Inquest into death of 23-year old The Voice and The X Factor contestant and gamer. She was playing late into the evening on her Xbox with friends online.

  • Natanya Brook was 23, also known by Tanya. She died while playing Xbox together with friends. 
  • Before realising that something wasn’t right, her mother believed she was asleep.
  • A coroner found that her family had suffered from seizures and epilepsy ever since she was a child.
  • According to the Coroner, she was likely related to epilepsy when she died due to unknown natural causes.

A semi-professional video gamer, who auditioned to The Voice and The X Factor, died while online playing with his friends late at night. The coroner was informed today. 

Natanya Brook, 23, – known as Tanya – died while playing Xbox with friends in a virtual reality room, staying up until at least 2am at her home in Aylesford near Maidstone, Kent and drinking vodka and Coca Cola.

Jenny Brook, Jenny Brook’s mother, found her daughter in bed and checked the room. While she believed she was still asleep, her mother Jenny Brook checked the room again and saw that she had found her daughter lying in the same spot. She knew there was something wrong. The inquest was opened.

Mrs Brook tried CPR, and called emergency services. Tanya was declared dead at the scene by paramedics. 

The coroner learned that Tanya was an avid gamer and played in a very good team. After auditioning for The X Factor, and The Voice, she was part of a semiprofessional gaming group and enjoyed singing.

Natanya Brook

Natanya Brook

Natanya Brook, also known as Tanya, died unexpectedly while she was playing Xbox online with her friends.

Coroner Bina Patel was informed by Tanya that she had consumed vodka and Coca Cola during her untimely death. She was last seen with her mother in her bedroom at 2am, on August 1st. 

Jenny shared how Tanya’s friends from gaming recalled Tanya suddenly saying …’, and then he went silent. 

Her family history included seizures and childhood absence epilepsy. She was 6 years old when she developed them. Her mother was able to save her on several occasions.

Dr Deirdre McKenna conducted a post-mortem examination and discovered that Tanya had no major organ abnormalities. However, she could not determine what caused her death.  

Ms Patel reported a story ending, saying that Tanya, who was apparently epileptic, was found in Tanya’s bedroom on August 1. She died due to unknown, but natural causes. 

Jenny spoke out about her daughter’s discovery and said, “We told Tanya that her epilepsy wasn’t an excuse for not doing anything. She lived life as if it was.” Her life was changed by her singing and smiling.

“She was able to attract people towards herself. In her 23-years of life, I can’t imagine what she could’ve done more.

Tanya’s mother described how Tanya’s friends from gaming recalled Tanya suddenly saying …’, and then hearing silence.

“It’s almost like the light switched went off.” It brings me some comfort knowing that my mother wasn’t suffering any pain. It is still a big hole for me. She was an extraordinary bright star in my life. 

She paid tribute to Tanya by saying: “Tanya was my friend and best friend.” She was my best friend. I shared everything with her, and she also told me some things that I did not want to hear. Her sense of humor was unmatched and I have never had any bad memories of her.

“Tanya was an amazing person who could stop arguments. She was simply amazing.