A Venezuelan cartoon features a bizarrely named superhero that looks just like President Maduro…and smashes US foes with his iron fist

  • Venezuela launches propaganda campaign to beef up Nicolás Maduro’s credentials by using the caped crusader SuperBigote – or SuperMoustache 
  • The cartoon superhero resembles Venezuela’s president  and has been met with praise or derision, depending on which side of the country viewers stand
  • Pro-Maduro politicians have hailed the ‘indestructible’ superhero, who appears on state television using his superpower – an iron left fist  
  • VTV state television boasted via Twitter that nobody messes about SuperBigote 

In a propagandist campaign to improve the nation’s reputation, Super Bigote (or Super Moustache) a Venezuelan superhero has been created. moustachioed President Nicolás Maduro. 

Cartoon character who bears striking resemblances to Venezuelas authoritarian leader has caused the country to be divided into two camps. According to their political affiliations they either receive praise or criticism.

In the first episode, SuperBigote confronts an electromagnetic drone launched by the US that is attempting to devastate Venezuela’s electricity grid.  

'We'll destroy them at last! They'll suffer! They'll weep! They'll be the global epicentre of the pandemic!' the dastardly imperialist says in accented Spanish

“We will destroy them!” They’ll suffer! They’ll weep! They will be the epicenter of pandemic worldwide! The dastardly imperialist declares in accented Spanish

SuperMoustache tried to send Cuban, Russian and Chinese Covid vaccines to Venezuelan citizens in one episode of the cartoon

SuperMoustache wanted to give the Covid vaccines of Cuba to Venezuelan citizens.

Maduros regime supporters applaud the heroic Maduros hero wearing bright blue pants over his red tights. He saves South America’s socialist nation using iron first against the supposedly Trump-inspred villain.    

‘It’s fantastic! Don’t miss it!’ Luis Villegas Ramírez, Venezuelas deputy commerce minister, tweeted after the latest episode of the one minute cartoon aired, in which SuperBigote tried to send various Chinese, Russian and Cuban Covid vaccines to the Venezuelan population.

Directly following, VTV state television station stated that “Nobody is going to mess with SuperBigote.”

Meanwhile, those sceptic of the authoritarian leader´s ability to effectively run Venezuela in the face of humanitarian and economic disaster, such as opposition leader Julio Borges, quipped that ‘Super Destroyer of Venezuela’ would be a more fitting name for the character.

SuperBigote resembles Venezuela´s President Nicolás Maduro (pictured) with his real life moustache on display

SuperBigote resembles Venezuela´s President Nicolás Maduro (pictured) with his real life moustache on display 

According to the prominent opposition leader, Maduro means corruption and misery. 

Some viewers of the new TV-series see it as a means to build a cult of personality around the dictator – or possibly an attempt at mind control by the 59-year old Venezuelan leader and former bus driver.

Others, like Venezuela specialist at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, Guillermo Zubillaga, commented that there is a deeper meaning behind the design of the national cartoon phenomenon.

Zubillaga explained that it was a PR strategy where SuperBigote highlighted the strength of a leader, who had overcome an American-backed anti-him campaign ‘against every odds.