Social media has attacked liberal news hosts for their meltdown’ after results showed that Republican Glenn Youngkin was going on to win in Virginia.

Youngkin, 54, pulled off a remarkable upset to beat Terry McAuliffe. He led by 2.1 points with 99.9% of the votes counted. He is the first red governor of the state since 2009.  

CNN and MSNBC host Jake Tapper couldn’t contain their shock at McAuliffe being defeated. Tapper looked at a map of election results and said flatly: “Oh my God!”

Joy Reid, a MSNBC Commentator, joined Rachel Maddow as she launched an extraordinary tirade against dangerous’ Republicans. She warned that voting Youngkin – a’soft white racist – could lead to more ’hardcore racism’.

Van Jones stated that Youngkin was like the Delta variant to Trump. He said that it’s the “same disease but spreads much faster and can get to a lot more places.”

Conservative commentators on Twitter were shocked and disappointed by the outcome, and Buck Sexton, a radio host, compared it to the “seven stages” of grief.

Sexton tweeted, ‘MSNBC is currently going though the seven stages grief on an endless loop. This is happening in real-time. It’s fantastic, highly recommended.  

Commentator Joy Reid (pictured) was joining Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and launched an astonishing tirade against 'dangerous' Republicans, warning that voting for Youngkin - 'a soft white nationalist' - was a gateway to more 'hardcore nationalism.'

Joy Reid, a MSNBC commentator, joined Rachel Maddow (pictured) and launched an amazing tirade against dangerous’ Republicans. She warned that voting for Youngkin – ‘a soft-white nationalist’ – would open the door to more ‘hardcore countryalism.

Over on CNN, Van Jones said that Youngkin was to Trump what the Delta variant was to Covid-19, saying it's the 'same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places'

Van Jones, CNN’s Van Jones, said that Youngkin was to Trump the Delta variant was for Covid-19. He said it’s the same disease but spreads faster and can reach a lot more people.

It was a different atmosphere over in the Youngkin campaign camp where celebrations look set to continue through the night

It was a different atmosphere over in the Youngkin campaign camp where celebrations look set to continue through the night

It was a completely different atmosphere at the Youngkin camp campaign camp, where celebrations looked set to continue throughout the night after his shock win

McAuliffe has not yet admitted defeat in the race. Hours earlier, McAuliffe had refused to concede the race when he took the stage at 10:20pm, saying: 'We're going to continue to count the votes because every single Virginian deserves to have their vote counted'

McAuliffe has not admitted defeat in this race. McAuliffe, who took to the stage at 10.20pm to refuse to concede the race, said: “We’re going to keep counting the votes because every Virginian deserves their vote to be counted.”

Ann Coulter tweeted, “If you want to treat yourself, turn on MSNBC,” as the results began favoring Republicans in key races. 

Kyle Smith, National Review critic said that every conservative he knows is watching MSNBC. 

Stephen L. Miller, a pundit, joked that it was early but MSNBC is a little ahead in the election meltdown. We are still waiting on some of CNN’s loyal viewers and late night returns, but Joy Reid appears to be pulling away early. It is too soon to say though.

Meghan McCain said, ‘MSNBC has been on an emotional journey towards Narnia tonight. 

Others shared their favorite GIFs of Donald Trump with commentators. The former President pointed at a reporter and said, ‘Wrong.’ Or footage of him laughing out loud.

One user, USA Live Free or Die tweeted a series emojis that made him laugh with the caption: “Melting down.” 

Jones, a former Obama administration official said to CNN colleagues: “The stakes are high. When the election in Virginia is over, we will see if we have seen the rise and fall of Trumpism in the Delta region. 

Youngkin, in other words, is the same disease but can spread faster and reach more places. 

Later, he took to Twitter to clarify the incendiary comment.

“My point is that demagoguing racial fears is a way to play on them.” [critical race theory]He wrote that Trumpism has further dangerous aspects, but in a friendlier form. “Did not mean that human beings were diseases.” 

MSNBC’s Reid also attacked Youngkin for his opposition to critical race theory being taught at schools, claiming it revealed a thinly disguised racism.

Rachel Maddow appeared upset by the Republican victory in Virginia last night

Rachel Maddow seemed upset by the Republican win in Virginia last night

She stated that “Republicans are dangerous.” ‘This isn’t a party that’s just another political group that disagrees with us about tax policy. They’re dangerous at this stage. 

They’re dangerous to our national safety because they incite that kind of soft white nationalism which eventually leads into the hardcore stuff – it leads directly to the January 6 stuff.

“Because people are tolerant in your party of it, they’re tolerant for the soft racism, it’s really easy to get to January 6 insurrection.