Nowadays, it is perfectly normal for more and more people to watch what they eat, and they do this not just to look good – but also to feel better. A lot more of us are indeed paying attention to what we consume and put into our bodies, and it seems that the health craze of the 2000s isn’t just a health craze – it has become the norm. Following this is the trend of keeping fit through exercise, and it seems that more individuals are doing it – whether it’s going to the gym, biking, hiking, or generally just spending time outdoors – not just to keep fit, but to enjoy themselves. But being healthy isn’t just affecting our bodies – it affects how we perceive ourselves. In other words, if we look good, our confidence gets a boost. But what if you’ve tried all the diet and exercise but can’t seem to do away with that stubborn pocket of fat on your chin or your hips? It is why Aqualyx injections are more popular than ever – and there are other reasons why it has become a genuinely effective way to get rid of fat.

  1. They are minimally invasive

Perhaps the biggest (and most popular) benefit of Aqualyx injections – and the top reason more people are going for them today – is that they are minimally invasive. We’re talking about mere injections, after all – which sure beats going under the knife or scalpel! Procedures like liposuction, although quite popular, can’t compare to Aqualyx injections, it’s because liposuction is still an invasive procedure. For those who don’t want to go through the hassle (and risks) posed by surgical procedures, Aqualyx injections are fast and quick – and safe, when performed by a qualified specialist. The specialist will inject a long and flexible cannula into the affected areas, and dissolve the fat deposits in those areas.

  • They offer instantaneous results

The results offered by Aqualyx injections are instantaneous – meaning that the procedure takes an hour or less, and you can view the results immediately. But the best specialists know that to be satisfied with the results, most people prefer anywhere from three to eight sessions. The results will be immediately noticeable after every treatment.

  • They are safe

Unlike other surgical or even cosmetic procedures that carry some risks, Aqualyx injections are considered safe. In fact, the injections have been used for over ten years, and the Aqualyx brand itself has a CE-registered medical mark.

  • They are fast and require no downtime

The Aqualyx injection procedure can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and there is no downtime. In terms of potential side effects, be aware that there may be some swelling or redness on the treated area, and there may also be some slight bruising, but all in all, these side effects may fade and resolve themselves in a few days.

  • They are an effective treatment

One more reason why Aqualyx injection treatments work is simple: they have been proven effective time and time again. They are effective for removing stubborn fat pockets which cannot be removed or don’t respond to exercise or diet.

You can use Aqualyx injections to treat specific areas, such as the underside of the chin, back, arms, hips and thighs, and the stomach or tummy.