Netflix has a host of raunchy TV shows that feature full frontal nudity and bondage, which is why it is quickly gaining a reputation for providing racy content that would be appropriate on adult websites. 

The streaming giant has filled our small screens with extremely erotic options – from the slightly more innocent, yet oh-so popular Bridgerton (which boasts plenty of steamy romantic entanglements) to the 2021 drama Sex/Life, which was dubbed ‘eight hours of sha****g’.

Reality TV show Too Hot to Handle and Mexican drama Dark Desire about a married mother who has a weekend of passion with a 23-year-old are equally daring and scandalous.

FEMAIL has revealed six of the most inappropriate TV shows the streaming service has made available in recent months.  


Netflix's saucy new series Sex/Life is based around suburban mother-of-two Billie (Sarah Shahi) who is involved in a love triangle with her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and old flame from her past, Brad Simon (Adam Demos), pictured

Sex/Life, a Netflix series about a suburban mother-of-2 Billie (Sarah Shahi), is set in a love triangle between Cooper (Mike Vogel), and Brad Simon (Adam Demos).

In one raunchy moment, Cooper follows his wife's lover to the gym and spies on him as he goes into the shower. But fans were left completely gobsmacked after gorgeous Brad turns towards the camera completely nude (pictured)

Cooper follows his lover to the gym, and then watches him as he gets into the shower. Fans were stunned when Brad turned completely nude towards the camera (pictured).

WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL BY: Netflix’s saucy series Sex/Life is based around suburban mother-of-two Billie (Sarah Shahi) who is involved in a love triangle with her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and old flame from her past, Brad Simon (Adam Demos).

The show, in which Billie fantasizes about her ex-partner, leads to some very wild sex scenes. It is based on BBEaston’s novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men and was filmed in Canada.

A blurb for the book reads: ‘No one and nothing is off limits as BB revisits the ex-boyfriends – a sadistic tattoo artist, a punk rock parolee, and a heavy metal bass player – that led her to finally find true love with a straight-laced, drop-dead-gorgeous… accountant. 

THE RACY SETTES: Fittingly for a show with this title, the opening minutes see a flashback of Billie and Brad having sex in a nightclub. Billie takes Brad off the dance floor to a private room, where they become intimate, even though there are a lot of clubbers only a few feet away. 

In the first episode Billie has a flashback of when she went through the Kama sutra with Brad. The show gives viewers a glimpse into some of the sexual positions involved and also shows Brad performing oral sex.  

The sexy first hour continues with Sasha, another character performing oral sex on a musician at a grungy nightclub just moments after meeting. 

Later, Billie remembers the first night she had with Brad. It was in his penthouse swimming pool. They also had sex in a car. 

Also, a pool appears when Billie’s husband Cooper has sex at a strangers house in middle of the night.  

Cooper watches his wife’s lover go to the gym, and then he sneaks into the shower.

After Brad turned nude towards the camera, fans were shocked.

Elsewhere, there are saucy flashbacks to Billie’s wild party days, where snogging and rampant romps were plentiful.

She’s seen engaging in neon-lit sex in pools with her former lover, and being pushing up against corridors in racy trysts – all in just eight episodes. 

Adam was a Sex/Life star who has no doubt caught the attention of everyone. He spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his full frontal scene.

He stated, “I was okay with that because you read and understood the scripts. So I don’t believe you would sign up to a show after you’ve read the scripts and then say no at the last minute.”

Some on Twitter joked the new show makes Netflix’s steamy period romance series Bridgerton seem almost prudish by comparison.

However, one reviewer, via The Guardian commented: ‘Eight episodes of shagging strung together with the occasional splash of melodrama.’

Too Hot To Handle

Last series (pictured), competitors from across the globe entered a luxury villa in Mexico and 10 stars of the show managed to make it to the final and split the $75,000 prize

Last series (pictured): Ten stars of the show made it to the finals and shared the $75,000 prize.

WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL BY: The Netflix dating series is currently in its second series. It promises a string to attractive contestants $100,000. But only if they don’t have any sexual contact for the next four weeks.  

It’s not like Love Island on ITV2, which rewards contestants for refusing any form of physical contact. 

If the singletons do not follow the strict no-petting rules, the prize fund will be reduced and the rule break will announced to the group. 

However, as the voiceover repeatedly reminds viewers, these are a group “horny” singletons who can’t help but to touch each other… so there’s plenty of hot moments in the bathroom or on the beach. 

THE RACY SETTES: Within hours of arriving at the sun-soaked paradise villa, the newly introduced singletons were busy commenting on each other’s assets, deciding who they would like to pair up with and even grabbing a cheeky kiss here and there. 

They broke the rules in just minutes. Couples sneaked off to share passionate kisses while wearing their swimwear. The group lost $21,000 of their prize money due to the rule-breaking. 

Cam, a Brit, and Emily, a London stunner, were the first to break these rules.

The rest of the group soon discovered their antics and the floodgates opened for everyone. Soon, the other contestants were also locking lips.

The Netflix original series had singletons doing raunchy dances and even one couple having sexual relations on screen.  

Ten stars of the show made it to the final, where they shared the $75,000 prize.

Despite the fact that the total fell due to rule violations by randy contestants the singletons were given the chance to win the money back. 


Within the first twenty minutes of the eight hour long series, Anthony Bridgerton - brother of protagonist Daphne - romps with a beautiful opera singer Siena (pictured together) against a tree

Anthony Bridgerton, the brother of protagonist Daphne, romps against a tree with a beautiful opera singer Siena within the first twenty minutes.

WHAT THE SHOW IS A ABOUT Netflix’s Regency-era romp Bridgerton has become a hit with viewers, at least partly for its raunchy sex scenes.

In the main the series follows Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) as they enter a complicated relationship with plenty of twists – and sexual tension. 

There are also love stories from other couples, such as Anthony Bridgerton’s brother Daphne, who is in a relationship with an opera singer courtesan.  

THE RACY SETTES: The series was praised because it had more sex scenes that focused on female pleasure. Critics, however, felt that there were too many sexy moments for a period drama.

The first twenty minutes of the eight-hour long series are filled with Anthony Bridgerton, brother to protagonist Daphne, who romps against a tree with beautiful opera singer Siena. 

There are at least 12 different sexual acts across eight episodes – from innocent snogging to daring oral sex, with one fan-favourite moment being between Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) on the stairs.

In episode six, the Duke of Hastings also performs oral sex on Daphne in a library at a country home.

The couple also enjoyed sex in a garden, in a hotel while on the road, and in the Duke’s master room.

Daphne refused Daphne’s pull-out before the scene reached its climax. This was to allow her to fall pregnant with her child.  

After the news distress castmembers, Netflix had to fight to keep some sex scenes from porn websites.

According to The Sun: The streaming giant thought it had been ‘working tirelessly in pursuit of pirates’ who uploaded intimate moments from the show.

It was later discovered that many scenes had been removed from X-rated platforms, after the cast felt ‘horror’ and ‘anger’ at seeing them online.

365 DNI

Polish film 365 DNI, also known as 365 Days, tells the story of a 'fiery executive' Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) who is kidnapped and imprisoned by mafia boss Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone). Pictured, Laura is made to watch Massimo have sex with other women

Polish film 365 DNI (also known as 365 Days) tells the story about Laura Biel, a ‘fiery manager’ (Anna Maria Sieklucka), who is kidnapped by Massimo Torricelli, a mafia boss (Michele Morrone). Pictured, Laura is forced to watch Massimo having sex on other women.  

The film, which arrived on the streaming service in the UK and US last summer, features scenes of BDSM, voyeurism and multiple kinky sex scenes. Pictured, Laura trying on clothes after being abducted

Laura and Massimo have sex on a yacht

The film, which was released last summer on the streaming site in the UK, US, and Canada, contains scenes of BDSM, voyeurism, and numerous kinky sex scenes. Pictured, Laura trying on clothes after being abducted (left) and the saleswoman and Massimo having sex on the yacht (right)

WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL BY: Polish film 365 DNI, also known as 365 days, tells the story of ‘fiery executive’ Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) who is kidnapped and imprisoned on a holiday to Sicily by mafia boss Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone).

The film, which arrived on streaming services in the UK as well as the US in July 2020 features scenes of BDSM and voyeurism. It has caused furious controversy on both ends of the Atlantic. 

THE RACY SETTES:  Laura is forced to watch Massimo, a mafia boss, be pampered by another woman in one scene. She remains chained to the wall in a dressing gown and is tied to a wall.

Another scene sees the couple engage in some very steamy intercourse on the mafia boss’ yacht after Massimo saves Laura’s life.

The shocked viewers are also stunned to see Laura tied to a chair aboard a private jet while Massimo teases Laura about her genitals. 

Laura also teases Massimo sexually by rousing herself in a glass-pannelled bathtub while he lies in a nearby bed.   

Another point is when the couple has sex against the windows with Warsaw behind them.  

Despite all the criticisms, the film made many viewers feel hot under the collar. It has been widely compared with E.L. James’s Fifty Shades franchise. 

One viewer tweeted, “Fifty Shades can’t beat that movie at all.” Massimo was a monster.

Another fan wrote, “If anyone is a Fifty Shades Fan they MUST watch 365 DNI… I’m sweating.

A third person added: “Honestly, Netflix approved the pornographic film 365 DNI?” Ten minutes and my eye.

Ginny & Georgia

Viewers were left gobsmacked after Ginny went from 'never having kissed a guy' to suddenly losing her virginity in the very first episode with Marcus (pictured together)

Viewers were shocked when Ginny suddenly lost all her virginity after she went from “never having kissed any guy” to “never having kissed anyone”. (pictured together)

WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL BY: Released earlier this year, Ginny & Georgia follows 15-year-old Ginny and her 30-year-old mother Georgia as the latter tries to give her children – which also includes son Austin – a better life.

Ginny believes she is more mature than her mom as they explore different relationships through the comedy drama.

THE RACY SETTES: Although the series was not as sexy as Sex/Life or Bridgerton, there were some shocking moments for a show that revolved around a mother and her teenage son.

Viewers were stunned when Ginny suddenly lost her virginity in the first episode, despite never having kissed a man. 

Another shocking scene was Ginny’s masturbation with a toothbrush as her sexuality began to emerge.

In episode four, she sends Hunter a picture of her in lingerie.

After he doesn’t reply, she sends it instead to Marcus, her secret lover and neighbor to whom she lost her virginity.

They begin to exchange flirty messages and masturbating – but to the surprise fans, Ginny uses a toothbrush with the bristles raised.  


Bonding (pictured) is a Netflix original series about a woman (Tiff played by Zoe Levin) who moonlights as a dominatrix to pay her way through graduate school

Bonding (pictured): A Netflix original series about Tiff, a woman who moonlights as an dominatrix to help pay her way through graduate college.

WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL BY: Bonding is a Netflix original series about a woman (Tiff played by Zoe Levin) who moonlights as a dominatrix to pay her way through graduate school.

She is joined by Pete (Brendan Scannell), her best friend and aspiring comedian, who becomes her bodyguard/assistant.

THE RACY SETTES: Tiff was trained in BDSM, role-playing and the second series of Bonding started in 2021. 

One of the scenes features a man, slung face-down from the ceiling wearing full-body leather.

Dominatrix Mistress Mira, Nana Mensah, stands in front and reprimands Tiff, Pete, before turning to the men and asking, ‘Are they all right?’

Mira also interacts with clients in a sleep sack, while an apparatus controls his oxygen flow.

Tiff is seen tieing up a client and engaging with Flintstones role-playing in the first season.

Madame Claude 

As the reigning Queen of Sex in the French capital between the 1960s and 1970s, the Madame, real name Fernande Grudet, offered a secret and forbidden sexual world to a famous client list. Pictured, the Madame's girls in the film

Between the 1960s and 1970s, Madame Fernande Grudet was the French capital’s reigning Queen of Sex. She offered a secret, forbidden world to a prestigious client list. Pictured: The Madame’s young girls in the film

She dubbed her group of girls (pictured in the film) her 'swans', who boasted beautiful, elegant looks, classy charms and were often from fine French families

She named her group of girls (pictured at the film) her “swans”, which were beautiful, elegant, classy, and often came from French families.

WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL BY: She was a salacious icon of 20th century Paris – the brothel-keeper to the stars – so it was apt that Netflix’s 20201 film about ‘Madame Claude’ was filled with racy scenes of sex parties, full frontal nudity and bondage.

As the reigning Queen of Sex in the French capital between the 1960s and 1970s, the Madame, real name Fernande Grudet, offered a secret and forbidden sexual world to a famous client list which reportedly included John F. Kennedy, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Pablo Picasso and Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi.

She called her group of girls “swans” because they were beautiful, elegant, classy, and often came from French families.

The glamour that she was told is now gone. This new version shows a darker side to her story, showing unerotic sex used to capture secrets from high-profile males.  

THE RACY SETTES:  The film’s first ten minutes are filled with racy scenes. One of these is a girl who strips in front of Madame during an interview. After that, she is seen having an intimate relationship with a man for a “test”.

The brothel owner, played by Karole Rocher, helps a young woman clean her privates. Later, a prostitute is seen being ensconced in an act de domination. 

Madame Claude opens with a brothel proprietor hosting a raucous party filled with professional men dressed in suits and scantily clad ladies.

Within minutes, viewers at home can see the coldly efficient businesswoman interview Sidonie (played in this role by Garance Marillier) and telling her to get out of her way. 

Dark Desire 

Alma Solares (pictured), a prestigious lawyer and college professor, is married to Leonardo - played by Jorge Poza

Alma Solares (pictured), a prominent lawyer and college professor is married to Leonardo. Jorge Poza plays the role

Alma meets 23-year-old Dario Guerra during her getaway (pictured, together) and they have a wild tryst

Alma meets 23-year-old Dario Guerra during her getaway (pictured, together) and they have a wild tryst

WHAT THE SHOW IS ALL BY: Mexican drama Dark Desire centres around married Alma, who spends a fateful weekend away from home which ignites a steamy tryst with a 23-year-old named Dario, before tragedy ensues and she’s left questioning the truth about those close to her.

The show’s synopsis reads, “What started as a minor adventures becomes an incendiary fascination and then a deadly obsession, unravelling the chain of secrets of past that fatally bound them all,’

THE RACY SETTES: The 18-part show was a huge success and attracted a lot of attention. It first aired last summer.

‘I don’t know why I started watching that #DarkDesire in the middle of the night – it’s 365 Days all over again! One said, “There’s some very passionate wrestling there.”

Another penned: “Five Minutes in and we have murder and cheating husband. This is already fantastic!

Alma returns home after having a night of dreaming in which Leonardo pulls the trigger on her. He catches her having a sexual encounter in the pool with Dario, and she is unable to resist. 

Elsewhere, Leonardo ‘accidentally’ sprays Edith with the shower, making her white outfit see-through – before making love in the shower. 

Through the first few episodes, Alma attempts to control her lust for Dario but is haunted in part by the steamy memories from their first meeting. Alma has a particularly erotic scene where she daydreams about her night with Dario and flashbacks to it while in the shower.

The pair eventually meet again after Alma learns about her husband’s affair. They have a passionate romp at Dario’s car shop, where Dario is conveniently living. Alma gives in to her desire and Dario pushes Alma against the wall before putting her to bed and slowly undressing.