This is the UK’s top-selling brand of sports collagen. It claims that it can reduce wrinkles and plump skin.

  • U Perform Active Collagen combines two different collagen peptides to reduce the volume of lines and wrinkles and help repair connective tissue 
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We are all aware that as we age, we lose collagen, which leads to an increase in lines and wrinkles but did you know that it’s the loss of collagen protein in our muscles, ligaments and tendons that stops us all from functioning as well as we did when we younger. 

If you’re looking to keep your joints mobile and muscles healthy, as well as minimise signs of ageing, then the Active Collagen Gels by U Perform could be a brilliant addition to your supplements. 

Every Active Collagen sachet contains your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and collagen. Alongside the added beauty benefits from a collagen supplement, the sachet is a huge success with athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to maintain an everyday active lifestyle.

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The U Perfrom Active Collagen sachet provides your daily dose of collagen, vitamins and minerals

The U Perfrom Active Collagen sachet provides your daily dose of collagen, vitamins and minerals

Collagen is a protein and building block naturally found in the skin. It keeps skin tight, flexible, and supple. Collagen is essential for maintaining strong bones, healthy muscles and strong skin. 

The rate at which collagen is produced slows down after our 20s. Collagen supplements are a popular choice for many. 

U Perform was founded by James Greenwell and Prof. Greg Whyte OBE, two ex-elite GB athletes. It aims to encourage people to get active. 

Helping to enhance preparation, performance and recovery, the Active Collagen combines two collagen peptides within one revolutionary product.

This product contains high-quality ingredients as well as peptides, which help improve the quality and strength of the skin. been praised for its amazing results for the hair, skin, nails and body. 

U Perform Active Collagen works like magic! It’s like a magic medicine! I even called it “mummy’s medicine” with my kids. One reviewer shared the information.

“It not only helped my initial injury to my calf, but it also made me feel stronger and more flexible. Also, my hair has become thicker than ever since my children were born.

Kate French who made Olympic history, winning double Gold in the Modern Pentathlon at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Kate French, who won double Gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Modern Pentathlon, made Olympic history

When recovering from knee surgery, triathlete Non Stanford claimed 'I really feel like Active Collagen made a difference to my recovery'

Non Stanford, triathlete after knee surgery claimed that Active Collagen was a big help in his recovery.

A must-have product for those wanting an active body with the added beauty benefits from a collagen supplement, Active Collagen even has the backing by World Champion triathlete Non Stanford.

Teaming up with U Perform during her recovery from knee surgery, Stanford raved: ‘I really feel like Active Collagen made a difference to my recovery from a potentially career-ending injury. It is easy to integrate the products into your busy life. 

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