The orthodontist revealed that your smile can reveal vital information about your health, and even your personality.  

According to Dr. Khaled Kasem Chief of Orthodontics in a leading London Clinic ImpressYour teeth’ position, quality and shape can all tell you a lot.

A gap between your front teeth is a sign that you are confident. It means that you aren’t feeling the pressure to fit in with braces. While short molars indicate stress, it can be a sign of grinding.

Botox might seem like a smart way to reverse the clock, but it is not. CYour ‘two front teeth’, also known as entral, are indicators of your age. Their square edges indicate an older person.  

Speaking to FEMAIL, he said: ‘Teeth are an integral part of the body, not only do they help us to eat and masticate nutrients, they also protect our mouth from disease. 

We all know how powerful a smile can make you feel, but your teeth’ alignment, size and shape can indicate who they are.

How do you feel about your teeth? 

According to Dr. Khaled Kasem, Chief of Orthodontics at Impress , the position, quality, and even the shape of your teeth can all give away secrets about your health, gender and even your personality (stock image)

Premolars are shorter and molars smaller

According to Dr Kasem the amount of grinding you do between your wisdom teeth and your corner canine is indicated by your molars and premolars.

He also explained to me that the longer they were, the harder you will grind them. This can indicate your level of anxiety. 

FEMAIL told him: “Grinding teeth leads to short premolars. Similarly, molars can be shorter. And this habit will show up in the enamel. 

Grinding your teeth indicates stress, anxiety, frustration or even complacency. If you grind your teeth regularly, this can cause serious dental problems.

Diastema (a gap)

Mick Jagger's daughrer and model Georgia May Jagger, 30, is famous for the gap in her teeth - which Impress say is a mark of confidence. She previously told the Mail: 'This idea that everyone should conform and be perfect is ridiculous. I like the fact I have good old-fashioned British teeth with a big gap. Who wants those gleaming white cosmetically enhanced American teeth?'

Georgia May Jagger (Daughter of Mick Jagger) is known for her gaping teeth. Impress says it is an indicator of her confidence. According to her, she once said that the idea that everybody should be perfectly perfect and conform was absurd. My British-style teeth have a large gap. This is something I love. Is anyone else looking forward to white, cosmetically enhanced American smiles?

Madonna and Georgia May Jagger, model and Madonna’s spouses are well-known for their gap between their front teeth. This trait adds character and individuality to the person.

Georgia told MailOnline previously that she had refused to accept society’s broad beauty standards and added, “I like having good-old-fashioned British smile with big gaps.” 

FEMAIL was told by Dr Kasem that having a gap is a sign of confidence. This means the individual has not had braces or conformed to appearances like others.

He said: ‘A gap in your two front teeth, called a Midline Diastema is often seen as a sign of fortune and beauty. 

“Flairing your gait is also an indication of self confidence and self-respect. Don’t be afraid smile at the camera!” 

Square central incisors

Your ‘two front’ teeth, also known as the central incisors or your “two front teeth”, are often a sign of your age and can be interpreted to indicate how old you are, no matter what facial modifications you make. 

It is a sign that the owner of the tooth has less years. However, if the teeth have rounded corners and are round, this indicates that they are younger. In contrast, older persons tend to have square-shaped incisors. These corners become smaller as we age.

Dr Kasem stated, “Take care of your teeth. You only have one set of permanent teeth. They are a sign that you’re getting older.”

Receding gums

Dr Kasem explained that gingival recession is also called gum recession. 

The volume of these teeth is reduced, and the roots are exposed more. This is quite common and should be treated. It can cause gingival disorders, or permanent loss.

“Gum recession” can result from many factors such as genetic inheritance, hormones, poor habits, brushing too hard and grinding teeth.

Tooth grinding and pain

Dr Kasem stated that the most frequent signs of teeth grinding are jaw pain, headaches and worn-down teeth. 

Otherwise known as “bruxism”, grinding, gnashing, and clenching teeth are often involuntary reactions to anger or fear.

Although your sleeping is the most important, check on your teeth at least once a day. There may be bruxism if you have sharp, curved, or chipped teeth. 

For gold teeth

Singer Chris Brown is proud of his gold teeth and chains, but according to Impress, flaunting your wealth may be 'a sign of low self-esteem'

Chris Brown sings proudly of his gold chain and pearl teeth. Impress however suggests that an over-exaggerated wealth could be indicative of low self-esteem.

Stars like ASAP Rocky love the symbolism of wealth that gold teeth represent, including Chris Brown.

Dr Kasem thinks they could also indicate ‘low self-esteem,’ as their owner is compelled by his wealth to impress others.

He stated, “Wearing Gold Teeth makes a Statement and Shows the World that You Want to Flaunt Your Wealth.”

“While gold-gnashers might seem proud and vain on the surface they may be suffering from low self-esteem.

“Similarly, anyone with additional bling, such as diamonds, on their teeth, can make it seem like they are trying too hard.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding is used to repair chipped, discoloured, or uneven teeth.

This can indicate someone has slowed down and taken care of their health, Dr Kasem says.

He said: ‘Composite bonding can fix a number of dental problems that you may be self-conscious about, such as staining, gaps and shape. 

Although the problems may not be major, composite bonding is quite costly. This treatment is often sought by people who feel insecure about their lives and are more concerned with what others think.


In 2020 Katie Price proudly showed off the remaining stumps of her teeth which had been filed down ahead of surgery in Turkey before she had veneers put in. According to Impress, people who have veneers are often outgoing but 'feel the need to be liked'

Katie Price showed the rest of her stumps in 2020, which she had filed prior to surgery in Turkey. Impress reports that veneered people are more outgoing than they feel the need to like others.

The benchmark of a true TOWIE star, veneers are the go-to treatment for reality stars wishing  to improve the appearance of their teeth – without waiting for braces of lengthy whitening treatments.

It is a thin shell of ceramic or composite that bonds to the front surface of your teeth. However, they can prove costly. 

Katie Price proudly displayed the stumps of her remaining teeth, which she had filed before going to Turkey for veneers. Impress reports that veneered people are more outgoing than they feel the need to like others.

‘Those with veneers tend to be the life and soul of the party, who have installed veneers to cover up teeth that show excessive signs of damage and partying, from drinking too much caffeine, alcohol, or smoking’, Dr Kasem said.

With the popularity of celebrity culture and social media, ‘having veneers is more common than ever. People who have this treatment want to make a good impression and be loved. 

Tips for whiter teeth at home 

  • Use baking soda to scrub off heavy external stains
  • Every morning, oil pull your mouth for 3 minutes with coconut oil.
  • Mix apple cider vinegar with the gargle 
  • Use orange and lemon rinds to clean your teeth 
  • Do not consume excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol or fizzy drinks.
  • Eat raw brocolli
  • An electric toothbrush is a great option  
  • Eat strawberries 
  • If you smoke, brush your teeth frequently. 
  • Get an electric toothbrush. Use it daily. 
  • Avoid cTea, coffee, red wine and carrots (highly tan), as well as refined sugar, are all options.