.

It was a shock to most, as there were no signs of Stokely’s prominent departure. 

California’s Ms Gan (36), who has never married and no children, stated that she is enjoying the challenges of her top job.

She insisted: ‘This is an exciting time for OnlyFans.

“I’ll continue to dedicate myself to the community and look forward creating unforgettable experiences for our creators.

Amrapali Gan, 36, is the new CEO of OnlyFans as of today after Tim Stokely stepped down

Amrapali Gan (36), is now the CEO of OnlyFans. 

Ami Gan with rescue dog Fox

Ami Gan on holiday

Ami Gan is a new boss and has her own OnlyFans page, with photos of her dog and trips abroad

Tim Stokely founded the online adult service, where 'creators' share content for a subscription

Tim Stokely created the adult online service where “creators” share content in exchange for a subscription.

“I’m proud to take this responsibility. To help our creators maximize their control and to monetise their content, I am looking forward to working closely with them.

“We commit to being the best social media platform anywhere in the world.”

Stokely indicated that he was taking time out now to focus on other projects. He would continue his informal consulting work going forward. 

He is the creator of an online adult portal, in which ‘creators share content’ for a fee.

Although OnlyFans is only five years old, it’s already being credited for revolutionizing the adult market.

Fans pay anywhere from £3.90 to £39 a month for pictures from their favourite creators, while the site takes 20 per cent commission. 

Timothy Stokely, 38, is the founder of London-based adult content-sharing site OnlyFans, which has seen a surge in popularity during lockdown

Timothy Stokely (38), is the founder and CEO of OnlyFans. OnlyFans has experienced a rise in popularity since lockdown.

Since appearing on Love Island in 2018, Megan Barton Hanson has joined X-rated subscription site OnlyFans to sell raunchy pictures

During lockdown British glamour model Dannii Harwood became the first Briton to make £1million from the website since joining in 2019

Megan Barton Hanson joined OnlyFans in 2018 after appearing on Love Island. During lockdown British glamour model Dannii Harwood (right) became the first Briton to make £1million from the website since joining in 2019

It boomed in the time of the coronavirus locking down, when there was a 42% increase in new accounts made, bringing the total up to close to 100,000 Britons.

Worldwide there are 660,00 creator accounts with 50million users and OnlyFans boasts it has paid creators more than £956m.

Megan Barton Hanson was a Love Island star in 2018 and has since joined the X Rated subscription site. This helped her build a massive following.

During lockdown British glamour model Dannii Harwood became the first Briton to make £1million from the website since joining in 2019.

According to Ms Harwood, porn can be had for no cost. That’s why guys don’t like to have to pay. 

OnlyFans has only been in existence for four years but it has already been credited with revolutionising the adult industry, but some performers have claimed they feel pimped by the service

OnlyFans is only four years old, yet it has been revolutionizing the adult entertainment industry. Some performers claim they are pampered by the service. 

“They desire to be able to connect with someone they have seen on the internet or in magazines.” They see me as their girlfriend online. 

However, not all people have had the same positive experiences creating content.

OnlyFans content creator Ana, 25, from the northwest, told The Sunday Times she felt weird selling her body online.

She stated, “It almost seems like they are pimping us out to take their cut.”

In August it announced, then dropped, plans to ban sexually explicit photographs and videos on its platform.

The U-turn came after an intense backlash from creators who said the move had already cost them £5,000.

OnlyFans has announced that October will see new regulations prohibiting ‘any content containing explicit sexual conduct. However, non-sexual nudity is still permitted.

Surprisingly, however, London-based Company reversed their decision on August 25.

This happened hours after Tim Stokely (then chief executive) claimed that the move was caused by banks concerned about reputational risk.

He named JPMorgan Chase, Metro Bank, and Bank of New York Mellon. But none of these banks would respond.

OnlyFans spokeswoman said: “The October 1, 2021 proposed changes are not required because of banking partners’ assurances That OnlyFans Can Support All Genres Of Creators.” 

Some people speculated on Twitter that this was a publicity stunt. However, OnlyFans said that they had “stopped” the change after obtaining assurances to support their diverse creator community. 

This platform is used by sexworkers, many of which joined in the pandemic of adult venues closing. But celebrities, comedians, and musicians can also access it to share non-sexual content.

Creators receive 80 percent of their earnings as a commission. The remaining 20% goes to the company and covers’referrals, payments processing, hosting, support and any other services’. 

OnlyFans says it has 130 million users and 2 million creators who have collectively earned $5billion (£3.6billion).