Are YOU a real horror movie aficionado? People are challenged to guess popular Halloween movies using tricky emojis

  • Emoji quiz creator Nikki Spiers from London, went viral during lockdown 
  • FEMAIL has a 20-question challenge that she has shared exclusively with her 
  • New edition asks players for help identifying scary Halloween movies with emojis

The creator of the popular Emoji Quizzes that swept social networks during lockdown is back with an updated edition based on Halloween movies.

Nikki Spiers, 31,  from London, unwittingly became an international sensation when the cryptic quiz she sent to friends via WhatsApp was shared around the world – and has even created her own Instagram page sharing the famous quizzes. 

Now Nikki, who is supporting the Alzheimer’s Society, has shared her latest creation with FEMAIL, where players are challenged to name 20 spooky films based on nothing more than a series of emojis. 

Can you guess them all? Scroll down to take the quiz and then check your answer at bottom of story. 























1. Candyman 

2. The Sixth Sense 

3. The Omen 

4. Nightmare on Elm Street 

5 5. 

6. The Shining 

7. Haunted Hill: House 

8. Scream 

9. The Hills have Eyes

10. Friday, the 13th

11. The Ring

12. Silence Of The Lambs

13. Dawn Of The Dead

14. Cloverfield

15. An American Werewolf in London

16. A Quiet Place Part II

17. The Birds

18. Beetlejuice

19. The Nightmare Before Christmas

20. House of Wax