The Queen will be despairing over the actions of some of her family members, a royal expert  has said.

Last week Buckingham Palace confirmed the news that Prince Andrew, 61, was  stripped of his honorary royal titles and military patronages and will no longer be able to the term ‘His Royal Highness’.

And as the Duke of York continues to battle the Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s sex abuse allegations after the judge dismissed his legal team’s attempt to have the case thrown out,  former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond has said the monarch, 95, will be ‘holding her hands up in despair’.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry continues to fight for police protection to his family in the UK when he returns. 

The Queen (pictured with Prince Andrew at Trooping The Colours in 2019) will be despairing over the actions of some of her family members, a royal expert has said

The Queen, seen with Prince Andrew in Trooping The Colours 2019, will despair over some actions by her relatives, according to a royal expert.

OK! magazine, Jennie stated that she believed The Queen would be holding her hands up in despair with some of her grandchildren. magazine,  Jennie said: ‘I think The Queen will be holding her hands up in despair with her children and some of her grandchildren.’

She added: ‘Everybody feels for the Queen now with the Andrew debacle, but I think there has to be some equity between Harry and Andrew now. Although it was probably not true, there was an argument. Andrew would have had his title stripped a long time ago if Harry wasn’t. 

And addressing Prince Harry’s battle to be allowed police security protection on his return to the UK, Jennie said he ‘couldn’t have it both ways’, but added: ‘If Harry is not going to be allowed to have security over here unless he’s staying in a royal residence then perhaps Andrew’s security should be looked at too.’ 

Addressing Prince Harry's (seen with Meghan in New York in 2021) battle to be allowed security for his family when he returns to the UK, Jennie said he 'couldn't have it both ways', but added that Prince Andrew's security should also be looked at if Harry isn't entitled to it

Jennie addressed Prince Harry (pictured with Meghan in New York, 2021) struggle to allow security for his family after he returns home to the UK. She said that he couldn’t have it all, but suggested that Prince Andrew’s security needs to also be considered if Harry doesn’t get it. 

This comes after sources revealed that Prince Andrew will ‘continue to defend himself’ against the sex abuse lawsuit after the Queen stripped him of his royal titles and military patronages.

As a private citizen, the Duke will not be recognized as His Royal Highness in any official capacity.

A source close to the royal stated last week that he will continue fighting Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s claims after the judge rejected his attempt to throw out the case.

Source said that the source was not surprised by the decision, citing Judge Kaplan’s robust reception of our arguments. 

“Nevertheless, the judge did not decide on Ms Giuffre’s merits. 

“This is a marathon, not a sprint. And the duke continues to defend himself against those claims.”

Prince Andrew will 'continue to defend himself' against the sex abuse lawsuit after the Queen stripped him of his royal titles

Following the Queen’s revocation of his royal title, Prince Andrew will “continue to defend myself” against the sex abuse suit.

After his unsuccessful attempt to dismiss the case, Andrew found himself with “only bad options”, according to legal experts.

Andrew made repeated pleas to Andrew for him to “do right by the Queen” and offered his accuser millions so that he would not be tried. However, it appeared the duke was just trying to make it through the trial.

Jeffrey Epstein, Virginia Roberts, his accuser was however said to have been determined to refuse any cash offer in favor of her rightful place in court.

The likelihood of Miss Roberts’ second son being killed by the Queen was greatly increased due to their positions.

This week’s ruling by US District Judge Lewis Kaplan disregarded the arguments of the senior royal to cancel the case. Andrew sued Miss Robertsis seeking undisclosed damage under her married name Giuffre. 

Andrew was accused of trying to “dodge duck, run, and hide” from the case. He used his mother’s palaces initially to avoid receiving the legal papers.

He then fought with US attorney, calling Miss Roberts a “money-hungry kitten” who had initiated this baseless lawsuit in order to make another paycheck. Last week, the duke – who strenuously denies all the accusations – attempted to have the case struck out in a crunch hearing in Manhattan. Judge Kaplan ruled against the duke’s Wednesday bid.

Today, a source close to the royal said he would continue to fight Virginia Roberts Giuffre's allegations

A source close to the royal stated today that he will continue fighting Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s claims

There were many calls to him to pay millions of dollars to settle the case.

He added, “She is determined to get justice.” Virginia Giuffre believes it is very important that this case be settled in a manner that will vindicate her as well as other victims.

Boies stated that there was no suggestion of settlement discussions at this time. Boies said Miss Roberts had once contacted Prince Andrew to offer a settlement so that he could avoid court, but that there wasn’t any interest.

The attorney said, “Whether that has changed or no I believe we will need to wait and watch,”

However, he said that she was not interested in a financial settlement.

Andrew seems to have paid a high price by settling down with Miss Roberts. Not only will she demand cash but also a sincere apology and confession of regret.

Miss Roberts claims that Epstein and British socialite Ghislaine Maxiwell recruited her as a 16 year-old girl in Florida.

Last night, Prince Andrew’s lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic were locked in crisis talks after their motion to dismiss the civil lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts (pictured middle) was ‘denied in all respects’, meaning the case is now heading towards an unedifying trial this autumn

After Virginia Roberts, the plaintiff in the civil case brought against Prince Andrew (pictured middle), was denied in their motion for dismissal, the lawyers from both sides of the Atlantic sat down in crisis discussions. This meant that they were heading to an incongruous trial next autumn.

In 2019, Epstein, a paedophile, committed suicide rather than facing trial. Meanwhile Maxwell was found guilty last month of overseeing a scheme to recruit children for sex. Miss Roberts – who was not part of the Maxwell case – alleges she was loaned out to Epstein’s wealthy and powerful friends including Prince Andrew.

He vigorously denies the accusations and claims that he even remembered meeting Miss Roberts. He has suggested that the famous photo of him and Miss Roberts in London in March 2001, where he was seen pinching her midriff while squeezing it openly, could have been faked.

Andrew failed to get Miss Roberts case dismissed. Now the case is moving to the next phase. This will see him giving a deposition under oath. The prince will give a taped testimony to the questioning, in order not to be imprisoned for perjury.

The session could have taken place in London and his answers could be used in evidence during the trial.

Boies explained that: “The next step is to take evidence. The taking of Evidence from Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre’s evidence and taking Evidence from Others. You will find more evidence all the while. There have been people who identify Prince Andrew as Virginia.

Andrew’s difficulties were further exacerbated in his BBC Newsnight 2019 interview about the car-crash.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement, which read: 'With The Queen's approval and agreement, The Duke of York's military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to The Queen'

Buckingham Palace stated in a statement that the Duke of York’s Royal Patronages and military affiliations have been returned to her with The Queen’s consent and agreement

Boies stated that he made many statements during the interview. Boies has made many of these statements elsewhere. He has used the same approach to Virginia: deny, deny and deny. To criticise Virginia’s character, morals, and credibility, he uses that phrase. We will all see the results of that under oath.

Judge Kaplan has established July 14th as the deadline to take depositions. 

Buckingham Palace released a statement this afternoon confirming the Queen’s decision not to remove Andrew from the royal family.  

It read, “With the approval and consent of The Queen, The Duke and Duchess of York’s military affiliations, and Royal patronages, have been returned To The Queen,” “The Duke of York is continuing to refuse public duty and will defend this matter as a private citizen. 

According to a royal source, the topic had been discussed extensively with the royal family. It is possible that Andrew and the Prince of Wales were also involved in the crisis talks. According to the source, the military positions would be distributed among other royals. 

According to the Palace, military appointments of the duke were suspended after his retirement from public service in 2019. But, prior to today, he still retained the roles, including the position of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, one of the oldest and most emblematic regiments in the British Army.

He also holds honorary British military titles: Royal colonel of The Royal Highland Fusiliers, Royal colonel of The Royal Lancers (Queen Elisabeths’ Own), and Colonel-in–chief of The Royal Irish Regiment of Scotland.   

Only 5 royals have stopped using the HRH title in recent history. Princess Diana, Sarah, and Duchess Of York lost the style after they divorced, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle both agreed to let go of theirs under the ‘Megxit’ deal with Queen Elizabeth. 

Andrew, a Royal Navy veteran who was a distinguished helicopter pilot in the Falklands War, will likely feel the pain of having his military connections cut.

This is after over 150 veterans united to protest Andrew’s inhumane treatment of their honorary military posts.

The 152 members of the Royal Navy/RAF/Army, who were all previously associated with the service, accused him of bringing it into disrepute. Honorary military appointments and the head of the Armed Forces are her gift.

It came as reports suggested he could avoid a trial by using the sale of his £18million Swiss chalet to try to pay off Ms Giuffre with at least £10million of the proceeds.

MailOnline revealed this week that Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, the Duchess of York, settled a £6.6 million debt with a French socialite, paving the way for him to sell his beloved ski chalet to fund his alleged sex abuse case.

Isabelle de Rouvre, 74, sold her house, Chalet Helora, to her then-friends Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in 2014 for £18million, would be paid for in instalments. But Ms de Rouvre claimed the Yorks failed to make the final instalment of £5m for the property in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Verbier – but this week the Yorks stumped up the cash, ending the legal battle and clearing the way for a sale.

With the chalet now on the market, the ninth in line to the throne will use up to £10million of the final sale price to settle with Ms Giuffre, according to The Sun, but without admission of liability to her claims she was forced to have sex with him three times when she was 17. The claims have been denied by him repeatedly. 

Mark Stephens, an expert in constitutional law, has said that Andrew will need to find between £5million and £10million to offer Ms Giuffre and hope she spares him a trial.